Best Walking Sandals for Women – 2024 Reviews

There are literally a ton of walking sandals for women available on the market. 

Ladies tend to look for these when they are going on a vacation, or simply want something stylish and comfortable to wear.

The bottom line though, is that sandals are really all about being as comfortable as you can, while still lasting a long, long time.

best sandals for women

You want something with support in them, but also something that allows the air around your feet. 

Scroll down to below, where we have listed the Top 10 best women’s sandals, which are ideal for walking, and have been given the highest rating by buyers across North America.

In the meanwhile, we have compiled a buyer’s guide to women’s sandals, both walking and other types! 


Types of Sandals for Women

How To Wear Sandals

Best Sandals for Women – Top Picks – Mini Reviews

Alright, let’s dive in!

Types Of Sandals For Women


Read any other style guide on the thorny subject of women’s sandals and they will alert you to many differences; heels or flats, or maybe even the split between work and pleasure, or then again, simply focus on the divide of formal wear over casual.

And although all these differences will be looked at further down the page, here at Best Walking Shoe Reviews, we cannot but help think that this misses the point.


If you ask us, there are only two types of sandal – the ones you can wear and the ones that you don’t!

Because you can have the most expensive shoe in the world – but if it feels like putting your foot into a mousetrap, then it will only ever be an ornament in your closet.


The thing that really matters is the fit and the comfort, because this ensures that you will actually want to venture out of the house wearing them!


So, to help you with your own quest, we have several reviews of sandals to be found this summer. Our trusty reviewers put the pick of the bunch through their paces … 

scroll down to see what they thought!

Skechers Women’s Reggae-Rasta Thong Sandal, Chocolate, 9 M Us

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Ecco Women’s Yucatan Outdoor Offroad Hiking Sandal, Atmosphere/Ice White/Black, 8 M Us

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Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop,Black,8 M Us

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Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal,Bering Sea,9 Us

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Always a safe choice, you can’t go wrong with a Clarks sandal…


sandals and business suit

Formal sandals speak for themselves (politely, of course!)

And as women, we are fortunate that sandals may actually be considered acceptable as high class wear, because men’s dress shoes are a far more constrained affair.

At least we are actually permitted to show our tootsies on a warm day – spare a thought for the opposite sex who must sweat it out in tight fitting brogues!

mens brogues

However, this does not mean that any sandal is permissible at an official or slightly snooty occasion.

Certainly, you can wear a sandal to a black tie event; but you don’t want to rock up to that job interview in flip flops!

what not to wear to an interview

Even posh ones!

Dress Sandals

red carpet sandals

Examples of dress sandals include, um, dress sandals, which are of course the sparkly cousin of the everyday common or garden sandal. Dress sandals  straddle several different styles and mostly incorporate heels in some guise or other – be they kitten, Cuban or stiletto or something in between.

dress sandals with heel

Wedges might even make the grade, if they look the part – in some circumstances is even possible for formal sandals to be flats! (Check out our review here!)

formal flat sandals

There really are no hard and fast rules when it comes to dress sandals, you just have to use your discretion.

choosing sandals

An example of a dress sandal might be a strappy open style, paired with some killer heels to give them the wow factor.

They may be highly colored or in simple tones, they might sparkle or shine or be something a little more subdued – it depends on the nature of the event.

crying gwynnie

For  some more formal occasions and settings, however, it still may be considered taboo to wear open toed shoes or indeed sandals at all. formal sandals

However, if you’re crafty, there may be exceptions to this rule!


sandals are fun

Sandals are supposed to be fun, so when summer finally comes a-calling, it offers its’ invitation to bare all!

ladies day aintree

Like formal attire, fashion sandals can come in all shapes and sizes and may be worn in a variety of situations.

These take in categories such as;

Stiletto and Heels

stiletto sandals

It’s not really a fashion sandal if it doesn’t have a heel! And even though they are bad news all round for our feet, if you have mastered walking in stilettos, then the summer really is the time to strut your stuff.

strutting in sandals

Let’s face it, winter is not a stiletto girl’s friend, so a pair of high heeled sandals could be just the ticket to wear to that summer barbeque or party.

In fact, why stop there?? 

Kitten Heels and Cuban Heels puss in shoe

Kitten heels can be fun? If you haven’t being paying attention to the twists and turns of the fashion world, then you might be forgiven for missing kitten heels spell in the spotlight.

laughing cats in heels

Long considered frumpy, kitten heels have suffered from something of an image problem. You probably associate them with your granny or something kids wear.

frumpy kitten heel

This is because when they were first devised in the fifties they were pitched at teenagers – a bit like  a trainer bra for the feet, they were designed for young girls taking their first wobbly steps in heeled shoes.

little girl dressing up in heels

For that reason, they often have been frozen out of proper ‘adult’ fashion shoes.

However, in the last couple of years kitten heels have sneaked to the fore and now may be worn in teasing combinations with both strappy or more simple sandals – and they can look fab!

cute kitten heels

Cuban heels are also another way that sandals may be given a lift, for glam purposes, without laming the wearer!

Whereas higher heels lead the way in sophistication, we are the first to admit that they are not always easy to walk in. cuban heel

Therefore, a sandal with a Cuban or kitten heel may be the compromise you need, between fashion and practicality.

Platforms and Wedges

platform heels

Wedges are incredibly versatile and have the advantage of adding height to a shoe, without making them difficult to wear – just don’t fall off them!

naomi takes a tumble

Wedge sandals are a separate category on their own… 


check out our selection here!


fun heel sandals

When it needs glamming up…


gladiator long sandals

Putting the fun into funky, fashion sandals take many guises, but to free your inner Roman goddess, then there are none more seductive than the gladiator sandal.

Sometimes completed with a killer heel, the gladiator look may be worn spiky or flat – to suit your mood or situation.

cleopatra sandals

The good thing about a flat gladiator sandal, is that it offers your foot the chance to show off, without being particularly challenging to walk in!

They can also make excellent choices of sandal for ugly feet – because although they reveal, they don’t do it too much.

gladiator flat sandals

And if you’re in the mood, then check out a pair of totally horny stiletto gladiators to conquer the slaves in!


casual sandals

Casual or everyday wearing sandals may incorporate many types. These are your go to pair for every eventuality.

Some may scrub up well with more formal attire, but can also be worn in a more relaxed, button down sort of way.

You should be able to walk comfortably in a casual sandal, but not go on a hike! Some of the styles of casual sandals include;

Flip Flops

flip flops

It doesn’t come more casual than flip flops! These are the ultimate in relaxed summer’s days and they also have the advantage of being cheap and cheerful.

You can pick them up from a bargain bin in a thrift shop for around a dollar and whilst they might not last longer than the season, they can be mixed and matched easily to go with what you’re wearing.


Flexible and lightweight, the humble flip flop is easily packed, which is good news for your vacation or even just lightning fast changes on the hop.

woman carrying flip flops

The down side to flip flops are the dreaded ‘thong burn’, cracked heels and sore feet, from your feet pounding the paving with little protection.

This doesn’t have to always be the case, though, as plenty of well-built models exist on the market.

casual flip flops

Best Walking Shoes have reviewed numerous pairs of flip flops over the years, which span all different forms. 

For total quality, which will support your feet properly, check out these.

Peep Toes

peep toe sandal

Peep toes first came to prominence as long ago as the thirties. They remained popular into the forties but fell out of style by the time the sixties got going.

Since then, they have made several appearances on the fashion scene, popping up occasionally over the seventies and eighties and then disappearing again, until relatively recently.

A peep toe may be added to a boot or something which is otherwise a totally enclosed shoe. It may incorporate a sling back design or go with a covered heel.

flat peep toe sandall

It may or may not reveal more foot than just the front toe – the choice is yours!

Peep toe sandals are both fun and flirty, but also may be worn casually into the everyday.

They can be dressed up and down and look especially good when worn formally, although, of course, they are always a little on the playful side!

flirty secretary

Specifically, peep toes are beloved of women everywhere who suffer from less than beautiful feet.

This is because they show only a tantalizing glimpse of your tootsies – so if you have reason to hide away, but still want a bit of air to your feet, they are a godsend!

peep toe high heels

A peep toe may also mean you don’t have to undergo a complete pedicure before venturing out into the summer sun… 

…Just ensure your big toe is presentable!

Flats and Embellished Sandals

embellished sandals

Flat sandals are great for everyday walking and come in a whole range of designs and styles, from the very strappy, to the more straightforward.

Their advantage is offering your feet some blessed relief from the heat of enclosed shoes, whilst still retaining their ease of wear.

Embellished sandals can come either heeled or flat, but as flats they fit into the casual style perfectly – albeit with a touch more glamour!

embellished sandals

As the name suggests, embellished flat sandals are simply a design minus the heels, but avec half a ton of bling. Or something decorative about them to jazz up a plain pair of flats.

They may be as sparkly as you like, but an embellished flat sandal should never be too overdressed for any occasion!

After all, there’s no such thing as too much bling!


summer espadrilles

There’s nothing more rustic than a pair of canvas espadrilles to unleash your inner peasant girl.

Espadrilles take their name from a type of grass used to make rope with, in the Mediterranean, where this form of footwear originates from.

trad espadrille

Traditional espadrilles are a flat shoe and have a canvas upper and are held together with rope laces. Their modern counterparts may be made with jute and can be wedges or even heeled!

Lightweight, delicate and dainty, a pretty pair of espadrilles can bring the sun to even the rainiest of days!


And let’s face it, there’s plenty of them!


pretty wedge sandals

Already covered within the dressier options, wedges may also be worn in more casual situations.

The beauty of a wedged sandal is that it is fashion, without going too far. And of course, you can add in extra height without ever getting vertigo!

cute wedges

A good wedge sandal may be worn in the types of situation which prohibit heels; the beach or a garden party for example.

They are far easier to navigate bumpy terrain in than stilettos, yet still look elegant with a dress.

dress wedges

To find a selection of casual wedge sandals suitable for you, check out our review of the Skechers Rumblers!

Every woman can look good in a wedge sandal!


blue sandals mules

It may seem surprising to learn that mules have been with us since Roman times. The term mule comes from “mulleus calceus” a style of shoe worn by high ranking Senators.

A mule is simply a shoe that has no firm heel constraint in it – leaving the Achilles tendon exposed and bare. It may be heeled or flat, but more commonly, worn as a low or wedged heel.

catherine the great mules

For years mules were considered to be nought more than glorified slippers and didn’t venture out of the closet until sometime in the nineteenth century – aside from a brief outage by the society beauty the Comtesse of  d’Olonne, who popularized them in the late 17th Century!

17th century mule

Today, mules make a great addition to the summer sandal catalog and may be worn to bring as a casual finish to a summer outfit.

The only concern with mules is that they can slide off with ease!



A close cousin of flip flops, sliders, or slides, have the edge on style. Whereas flip flops lie firmly on the bottom of the footwear ladder, sliders sit one rung up.

And whilst they’ll never be dressy or formal, they can still add a little glitz and sparkle to your poolside pose!

nike slides

A slider may also be considered an open toed mule and the style has been going since ancient Rome!

roman mules

Although often seen as nothing more substantial than a pool shoe, slides can in fact be versatile.

One of the most well-known manufacturers of  slides are the company Birkenstock. They have been producing high quality slide sandals, with their trademark cork footbed.

These are far more durable than most fashion conscious pool shoes are, check out our review of their ever popular Arizona slide here!


Sliders are as cheap as chips and seemingly never out of style. Wear them plain or bling them up as you see fit, a simple slider may be all you need to get out of a wet swim cossie and into a dry martini!

Some of them even float! 

Sling Backs

slingbacks fashion sandals

Slingbacks are the sensible choice for the woman who wants to wear slides or mules, but, well, would prefer to keep them on her feet!

flat slingbacks

A slingback is a shoe, or sandal, which fits with a strap around the back of the foot.

This allows your ankle to bask gloriously in the sunlight, whilst still giving you the fit and security you desire; in short, it ain’t going to fall off. Or, at least that is the theory!

Slingbacks are also wonderful for elongating the foot line, so owners of short, square feet take note, they can transform your squat unladylike hoof into something Cinderella would be pleased with.

Unfortunately they can’t turn your pumpkin into a golden carriage!


the specialist

These boots were made for walking, so the song goes, but if you ask us, the same should apply to sandals too.

Whereas fashion and fun are all well and good, we are firmly of the opinion that footwear needs to be fit and be comfortable. And getting back to our main point, it should be walkable.

sandal sos

For all too many women, sandals are not something they would consider taking a hike in, or doing anything that involves effort – but it shouldn’t have to be like that!

sandal fall

Best Walking Shoe Reviews have reviewed numerous specialist sandals, all of which can hold their own with other types of footwear…

…these include….

Walking or Hiking Sandals

teva hurricane sandal

It might not have occurred to you that you need walking sandals, until you undertake an arduous climb on a hot summer’s day and find that your hiking boots are on fire!

boots on fire

There’s no reason why walking should be an uncomfortable, or even, frumpy activity and to prove the point, there are a number of manufacturers making stylish as well as comfortable hiking sandals for women.

woman hiking

Things you might want to bear in mind when choosing the ideal pair for you are; traction, do these sandals have the right grips for your terrain?

Waterproofing; are you looking for something that can hold up in the water?

Cushioning; mountainous hikes can be tough on your feet and you should be looking for something that can offer ample protection.

Comfort; can you walk in these for long distances without them rubbing or becoming tight? Fit; a woman’s foot shape is notably different from a man’s, which is why buying the correct type is essential.

Longevity; it won’t last forever, but walking sandals need to be tough and you are looking for both quality and endurance.

hiking sandals

Fortunately you don’t have to do the hard slog on your own, we have done it for you, so check out our reviews of the best women’s hiking sandals.

Well, when we said that sandals should be made for walking, we shouldn’t forget one category which were designed for something else entirely…

Water Sandals

teva water sandal

There are so many pretty water shoes and sandals for women, that you wouldn’t know that they were amphibious.

The good news for any woman looking for a pair of pool sandals, or something to wade through rivers in, is that these can be as cute as they are tough!

blue water sandal

There are several types of water sandal out there, including saltwater beach sandals, water hiking sandals and sandals  for messing about in a boat in. This is not an exclusive list!

What you want to do with your sandals is key to getting the best one; rest assured there are plenty which can multi task.

So whether it is kayaking or for your aqua aerobics class, there is a sandal for you out there somewhere!

Orthopedic Sandals

orthopedic sandal

Whether it’s a wart or a bunion on your big toe, there’s nothing like an unsightly podiatric problem to put you off baring all this summer.

Which is why it is good to know there is help at hand – or at foot! Special footwear exists for poorly feet and that includes sandals too.

Mention the words orthopedic sandals and you might get cold feet. But the reality is fortunately a long way removed from the scary image of thick and heavy square shoes.

surgucal boot

Nowadays, it is possible to support your fallen arches and cushion your flat feet, without feeling being encased in Frankenstein boots.

Best Walking Shoes has compiled the lowdown on the best orthopedic sandals right here.

None of them are scary – honest!


vegan footwear

Not long ago vegan footwear was, well, kind of frumpy, conjuring up memories of ugly Jesus sandals and other fashion no-nos.

It didn’t seem to have occurred to anyone that plastic footwear could be anything other than second best – either the preserve of hippy fashions, or simply cheap and poorly made.

vegan shoe

Fortunately, this is not the case anymore. So, if for whatever reason you have decided to avoid leather, then today there is the best selection of plastic and vegan shoes there has ever been.

stylish vegan sandal

Some companies make the same design in manmade materials as they do their leather versions, so it really shouldn’t be an issue finding vegan sandals.

Even for the fussiest of feet! 


walking in heels

Let’s have a word or two about how and where to wear sandals. If you didn’t already know it, there are some situations in which the wearing of sandals should be carefully trod.

The good news is that unless you are a member of the British royal family, then you can pretty much wear sandals where you want, when you want; sort of.

queen angry

Much of the older attitudes to sandal wearing and etiquette have faded, leaving us with the freedom to decide for ourselves whether to get strappy at the office social.

But there are still a few guidelines out there!

Firstly, consider the social aspect…


awkward world leaders

Unbelievably, it wasn’t all that long ago that sandals in formal situations were frowned upon.

Occasions such as weddings may have required closed in footwear and many workplaces did not find sandals acceptable attire.

In fact, that may still be the case in some law firms and other ultra conservative environments.


In most cases, though, work places will permit sandals, on warm summer’s days.

There are still a few considerations to be made however. And most bride to be’s are happy for guests to wear sandals (although do observe the dress code at all times).

Likewise, if it’s your wedding, then anything goes, but do remember that you will be on your feet all day long and anything overly strappy or stiletto might be uncomfortable.

dressy sandals

When it comes to situations such as funerals, it is generally advisable to steer clear of anything which shows too much flesh – and this includes feet! Once again, though, context is everything.

If it is a particularly hot summer’s day, or the dress code is relaxed, or you are sure that it would be respectful, then go ahead and choose a smart pair of sandals for a funeral – but be guided by taste at all times!

bad taste funeral outfit

Although a workplace may allow sandals, these are most likely to be on the more formal end of the spectrum. For some offices, this will mean muted colors and a smart appearance.

trouser suit and sandals

And if you are on your feet all day, or work anywhere there are likely to be spills and falls, then they may have to be avoided. Likewise, if you wear a uniform of any kind, it is unlikely to fit with the code.

russian police heels

As a general rule of thumb, it is probably best to avoid casual styles and flip flops at work….

…unless your boss is ultra-relaxed!


wedding wellies

What to pair sandals with is a conundrum in itself. Some will say you shouldn’t wear strappy sandals with a suit, others that jeans can’t be worn with anything that reveals a toe.

denim shoe

In reality, what works is a lot more tricky and might be best judged on its own merits.

As ever, there are things to bear in mind such as; color – does the color match the outfit or complement it?

Fabric, is the material that the sandals are made from a similar type to your clothing? Style – this is the hardest one to judge – does the style sit right with your attire.

Wearing sandals with a suit may be done, but flip flops with a formal tailored two piece is definitely not an option!

Likewise, you may want to avoid espadrilles or other textile sandals whilst wearing more formal trouser suits.

flip flop suit

When it comes to summer dresses, you should be on safe ground when it comes to wearing sandals – a pair of wedges or embellished flat sandals can show off a maxi dress beautifully.

maxi dress and wedge

But for more formal attire, or evening wear, it is worth considering if it would be best to choose an enclosed pair of shoes to pair with that little black cocktail dress.

black dress

For glitzy evening gowns, it may be an idea to opt for peep toes, as a classy compromise between formal footwear…

and something a little more flirty!


confused lady

One of the things we like best about sandals is the fact that they can immediately dress up – or down- an outfit, as desired.

confused sandals

Nothing says informal more than a pair of flip flops or slides, whereas a pair of smart heeled sandals can keep it classy whatever the occasion.

Because sandals are lightweight and quite often, flexible, it should be easy to pack a pair in your purse for quick changes to outfits when out and about. 

This might be a consideration for when comfort counts.


sock and sandal

Sandals with socks are seen by many as a faux pas and we must say we can’t help erring towards the view that if it’s warm enough for sandals, then it should be too to dispense with socks!

However, there may be reasons why you might choose to wear socks with some styles of sandals – hygiene and foot health reasons.

foot massage

On the whole, however, there are few situations when it would be the greatest idea.

A lot does depend on which part of the world you are in – with Germans leading the way for wearing sandals with socks!

german sandal sock man

Either way, if you do sock it to the fashionistas, please have the decency to don a clean pair of socks first!

Hint: white socks may be a risky choice! 


fishnet tights

Although tights with sandals are probably not the greatest idea, we won’t tell if you don’t!

If you do decide to commit the fashion crime which is panty hose with open toes, then don’t forget to make them seamless ones!

If you match it well with a pair of flesh tone tights, you may never be able to tell you are wearing hosiery!

It is even possible to get toeless tights, specifically for this thorny problem, although these are once again something that don’t look quite right in any color other than the one which best matches your skin.

So, if you have a hard time finding a pair that don’t go well, then it might be best to give this “look” a miss.

tight fit

Of course, rules are made to be broken and although it may be nice if legs were never lumpy, bruised or besieged by varicose veins, we know that in the real world, there may be a ton of reasons why you want to cover up!

After all, why should you be forced to spend a stifling hot summer day in enclosed shoes, just because your legs are less than photogenic?

It’s up to you how much leg you show! 

Skechers USA Women’s Reggae-Rasta Thong Sandal

Skechers USA Women's Reggae-Rasta Thong Sandal

These have the highest rating out of all the walking shoes that we have reviewed. They have attracted a 4.7 out of 5 stars, and for shoes, that is as good as you are likely to see. 

Skechers are now a popular, trendy and high quality brand, and their shoes are all racing to the top of the selling charts.

The price on these sandals varies between $20-45, which is dependent on the size selected.

There are literally thousands of reviewers of these sandals who have heaped praise on them, and awarded these sandals a consistently high rating.

These come in chocolate, black, gray, black/fuchsia, orange, olive, tan and light blue.

The heel on these is 1″high and the sole is 0.5″high and there is excellent arch support in these.

The people who bought these praised them for their style, looks and comfort.

These types of reviews are repeated time after time, so there is little doubt that if you choose these, you will have bought a high quality pair of walking sandals, that people love.

Read our full review of the Skechers USA Women’s Reggae-Rasta Thong Sandals

Over in the red corner we have…

ECCO Women’s Yucatan Sandal

ECCO Women's Yucatan Sandal 2 review

These high quality sandals have attracted well over 1,000 buyer reviews, and have achieved a pretty amazing 4.7 out of 5 stars. That is an exceptional rating to achieve and maintain.

The bottom line is, that buyers love this ECCO brand Women’s Yucatan sandal a lot. They look great, are very well made, and one of the best “sporty look” sandals on the market right now.

They are available in black/mole, ice-white/black, bison/black, red/black, green/black and silver/black.

These sandals are slightly more expensive than others, but they do offer great support, and overall, they are just a better quality than most. 

Like many things in life, you get what you pay for.  These are great for people who enjoy walking, and also want comfort from day one.

Read our full review of the Ecco Women’s Yucatan Sandal

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip-Flop

Sanuk Women's Yoga Sling 2 Flip-Flop

The flip-flop will always be a popular choice for many women when it comes to wearing sandals. These yoga slings have over 6,000 buyer reviews, and have maintained an excellent rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

You will definitely be spoiled for choices when it comes to color selection, as these come in over 40 different choices, which is far too many to list here!  Some of the colors are in fact quite dazzling.

Initially designed for women who enjoy yoga, these have simply grown popular with women who simply like something very comfortable on their feet.

Read our full review of the Sanuk Women’s Yoga 2 Sling Flip-Flop

And who wouldn’t want that?

Teva Women’s Tirra Athletic Sandal

Teva Women's Tirra Athletic Sandal

These are right up there with the best on the market right now. Like the ones above, they have also sold in the thousands, and have maintained a 4.6 out of 5 star review.

There are a number of color choices available, and these sporty looking sandals are high quality, having been very well constructed.

There is a lot to like about these, and many buyers describe them as their “work horse.” People love the colors, the comfort, and the fact that they can be worn for a whole variety of reasons.

Read our full review of the Teva Women’s Tirra Athletic Sandal

Skechers Women’s Reggae-Rasta Thong Sandal, Chocolate, 9 M Us

Buy On Amazon

Ecco Women’s Yucatan Outdoor Offroad Hiking Sandal, Atmosphere/Ice White/Black, 8 M Us

Buy On Amazon

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop,Black,8 M Us

Buy On Amazon

Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal,Bering Sea,9 Us

Buy On Amazon

Clarks Women’s Morse Tour Sandal

Clarks Women's Clarks Morse Tour Sandal 6

When people think of sandals, they don’t usually think of footwear that looks like this.  In terms of support, comfort, and event safety – these Clarks Women’s Morse Tour Sandals have an excellent reputation as a sandal that has it all, and then some. 

With a truckload of glowing reviews from around the web, we can see the reason for the excitement, and we give these sandals 4.6 stars.

The price range of these women’s walking sandals is between $50 and $90.  Part of the comfort of these imported sandals is that they are made with 100% leather or pig suede, so they are very soft and flexible, with plenty of breathing room for your foot.

These sandals by Clarks have a heel that measures approximately 1.25″, and a platform measuring 0.75″. 

They currently can be purchased in 6 colors, including Greystone, Black Leather, Brown Leather, Denim, Beige, and Beige Suede.

Read our full review of the Clark’s Women’s Morse Tour Sandal

Next up is another favorite, Keen.

KEEN Women’s Venice H2 Sandal

KEEN Women's Venice H2 Sandal

KEEN is a very highly regarded brand name in the world of comfortable and affordable women’s footwear, and so it should come as no surprise that one of their women’s walking sandals has found its way into our 2016 Women’s Walking Sandal Top 10 list.

There are a huge number of women out there that are KEEN fanatics, and one of the main reasons this walking sandal for women is so darn popular is because they are the kind of sandal you can do anything in – hiking, camping, or just bumming around!  

That said, they are by no means low quality, and look very impressive to the eye.

With great toe protection, anti-odor, AEGIS Microbial Shield, plus great footbed comfort, this is the kind of sandal that women can wear for long periods of time, and not experience foot strain.

Its price range is anywhere between $30 to $105, and they are backed up by over 1350 reviews, most of which are 4 stars or better.

Read our full review of the KEEN Women’s Venice H2 Sandal

You can’t review walking sandals without mentioning our next brand…

Crocs Women’s Really Sexi Sandal

crocs womens really sexi sandal

While these sandals are more designed for short distances, rather than long hiking trips, most people seem to be attracted to the design of these women’s sandals by Crocs.

These imported sandals are a very fun-in-the-sun, lightweight choice with a great footbed, and they range in price from $20 to $60.  

With over 690 buyer reviews on, these sandals maintain an average 4.5 stars.

With a manmade sole, they are 100% synthetic, so they’re A-OK to get  wet.  They come in a variety of colors as well, from fuchsia, black, island green, to the ever-popular espresso color.

Read our full review of the Crocs Women’s Really Sexi Sandals

Or once again, rely on your trusty Tevas!

Teva Women’s Zirra Sandal

Teva Women's Zirra Sandal

These are a very popular choice with many women. There are now well over 1,100 buyer reviews at Amazon, and they get a very solid 4.5 out of 5 star rating, which is very good indeed.

These are a good choice for any lady who likes that ‘minimal look and feel’ to their sandals. In our opinion, the brand Teva does this really well.

They are classy, without being ‘too show off’, and many women like that ‘under stated look’.

Above all else though, these are very comfortable, and best of all they are truly built to last.

As you can see from the image, they use a single strap at the front of the sandal and that makes them look really good and adds to overall comfort.

They are light in weight, and very comfortable to walk in. You can use them exclusively for walking, but they work equally well for strolling along a beach, or for simple everyday use like going to the store.

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The next sandal always performs highly…

Merrell Women’s Agave 2 Lavish Sandal

Merrell Women's Agave 2 Lavish Sandal side view

This is another sandal from the leading shoe brand “Merrell.” Overall these get a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, which has remained very consistent over all of the buying reviews.

These sandals represent very good value for your money. They are practical, suitable for daily use, and we think they also look good as well.

They are also priced at the right amount, when compared to other similar styles of sandals on the market right now.

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Last, but not least, here’s one of our faves!

KEEN Women’s Rose Athletic Sandal

KEEN Women's Rose Athletic Sandal

Although found at the number 10 position on our list, these remain a very popular choice for many women, as, once again, they are made by KEEN.

They still get a strong overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, and have well over 1,100 reviews.  You’ll notice that KEEN has two entries here on this list, simply based on the fact that they deserve to be here twice.

Their overall stellar ratings, and reviews by loyal customers on sites like and elsewhere, should tell you that these women’s walking sandals have been selling very well, and are a style that many ladies prefer.

As you can see from the image, these quality, stylish, well made sandals have an excellent sole for gripping.  

The KEEN Women’s Rose Athletic Sandal comes in 7 great colors, and costs anywhere between $30 and $100.

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Clarks Women’s Saylie Jade Sandal Sand 9 Medium Us

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Keen Women’s Venice H2 Sandal,Midnight Navy/Hot Coral,8 M Us

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Crocs Women’s Isabella Gladiator Sandal W Flat Black, 9 M Us

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Teva Women’s W Sirra Sport Sandal Black 9 M Us

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If you have read this far, then you may award yourself a gold star in sandal studies! 


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…Who knew there was so much to think about when it came to women’s sandals?

We hope our guide has given you food for thought and some inspiration to check out this summer’s best sandals for women.

One more word of advice, whatever style you opt for this summer, remember to consider others, and ensure your feet are clean and presentable before baring all!