There are literally a ton of walking sandals for women available on the market. 

Ladies tend to look for these when they are going on a vacation, or simply want something stylish and comfortable to wear.

The bottom line though, is that sandals are really all about being as comfortable as you can, while still lasting a long, long time.

best walking sandal reviews for women 2016

You want something with support in them, but also something that allows the air around your feet. 

Below we have listed the Top 10 best women’s sandals, which are ideal for walking, and have been given the highest rating by buyers across North America.

Skechers USA Women’s Reggae-Rasta Thong Sandal

Skechers USA Women's Reggae-Rasta Thong Sandal

These have the highest rating out of all the walking shoes that we have reviewed. They have attracted a 4.7 out of 5 stars, and for shoes, that is as good as you are likely to see. 

Skechers are now a popular, trendy and high quality brand, and their shoes are all racing to the top of the selling charts.

The price on these sandals varies between $20-45, which is dependent on the size selected.

There are literally thousands of reviewers of these sandals who have heaped praise on them, and awarded these sandals a consistently high rating.

These come in chocolate, black, gray, black/fuchsia, orange, olive, tan and light blue.

The heel on these is 1″high and the sole is 0.5″high and there is excellent arch support in these.

The people who bought these praised them for their style, looks and comfort.

These types of reviews are repeated time after time, so there is little doubt that if you choose these, you will have bought a high quality pair of walking sandals, that people love.

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ECCO Women’s Yucatan Sandal

ECCO Women's Yucatan Sandal 2 review

These high quality sandals have attracted well over 1,000 buyer reviews, and have achieved a pretty amazing 4.7 out of 5 stars. That is an exceptional rating to achieve and maintain.

The bottom line is, that buyers love this ECCO brand Women’s Yucatan sandal a lot. They look great, are very well made, and one of the best “sporty look” sandals on the market right now.

They are available in black/mole, ice-white/black, bison/black, red/black, green/black and silver/black.

These sandals are slightly more expensive than others, but they do offer great support, and overall, they are just a better quality than most. 

Like many things in life, you get what you pay for.  These are great for people who enjoy walking, and also want comfort from day one.

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Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip-Flop

Sanuk Women's Yoga Sling 2 Flip-Flop

The flip-flop will always be a popular choice for many women when it comes to wearing sandals. These yoga slings have over 6,000 buyer reviews, and have maintained an excellent rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

You will definitely be spoiled for choices when it comes to color selection, as these come in over 40 different choices, which is far too many to list here!  Some of the colors are in fact quite dazzling.

Initially designed for women who enjoy yoga, these have simply grown popular with women who simply like something very comfortable on their feet.

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Teva Women’s Tirra Athletic Sandal

Teva Women's Tirra Athletic Sandal

These are right up there with the best on the market right now. Like the ones above, they have also sold in the thousands, and have maintained a 4.6 out of 5 star review.

There are a number of color choices available, and these sporty looking sandals are high quality, having been very well constructed.

There is a lot to like about these, and many buyers describe them as their “work horse.” People love the colors, the comfort, and the fact that they can be worn for a whole variety of reasons.

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Feature Pick

Skechers Women’s Reggae-Rasta Thong Sandal, Chocolate, 9 M Us

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Ecco Women’s Yucatan Outdoor Offroad Hiking Sandal, Atmosphere/Ice White/Black, 8 M Us

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Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop,Black,8 M Us

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Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal,Bering Sea,9 Us

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Clarks Women’s Morse Tour Sandal

Clarks Women's Clarks Morse Tour Sandal 6

When people think of sandals, they don’t usually think of footwear that looks like this.  In terms of support, comfort, and event safety – these Clarks Women’s Morse Tour Sandals have an excellent reputation as a sandal that has it all, and then some. 

With a truckload of glowing reviews from around the web, we can see the reason for the excitement, and we give these sandals 4.6 stars.

The price range of these women’s walking sandals is between $50 and $90.  Part of the comfort of these imported sandals is that they are made with 100% leather or pig suede, so they are very soft and flexible, with plenty of breathing room for your foot.

These sandals by Clarks have a heel that measures approximately 1.25″, and a platform measuring 0.75″. 

They currently can be purchased in 6 colors, including Greystone, Black Leather, Brown Leather, Denim, Beige, and Beige Suede.

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KEEN Women’s Venice H2 Sandal

KEEN Women's Venice H2 Sandal

KEEN is a very highly regarded brand name in the world of comfortable and affordable women’s footwear, and so it should come as no surprise that one of their women’s walking sandals has found its way into our 2016 Women’s Walking Sandal Top 10 list.

There are a huge number of women out there that are KEEN fanatics, and one of the main reasons this walking sandal for women is so darn popular is because they are the kind of sandal you can do anything in – hiking, camping, or just bumming around!  

That said, they are by no means low quality, and look very impressive to the eye.

With great toe protection, anti-odor, AEGIS Microbial Shield, plus great footbed comfort, this is the kind of sandal that women can wear for long periods of time, and not experience foot strain.

Its price range is anywhere between $30 to $105, and they are backed up by over 1350 reviews, most of which are 4 stars or better.

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Crocs Women’s Really Sexi Sandal

crocs womens really sexi sandal

While these sandals are more designed for short distances, rather than long hiking trips, most people seem to be attracted to the design of these women’s sandals by Crocs.

These imported sandals are a very fun-in-the-sun, lightweight choice with a great footbed, and they range in price from $20 to $60.  

With over 690 buyer reviews on, these sandals maintain an average 4.5 stars.

With a manmade sole, they are 100% synthetic, so they’re A-OK to get  wet.  They come in a variety of colors as well, from fuchsia, black, island green, to the ever-popular espresso color.

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Teva Women’s Zirra Sandal

Teva Women's Zirra Sandal

These are a very popular choice with many women. There are now well over 1,100 buyer reviews at Amazon, and they get a very solid 4.5 out of 5 star rating, which is very good indeed.

These are a good choice for any lady who likes that ‘minimal look and feel’ to their sandals. In our opinion, the brand Teva does this really well.

They are classy, without being ‘too show off’, and many women like that ‘under stated look’.

Above all else though, these are very comfortable, and best of all they are truly built to last.

As you can see from the image, they use a single strap at the front of the sandal and that makes them look really good and adds to overall comfort.

They are light in weight, and very comfortable to walk in. You can use them exclusively for walking, but they work equally well for strolling along a beach, or for simple everyday use like going to the store.

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Merrell Women’s Agave 2 Lavish Sandal

Merrell Women's Agave 2 Lavish Sandal side view

This is another sandal from the leading shoe brand “Merrell.” Overall these get a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, which has remained very consistent over all of the buying reviews.

These sandals represent very good value for your money. They are practical, suitable for daily use, and we think they also look good as well.

They are also priced at the right amount, when compared to other similar styles of sandals on the market right now.

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KEEN Women’s Rose Athletic Sandal

KEEN Women's Rose Athletic Sandal

Although found at the number 10 position on our list, these remain a very popular choice for many women, as, once again, they are made by KEEN.

They still get a strong overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, and have well over 1,100 reviews.  You’ll notice that KEEN has two entries here on this list, simply based on the fact that they deserve to be here twice.

Their overall stellar ratings, and reviews by loyal customers on sites like and elsewhere, should tell you that these women’s walking sandals have been selling very well, and are a style that many ladies prefer.

As you can see from the image, these quality, stylish, well made sandals have an excellent sole for gripping.  

The KEEN Women’s Rose Athletic Sandal comes in 7 great colors, and costs anywhere between $30 and $100.

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Feature Pick

Clarks Women’s Saylie Jade Sandal Sand 9 Medium Us

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Keen Women’s Venice H2 Sandal,Midnight Navy/Hot Coral,8 M Us

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Crocs Women’s Isabella Gladiator Sandal W Flat Black, 9 M Us

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Teva Women’s W Sirra Sport Sandal Black 9 M Us

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