Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot
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Best Hiking Boots for Men – 2018 Reviews

On this page we review men’s boots, and specifically those designed for men who enjoy walking and hiking.

Most guys know that if you are going on a hike, then certain items will be your friends, and a good pair of quality boots is right at the very top of the agenda, or they should be, in our opinion.

best hiking boots for men 2016

Having the right outdoor gear is, of course important, but at the end of the day, what you have on your feet, is what will keep you going over the terrain and the many miles ahead.

If you are unable to walk in comfort, then the reality is, that you will not be going too far. Now you could simply be taking the dog for a walk of course.

Even something as simple as that can be made much more enjoyable if you are wearing comfortable boots, that are waterproof and fitted really well.

All of the hiking boots on the list below are of the highest quality. You will notice the average price point as well, and this is what you should expect to pay for very good quality, durability and comfort.

Salomon Men’s Quest 4D GTX Hiking Boot

Feature Pick

Salomon Men’s Quest 4D 2 Gtx Backpacking Boot Detroit/Black/Navajo 105 M Us

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4.7 stars  / $90 – $260

These are not cheap as you might expect, but according to every review that we have read, and that’s a lot, they excel in both terms of quality and durability.

We will do a more detailed review further down the page, but if you just want a great pair of boots that buyers love and rate highly, then these make an excellent choice.

On average, we give these hiking boots 4.7 out of 5 stars, and this sentiment is echoed around the web as you’ll no doubt find, so you should have a lot of reassurance that you are buying a very high quality product.

They are easy to break in, comfortable, have a great lacing system, offer sound stability, look great and according to almost every buyer last for ages.

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KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Feature Pick

Keen Men’s Targhee Ii Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot,Chestnut/Bossa Nova,11 M Us

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4.5 stars / $95 – $145

KEEN is one of the biggest companies in footwear, and particularly they make an awesome hiking boot. 

The KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot is one of their finest achievements in this regard, with a high average buyer rating of 4.6 on, with over 840 buyer reviews behind it.

The list of great features is fairly long with this hiking boot, but some of them include the KEEN.DRY insert, which is a breathable membrane that offers a barrier against moisture, but lets air in, so that your feet can stay dry and comfortable all day long.

Also these men’s hiking boots feature S3 heel support. 

The “3” stands for “Shock”, “Suspension”, and “Stability” and it is referring to the unique arch support found in the heel. 

This S3 technology is specifically designed to prevent injury to the heel, and provides great shock absorption. 

Highly recommended for anyone doing extended hikes, but it can obviously help with walking too.

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Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Hiking Boot

Feature Pick

Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Hiking Boot-Wide, Black, 9 Regular Us

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4.5 stars / $50 – $90

With the Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Hiking Boots, we have a boot which is thoroughly waterproof, has soft, cushioned EVA midsoles for added comfort, and rubber soles which absorb a great deal of impact when you’re hiking or navigating rocky terrain.

The look of this hiking boot is designed to be simple, but when you look closely you’ll notice that they are well-designed, and actually rather stylish, although in a more subtle, earthy way that makes them perfect for wearing out and about, and on just about any type of occasion. 

On top of that, you’re getting treated leather, which is PU-coated along with suede, which only adds to the appearance of these hiking boots.

In addition to their insulated design work, you get outsoles which are Omni-Grip high traction, which will allow you to not only walk on rough ground, but climb and move over even more difficult terrain with ease. 

The D-Cap lace closure ensures that your foot is secure, so no matter what the circumstances, this boot is staying firmly on your foot, if its laced up tightly.

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Hi-Tec Men’s Moreno Hiking Boot

Feature Pick

Hi-Tec Men’s Moreno-M, Smokey Brown/Taupe/Gold 115 M Us

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4.5 stars / $50 – $75

The Moreno Hiking Boot by Hi-Tec are an excellent choice if you want a hiking boot that looks a little bit more like a sneaker, is lightweight, but still very durable. 

These hiking boots are just as much focused on comfort and flexibility, as they are about having a sturdy shoe that can withstand even the most rugged terrain.

These hiking boots are also great for casual strolls, as they are well cushioned, particularly around the ankle section of the boot, and where they lace up as well. 

The tongue is gusseted to keep out particles.

With stylish synthetic leather uppers, and EVA midsoles, as all good hiking boots must have, your feet will feel free, and they can breathe quite well. 

They will also stay very warm when the weather gets cold, and they are waterproof, so they can be good for shoveling the sidewalk, just as well as taking a hike on snowy trails.

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Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot

Feature Pick

Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot,Walnut,10 W Us

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4.5 stars / $90 – $125

As you can tell by their name, these Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Boots are focused on having ample breathability, not to mention having more than adequate support and flexibility.

You also receive mid-height dura leather and nylon, which not only adds to the overall quality of this hiking boot, but it looks really good too, and will last a long time. 

The performance of these Merrell boots cannot be underestimated, really. 

Their padded tongue guards your foot against lace pressure, but the boot remains very airy and light.

Inside these hiking boots you’ll find footbeds which are 4.5 mm thick, but totally removable. 

These are anatomically shaped in order for your foot to remain relaxed at all times, and this is partly why you can walk in these hiking boots for extended periods without feeling cramps or strain of any kind.

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Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Gore-Tex Mid Hiking Boot

Feature Pick

Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Mid Waterproof, Brown/Green 10 D – Medium

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4.5 stars / $60 – $160

Timberland offers a great pair of hiking boots with the Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Gore-Tex Mid Hiking Boots, which are mid cut hiking boots at their best. 

These are a tall hiking boot which go up over the ankle level, which is a good thing for protecting those bones which are located in that area, if you are doing some hiking and ankle protection is a must. 

The shaft itself measures just about 5″ from the arch.

With a padded and cushioned interior that fights against friction burns and general rubbing, these hiking boots will definitely keep you warm in those long winter months. 

Whether you are an active hiker or not, these are a solid choice for a winter boot, as they are quite multi-purpose.

These hiking boots are made from full-grain, waterproof leather, so you get the style and comfort of true leather,as opposed to the synthetic stuff, which can look good, but it’s not the real deal.

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Columbia Men’s Mudhawk Waterproof Hiking Boot

Feature Pick

Columbia Men’s Mudhawk Waterproof Hiking Boot,Mud/Maple Sugar,10 D Us

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4.5 stars / $80 – $110

This is a highly versatile and stylish hiking boot brought to you by the folks at Columbia, which features seam-sealed waterproof leather, not to mention metallic hardware lacing.

It is an excellent choice for hikers or walkers who are looking for something that combines the durability of a true hiking-style boot, with the style and design aesthetics of a comfortable running shoe.

Columbia offers two in-house technologies which this shoe has, and those are its Omni-Grip traction outsole, as well as its Techlite-cushioned midsole. 

You can read more about these in our full review, but what it amounts to, is a very comfortable hiking boot that can take you over all sorts of harsh terrains. 

These shoes will last you several seasons, with durability here being paramount.

There are a number of logos placed on this hiking boot, so you can show off that you own a pair of these.

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Merrell Men’s Annex Mid Gore-Tex Boot

Feature Pick

Merrell Men’s Annex Mid Gore-Tex Boot,Blue Wing,95 M Us

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4.5 stars / $110 – 180

Merrell brings us these casual hiking boots, which are, like all of the hiking boots we mention on this list, designed with comfort in mind, cushioning and cradling your foot for maximum comfort.

In terms of appearance, you will receive oiled leather, and the added benefit of textile uppers, which will keep your feet completely warm with their proprietary Gore-Tex technology, changing the way you live your life in the great outdoors.

Whether you are exploring mountainous regions, or simply walking through the city, your feet will feel no pain with the support they receive from these men’s hiking boots from Merrell.  

They have  breathable lining and a “Remember Me Foam” footbed, which also has a resistant outsole made from rubber, which provides traction for any situation you find yourself in.

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Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot

Feature Pick

Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot,Dark Brown,105 M Us

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4.5 stars / $50 – $175

This hiking boot has thousands of buyer reviews, and a high average rating of 4.5 stars across the web, which is a lot for any product really. 

These Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boots are quite possibly one of the most popular hiking boots available in 2016, and we’d say it’s for good reasons.

This hiking shoe comes in two sizes: standard and wide, which is good for those with an especially wide foot. 

Since many people have this issue with not finding boots wide enough for their feet, this is a great option thanks to Timberland.

With a premium full-grain waterproof leather upper for durability, comfort, and resistance against abrasions, as well as waterproof, seam-sealed construction, your feet will be kept dry.

Yes, even when you’re slogging through snow, or traipsing through the torrential rain, the one thing that will be kept dry will be your feet, if nothing else.

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Salomon Men’s X Ultra Mid 2 GTX Multi-functional Hiking Boot

Feature Pick

Salomon Men’s X Ultra Mid 2 Gtx-M, Black/Aluminum, 105 M Us

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4.5 stars / $100 – $180

Made from imported leather, these Salomon men’s hiking boots come equipped with a gusseted tongue, which acts as a debris filter by attaching the tongue of the boot to the upper, as well as a protective rubber toe cap that will keep your toes guarded when you’re entering rough terrain.  

The boot contains Gore-Tex, which is a waterproof material which will effectively keep your feet moisture-free. 

The lining of the boot is abrasion resistant, so you will find this boot will keep your feet much more protected than most other hiking boots.

In terms of general measurements, these Salomon hiking boots have a shaft measuring 5″ from the arch, as well as a 1.5″ heel.

Salomon also offers their patented SensifitTM system, which works to cradle your foot, offering a very snug and secure fit. 

This is a very popular choice for men who are into hiking, and similar pastimes, which call for a boot with several different technologies working behind it, to keep your feet safe, comfortable, and dry.

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Quick Buying Guide For Hiking Boots

Before you buy, it is worth having a quick look at what you should be watching out for if investing in a pair of good hiking boots.

Hiking Boots vs Walking Shoes?

high quality walking boots

Which should you buy? It is something that you should give a lot of consideration to before spending your hard earned money.

It mainly comes down to one thing which is that boots offer much better ankle support.

Now they will of course be a lot more chunky that light trail running shoes, but if you need strong support, then go with a pair of boots.

Some people prefer the comfort of good men’s walking shoes, and at the end of the day, you will buy the footwear that suits you the best.

The terrain you will be going over also has a lot to do with your choice. If you are a frequent hill climber for example, then boots would be best.

Anywhere there is rugged ground we would also recommend boots.

Finally if you plan on carrying a pack that weighs over 35-40 lbs, then go for boots as well.

Boots have been around for years, and are best for walking through mud, rain or snow, as they keep your feet a lot warmer and drier than shoes will.

They also offer a great deal more support and protection.

Shoes on the other hand are perfect for people who like to walk miles but are only carrying a light backpack.

So if you are someone who likes to hit the trails on day trips, we would recommend the lighter shoes.

They will not be as durable as boots, but they are more suited for that type of long distance walking.


Hiking in Norway

Always make this your number one choice. There is nothing worse than a pair of badly fitting boots to make any hike or trek a complete and utter misery.

10-15 years ago manufacturers focused much more on strength and durability. Thankfully that has changed and now they also focus on design comfort.

Now we know that any pair of boots will take time to break in, but we don’t want that to be after many miles of walking.

You want room in what is called the “toe box.” When you wear boots and stand up, there should be no pincer points or areas of nipping.

When you walk over trails you will come across sharp stones. Is the sole strong enough to protect your feet?

You should always make this comfort feeling your top priority.

These days as I mentioned earlier, boots are just better designed, so for most manufacturers this will now be pretty standard.


I am not sure if there is even such a word as breathabilty but there should be. This is all about your feet staying warm and more importantly staying dry.

If your feet get wet or moist then the bottom line is friction happens and that can only mean one thing – BLISTERS!!!

We never want those as they are just annoying and make walking very uncomfortable. We also want to avoid sweaty feet.

If you have ever had the misfortune to get into a tent with someone with sweaty feet, then you already know what I mean.

There are not that many things in life that annoy me, but sharing a tent with pongy feet is right up there.

Ankle Protection

No walking boot is of any use unless it offers you strong ankle support. It is after all the main reason we pick boots over the best men’s walking shoes.

If you have ever gone on a hike and twisted your ankle on a rock or upturned stone, then you will know the vital importance of ankle support.

If your hiking boots have either a mid-height or a full cut ankle style then you greatly increase the chances of avoiding a twisted ankle.

Now of course even those are not 100% foolproof but I would rather have that support as none at all.


Please don’t assume that all boots are good when gripping the ground as they are not.

We have quite a few members in our local hiking club and they tell us that the best way to test out boots for traction, is to walk carefully on wet rock.

If they don’t slide about, then they have a solid grip. All of them will claim to have a superb grip of course, but again by reading many reviews, we found that was not always the case.


Again, this feature almost sounds like a no brainer. Boots should always be able to keep the water out from your feet.

It is inevitable that your boots will get wet. All good hiking boots will be waterproof, but they also do need to be treated from time to time, to make sure that lasts.

As you can imagine it is easy to go on a good hike, come home and abandon the boots in the basement.

It is worth a few minutes to quickly clean them, allow them to dry our properly and then apply some protective spray. That will add so much life to your footwear for sure.


We know that boots will be heavier than shoes. However what you do want to avoid are really heavy boots.

They do need to be strong and durable, but they should also be light on your feet.

I have noticed all too often that when people are buying any type of boots, they can often assume that as they are heavy, they are very well made and solid.

Don’t fall into this trap as weight is just not any indication of being good quality. Good hiking boots do of course need to be tough and durable, but they also need to light so as you can get the miles done.


As I mentioned above, boots are not a cheap purchase. So when you buy a pair, then of course you will want them to last for a long period of time.

A few things will impact on how tough and long lasting these can be. The amount of use they get will be the single most important thing.

As long as they are well made, and they are also cared for and looked after, then it truly will come down to how much these are used.

Certainly all of the ones that we have included on our top ten list tick all of the above boxes.

Please feel free to have a search below, where you can see them with buyer ratings, and then make your own mind up on the style that you like best.

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