We Review The Best Aleader Women’s Walking Shoes

We Review The Best Aleader Women’s Walking Shoes

A great walking shoe is a shoe that foremost serves the purpose for which it is made – walking.  That means that the best walking shoes are shoes you can wear anywhere, under all sorts of conditions, regardless of the terrain, the weather, and factors such as these.  At the same time, most of us don’t want to be caught dead wearing an ugly pair of shoes just because they are going to effectively get us from point A to point B. read more

We Review The Best ECCO Women’s Sandals – Round Up

Today we review the best ECCO women’s sandals, because we’ve received many requests to do so in the past months.  ECCO is a footwear brand that extends to all people young and old, and their shoes are known globally as both stylish and comfortable, ever since the company began in the ’60’s in Denmark.  We have always been big fans of their sandals, in particular, and, as you know, getting a good pair of sandals can be a tricky task.  It’s hard to find style and comfort all in one shoe, especially with sandals.  Hence, we have narrowed it down here to five pairs of women’s sandals that we know you’ll love! read more

We Review The Best Merrell Women’s Sandals

We Review The Best Merrell Women’s Sandals

Today we review the 5 best Merrell women’s sandals.  Merrell is a manufacturer known to make much more than sandals, but we would consider sandals a particular specialty of theirs.  Finding comfy sandals that are stylish as well is not always easy, but we think you’ll love these 5 selections. read more

The Best Of Teva Women’s Sandals Review

We Review the Best Of Teva Women’s Sandals

As you may know, finding a good women’s sandal that doesn’t hurt your feet or fall apart isn’t as easy as you might think.  Luckily, there are some companies that feel our pain and Teva is one of them.  This is why they make a great women’s sandal, and many of them are very popular.  We also love their sandals, and today we review what we consider to be the 5 best Teva Women’s sandals for your feet.  Enjoy! read more

We Review The Five Best Clarks Women's Sandals

We Review The Five Best Clarks Women’s Sandals

By popular demand, today we review 5 of the best Clark’s women’s sandals available today.  The list includes some truly stylish footwear, some in the wedge style and some not.  Clark’s are known for both style and comfort when it comes to sandals, which are rare traits in your average sandals, so we hope you enjoy our little list! read more

How To Choose The Best Walking Shoe

“Shoes are like friends, they can support you, or take you down.”  – Hugh Mungus

This article is not about which walking shoe is the perfect shoe for you.  People are all different but, we all have similar feet.  You know …. 5 toes, an arch, and a heel.  We know that people buy shoes of all sorts and a lot of them over a lifetime.  We want to help you make the best decision when purchasing shoes.  Scientists have done tons of research in recent years about the human foot, and what people cover them with to manage their environment.  Hopefully this information will help you out. read more

Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot

Best Hiking Boots for Men – 2018 Reviews

On this page we review men’s boots, and specifically those designed for men who enjoy walking and hiking. Most guys know that if you are going on a hike, then certain items will be your friends, and a good pair of quality boots is right at the very top of the agenda, or they should be, in our opinion. read more