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women in high heels (17)

Are High Heels Bad For Your Feet?

Are high heels bad for your feet? This is the question we explore today. It is certainly not a one sided issue, so read on for better foot health. Read More
what is upper crossed syndrome

About Upper Crossed Syndrome – Common Questions Answered

In this article, we answer some common questions about Upper Crossed Syndrome, which is a condition that can lead to pain and injury. Read More

How To Choose The Best Walking Shoe

This article is not about which walking shoe is the perfect shoe for you. People are all different but, we all have similar feet. You know, 5 toes, an arch... Read More

Who Needs Orthotic Shoe Inserts?

It seemed like any ordinary morning. I yawned and leaped out of bed, ready to face the day. But the moment I hit the ground, I screamed in pain and sat... Read More

John Chlarson AKA IntenseAngler Outdoors – Favorite YouTubers

This is a feature article which looks at YouTuber John Chlarson AKA IntenseAngler Outdoors, who focuses on outdoor skill sets, ingenuity, and self reliance... Read More

What Is OrthoLite?

Many of the most popular shoe and boot brands on the market today feature something called Ortholite foam. But what is OrthoLite exactly? Read More

Waterproof Vs. Water-Resistant – What’s The Difference?

Waterproof. Water-Resistant. Hmm... You may hear these terms and wonder what the difference between them is. Whether you're choosing... Read More

What Is ThermoLite Material?

ThermoLite is a synthetic form of insulation created by the innovative company Invista, who also makes Lycra, Stainmaster, and a number of other... Read More

Ugly Shoes … Making America Great Again!

The world has finally gone nuts! Donald Trump might be president of the most powerful nation on the planet! Terrorists are blowing up... Read More
eva foam injection molding

The Importance Of Having Shoes With EVA Midsoles

As you can read in most of the reviews here, most of the shoes have the famous EVA midsole. Whether we speak of running shoes, hiking boots, or sandals even Read More