what is upper crossed syndrome

About Upper Crossed Syndrome – Common Questions Answered

What is Upper Crossed Syndrome?

Upper crossed syndrome or USC is an imbalance in your upper body causing postural distortions centralized around your head and shoulders, which is caused by a combination of your major and minor pecs (chest muscles) and upper traps (muscles between your shoulders and neck) being too tight and overused, while your cervical flexors (muscles that hold the head up and back), lower traps and rhomboids (which hold your scapula aka shoulder blades in proper position) being weak and underused.  This creates the “cross” pattern in Upper Crossed Syndrome with these two forces – a weakening and a tightening of certain muscles at the same time – which can lead at first to imbalance and joint dysfunction, which then can and will lead to pain, followed by injury. read more

How To Choose The Best Walking Shoe

“Shoes are like friends, they can support you, or take you down.”  – Hugh Mungus

This article is not about which walking shoe is the perfect shoe for you.  People are all different but, we all have similar feet.  You know …. 5 toes, an arch, and a heel.  We know that people buy shoes of all sorts and a lot of them over a lifetime.  We want to help you make the best decision when purchasing shoes.  Scientists have done tons of research in recent years about the human foot, and what people cover them with to manage their environment.  Hopefully this information will help you out. read more


John Chlarson AKA IntenseAngler Outdoors – Favorite YouTubers

Introducing John Chlarson from IntenseAngler Outdoors…

We here atbestwalkingshoereviews.com are always on the lookout for footwear that is perfect for you, and we always like to stay connected with people who care about shoes, boots, and footwear in general.  Not only do we research extensively to find quality and affordable footwear buys, but we go wherever the conversation is about your feet.  That’s how we found John Chlarson’s excellent YouTube channel called IntenseAngler Outdoors. read more


What Is OrthoLite?

Many of the most popular shoe and boot brands on the market today feature something called Ortholite foam.  But what is OrthoLite exactly?  If you haven’t heard of it, there’s a good chance you’ve worn it, because it is used so much in footwear, not to mention backpacks, sporting equipment, and furniture.  It is everywhere!  Their slogan, fittingly, is “comfort from the inside out”. read more

Ugly Shoes … Making America Great Again!

Is there a strategy afoot?

The world has finally gone nuts!  Donald Trump might be president of the most powerful nation on the planet!  Terrorists are blowing up people all over the world, just to have a bevy of virgins waiting for them at the pearly gates.  Crowds of millennials are trying to capture Pokemon on a telephone.  Don’t these people have anything better to do?  What would Alexander Graham Bell think of this?  Now, the leaders in the fashion industry are manufacturing the ugliest shoes ever in the history of footwear. read more