Choosing The Best Work Boot Laces – Your Complete Guide

Work boots have become increasingly popular as they have become necessary for a wide array of jobs, as well as just being an overall good, protective piece of footwear.

Most workers on all construction sites require work boots as part of their attire.  Companies want to ensure that the employees are safe.   Some jobs are incredibly dangerous, and protective footwear is most warranted.

best work boot guide

What is a work boot?

People often ask:  What exactly is a work boot?  Work boots, also known as steel-toe boots or safety shoes, are known for their high durability.   They have built-in toe protection and the mid-sole plating, which helps to guard the foot from injury from above and below.

As it happens, nowadays, some people wear them casually because they’re just a tougher type of boot, and, since they can stand up to various types of compression, and falling objects, people are known to use them in situations, which are not strictly “work” per se, like say hiking or climbing.

Since the term “work boot” doesn’t usually make people think of the fashion world, or footwear that might actually look good, there have been efforts from leading companies to do just that – make work boots more appealing aesthetically. 

This is the case today.  They do look good, and a good looking work boot is obvious even when it’s covered in mud.

work boot guide

But we’re not here today to talk just about the boots, oh no.  Today we’re going to talk about a small, but integral detail of your work boots, and that is the laces, specifically designed for work boots.

Heavy duty work boot laces are definitely something to consider using with your own work boots, especially when your job requires you to be in a potentially hazardous situation. 

Besides making your work safer, they also look good and come in a variety of styles and colors.  That’s more than enough reason to wear them, don’t you think?

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Refer to this table of contents to navigate this article.

Table of Contents

Alrighty, onward to the questions and answers!

What makes a good heavy duty boot lace?

Heavy duty work boot laces are meant to work together with your work boots to make them as safe and secure as possible.

The laces should be made from materials that are almost unbreakable and should remain tied.  Materials like nylon and kevlar are two materials that are common today in good quality laces.

As you probably already know, laces for shoes and boots take a lot of abuse, especially on a work boot.  Let’s always make sure that the laces for your work boots is going to keep you safe.  

durable work boot lace

In some instances, people will buy these laces for their regular boots, and the laces end up being more durable than the boots themselves.  How ironic!  In any case, it is best to pair your work boot laces with a durable work boot, so you can take full advantage of the strength of both.

Other characteristics of a strong work boot lace include non-slipping, non-stretching, non-fading abilities.  Many of these types of laces are fire resistant, and, again, are built to be stronger than the actual person wearing them. 

More good news – these laces aren’t necessarily going to cost you that much.  Of course, some do, but the ones that are more expensive are generally worth it, as you will no longer have any concerns about them breaking or loosening, and this of course comes in handy when you’re doing a job and you need a tight fitting work boot. 

Laces are the key to your work boots fitting the way you want, and you can’t really go wrong by getting the right pair. 

Where can you buy the most durable work boot laces?

Super tough work boot laces are not exactly rare.  You can find them almost anywhere work boots are sold – so, local specialty stores, on the ‘Net, or even at your local gas station if they’re hip enough.

Don’t expect the same quality from every pair of laces, of course.  Like anything else, brand names matter and there are certain brand names that are more trusted in the world of work boot laces than others.

Trusted names of tough boot lace makers include: Ironlace, Rhino Laces, Mad Dog Laces, and Wolverine, to name but a few.

Desert Camo Boot Laces

As with any purchase, the best policy is to research as much as you can before you buy. 

Of course, that’s probably why you found this article, and luckily, we have researched the topic plenty and we are here to fill you in on the more pertinent details if you need them in a hurry.</p

Anyway, buying the best work boot laces isn’t too difficult, if you know what to look for.  More on that momentarily.

How to tie work boot laces so they stay secure and comfortable

If you wear work boots, you probably should use the most secure knot possible.

You most certainly can’t afford to use a knot that might come untied at any second, which happens way more often than it should, making your day at work even more hazardous than it may already be.

That’s why, for several reasons, we recommend learning the classic “Ian” knot. Watch the video below which teaches you how to do this type of knot.

As the video states, this is the quickest, and most symmetrical type of knot you can do.

The “Ian” knot is equally do-able for both lefties and righties, and promotes equal distribution of wear and tear on all parts of the lace. 

Because of this, the “Ian” knot breaks less, because it isn’t lopsided like the typical knots you learn in grade school.  It is also a very secure knot.

However, you might be reading this and thinking the Ian knot isn’t secure enough.

Fair enough, some jobs require more movement and certain simple knots do come undone from time to time, especially if the lace is at all slippery.

So, if you want a knot that will stay 100% tied, here it is in this next video, which shows how to make use of a “secret” technique.

Beyond this, you might be someone who experiences too much discomfort in their feet if their boots are too tight. 

This is where “army lacing” comes in handy.  Watch this next video to show how you can lace your work boots to be more flexible and comfortable, and then add a secure knot and you should be good to go!

Now that you know a thing or two about tying the laces, so they don’t come undone, let’s move on to another common question regarding length.

How long should work boot laces be?

General rule:  It depends on the number of eyelets in your boots, which usually relates to the size of your foot, but not always.

There is a wide variety of types and brands of work boots on the market right now.  The boot laces for them will also differ in length.

Lace length, when it comes to boots, can vary drastically, considering all the variables.  That said, work boot laces can range from 27 inches all the way up to 160 inches in length.

It’s worth thinking about the length, considering the money you spent on the boots.  If you don’t like the laces that come with the boots, don’t leave the store until you find exactly the right work boot laces for you.

Here’s a lace size chart offered by Mad Dog that applies to their laces and boots. You can get a general idea from looking at this chart.

mad dog boot lace length guide

The bottom line is … Make sure you match the length of the lace to the specs for the boot you buy, if you are swapping out laces.

How to measure work boot laces?

work boot lace style

Measuring for a new pair of strong work boot laces is easy.  Just measure them against the current laces you may already have.

Alternately, refer to the previous question and consider the specifications of the brand and the size of the boot.

Now, on to more considerations worth noting.

Additional work boot lace size considerations

There are multiple ways to find out what lace length you need for your work boot.  The first and most obvious technique would be to measure them, which we already discussed above.

Once you’ve found out your shoe laces length, you are almost ready to go.  Don’t forget to consider lace width, as this could throw a wrench into your plans if your boots don’t fit with the new laces you buy because they’re too thick. 

firefighter work boots

If you happen to be at the boot store, look for a chart.

Better yet, ask the nearest employee exactly what you need, if you don’t already feel confident that you know.  The customer service rep will give you some expert advice I’m sure.

What are the best work boot laces?

One great option would be Ironlace’s Unbreakable Extra Heavy Duty Round Boot Laces. These come with some ideal specs, overall.

ironlace unbreakable work boot laces

Unless you’re extremely unlucky with laces, these ones will practically last you forever, because they are next to unbreakable.

They are made with 100% advanced para-aramid fibers that are said to be 20 times more durable than kevlar.  Even after plenty of use, they often still look brand new, because they are stretch-free and the color is said to not fade in the slightest.

They have a 3mm diameter, so it will fit any standard work boot. That means the only thing you need to worry about is the length.

These Ironlace Unbreakable laces come in a variety of lengths and colors, so you can buy the ones that will not only fit, but also look good to you.

In addition, these laces are meant to resist things like high abrasion, wear, chemicals, UV rays, cutting, corrosion and even fire.

They will look new even when you expose to temperatures up to 332 degrees centigrade.

As luck would have it, they won’t freeze either. Even when the temperatures drop below freezing in the winter, you will still be able to undo them. 

There are laces like these that are so durable, that they can withstand not only high heat, but also freezing cold.  If you’re out mountaineering on Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, in the Himalayas, where the temperatures get nasty cold, you won’t have to worry about those work boot laces.   I’m not sure about you, the boots, or your clothing, but the laces will be in great shape.

Depending where you shop, these Ironlace laces are priced between 15 and 20 dollars in most speciality stores.

People seem to love them on Amazon as well. They have a 4.3 out of 5 star rating there, which is tough to get in the tough love world of online reviewers.  Mind you, these ratings do change, so check current listings.

Another great option is the Kg’s Boot Guard KG-XTREME Kevlar Heavy Duty Boot Laces.

Kg's Boot Guard KG-XTREME Kevlar Heavy Duty Boot Laces

They are made from kevlar and nylon, 2 very durable materials that will not disappoint you, when it comes to lace strength and how long they will last.

These materials come braided together, to ensure even more durability.

Of course, these Kg’s Boot Guard laces come in different sizes and colors, and they resist fire and chemicals.

Customers generally say that this is a great product and they are worth the price.  

We definitely agree!


Overall, work boot laces are a part of the boot that many people seem to ignore, but as you can see, laces are super important to the look of your boot and keeping you secure and safe!