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We Review The Best Skechers Rumblers Women's Sandals

We Review The Best Skechers Rumblers Women’s Wedge Sandals

Which of the Skechers Rumblers Wedge Sandals do you really want in your wardrobe? We review them for you to decide! Read More
Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot

Best Hiking Boots for Men – 2018 Reviews

On this page we share our reviews for what we think are the best men's boots of 2018, and specifically those designed for men who enjoy walking and hiking. Read More

Caterpillar Second Shift Men’s Work Boot Review

My nephew was recently in need of a pair of work boots for his first job in construction. I'd gotten him the job, so it seemed only right that I buy the boy his... Read More

4 Women’s Winter Boots With The Best Traction

There's nothing as exciting as when those first few snowflakes start falling from the sky. Watching from your cozy home, you'll likely be eager to pull on... Read More

We Review The 5 Best Insulated Men’s Winter Work Boots For Cold Weather

The best fully insulated men's work boots to combat cold weather come with a steel toe to ensure that a falling piece of work material doesn't crush the... Read More

Kamik Men’s Nationplus Boot Review

This Kamik Men's Nationplus Boot is a great value for the price. It's a terrific choice for people who need a good boot on their next winter snowboarding... Read More
Kaki Women's Heidi Rain Boot

Kamik Women’s Heidi Rain Boot Review

This waterproof, light weight boot is quality made by Kamik, a Canadian footwear manufacturer from Montreal. The footbed is removable... Read More

Timberland Women’s Earthkeepers Amston 6″ Boot Review

Fall and winter days aren’t too motivating, due to the cold. Yes, that's the same cold that gives us "colds", and by lowering our immune systems on those... Read More

Timberland Women’s Teddy Fleece Fold-Down Waterproof Boot Review

When encountered by the harsh weather and seasonal changes, the first thing we think about is, is my footwear still good enough to survive the following... Read More

Dailyshoes Women’s Military Combat Boot With Hidden Pockets Review

Today we review Dailyshoes Women's Military Combat Boot with Hidden Pockets. IF you’re going out to dance the night away, you might not want to be bogged... Read More
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