What Is ThermoLite Material?

ThermoLite is a synthetic form of insulation created by the innovative company Invista, who also makes Lycra, Stainmaster, and a number of other proprietary fibers and textiles. 

ThermoLite is used in a variety of products, including outdoor apparel and sports gear, and it is used frequently to substitute for natural insulators.


In total, there are five different varieties of ThermoLite, including the following:

  • ThermoLite Active
  • ThermoLite Extra
  • ThermoLite Micro
  • ThermoLite Plus
  • ThermoLite Extreme

As you can imagine, each of these types of ThermoLite have different applications, and work best in certain circumstances because they have different properties. 

For example, ThermoLite Extreme, when used in clothing such as everyday work attire, adds substantial warmth and durability. 

Contrast this with ThermoLite Micro, which works best for waterproofing.  Wearing a garment that contains ThermoLite Micro over something which is not waterproof will provide a sufficient guard against moisture.

what is thermolite material

Even though ThermoLite is most often found in clothing in the form of insulation, you can also find it in other things, like shoes and sleeping bags. 

Because of ThermoLite’s hollow-core insulators, anything that contains ThermoLite has a tendency to dry faster when it absorbs any moisture, and also provide more warmth when you need it. 

ThermoLite is designed to send moisture towards the surface at all times, so, in a way, it has a built in self-drying function.

One major selling feature of articles containing ThermoLite is its light weight. 

Designed to be extremely lightweight, ThermoLIte manages to provide all of the things we’ve mentioned already (insulation, warmth, waterproofing), without weighing you down. 

It is both heavy duty in terms of its protection, but light in terms of its actual weight, which makes it especially good for things like walking and running shoes.


The insulation in ThermoLite also has another feature we should mention, which is that it offers improved balance. 

This stems from its insulation battings containing T799 performance fibers, which use a differentiated fiber shape, which contributes to their being 22% lighter weight (than similar fibers with the same diameter) leading to better overall balance in the articles containing the ThermoLite.