Mephisto Shoes For Women – Our Top 5

Mephisto is regarded by many walking enthusiasts in Europe and around the world as the BMW of comfortable walking shoes. 

When this company launches a new line of walking shoe, people around the world always sit up and take notice, because practically every shoe they make is a showstopper.

Selling 1.5 million shoes in Europe alone, Mephisto is starting to become more accessible to walkers in the United States, and are now selling like hotcakes on 

We thought it was about time we shared with everyone our favorite Mephisto shoes…

mephisto walking shoes

What Is It About Mephisto Shoes That Has Women Singing Their Praises?

Elegant, well-made, and always in style, Mephisto walking shoes are designed specifically with comfort in mind. 

Whether you’re taking a trip through Europe, or you’re walking around the block, you really can’t go wrong with Mephisto shoes or sandals.

Their line of women’s walking shoes are among the finest you’ll come across, making sore and tired feet a thing of the past. 

Some companies say things like that, but don’t mean it.  With Mephisto, you will be hard pressed to doubt them when it comes to designing what they refer to as “comfort shoes”.

With anatomically shaped insoles for holding your foot in the proper position, strong and supportive heel cups, and a wide range of excellent sandals and shoes using the finest materials available such as leather, Mephisto is one of the best makers of comfortable walking shoes on the market today.

In this post, we figured it would be valuable to share with people our Top 5 Women’s Walking Shoes by this great shoe manufacturer…

Mephisto Women’s Yael Oxford, Black Greta/Dark Grey Magic 9 M Us

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Mephisto Women’s Laser Lace-Up,Black,75 M Us

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Mephisto Men’s Match Sneakers Dark Brown Leather 435 (Us

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Mephisto Women’s Hannel Sandals Dark Brown Leather 8 M Us

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Mephisto Walking Shoes For Women – Our Top 5 Picks

Mephisto Laser Walking Shoe

Mephisto Women's Laser Walking Shoe

This is our number one pick and certainly one of the very best sellers out there right now.  

These are, of course, made from very high quality leather, and they are available in a variety of colors, such as black, navy, wine, brown and grey.

This particular shoe comes in a smooth leather with mesh, or as nubuck and mesh and as you can see these use lace ups.

They come in a wide range of sizes. The soles have been designed to behave like shock absorbers, and it is that technology that makes for a very comfortable walking experience.

Walkers of all ages use these for walking their dog, in walking clubs or even for normal day to day use.

If you are anything like me, you may consider these too expensive at $200, but when you buy and wear these, you will soon realize that they are worth the price you paid.  

Nothing beats quality, and these are top notch.

When you read through the reviews, it becomes very clear, that anyone with leg injuries or even leg problems, such as old breaks, strains, stress fractures etc. understand that they have to spend extra money to get absolute comfort.  

Mephisto are a high quality brand, so the investment is worth the comfort that a good pair of shoes can bring you.

Mephisto Rushn Walking Shoe

Mephisto Women's Rushn Walking Shoe

This is another model that also attracts great reviews by buyers of the product.  It is a newer model with a rubber sole, and has been very well designed.  

The upper part of the shoe is of course either leather or nubuck, depending on which you opt for.

These have been explicitly designed for every day walking use, as the brand describes it, “for women on the go.”  One reviewer described these as,

“the best walking shoes on the planet.”

The insole is very supportive, and that means comfortable walking in  shoes that seem to last forever.  

So yes, as with all Mephisto branded shoes, the upfront cost is expensive, but the quality is assured.  

One reviewer pointed out that when the sole eventually wears down, you can send them back to Mephisto, and they will put a new sole on them for around $90.

Reviewers also mentioned these are a super solution for people who spend a lot of time on concrete floors.  

If you have experienced that, you will know all about burning and aching feet.  These are supportive, light weight, and keep your feet cool.  

A couple of reviewers have said these can last for up to 15 years.  It does, of course, depend on how much use they get, but clearly they last a very long time.

Mephisto Lilou Mary Jane Flat

Mephisto Lilou Mary Jane Flat

Many ladies love the Mary Jane look.  Mephisto has captured that look well with this pair of shoes.  

Again, they have leather uppers and a synthetic sole.  

They are available in black, nubuck or a crinkle look.  This one uses straps for closing, which are adjustable with the classic hook and loop closure.

These not only look great, but are great for what we would term serious walkers.

Many people buy these for traveling, and for general longer distance walking.

There were a number of buyers suffering from plantar fasciitis, who said these were the best shoes for them.  That is worth bearing in mind.

These look great with jeans, casual skirts and slacks.  Simply because of the rounded toe design, these also make your feet look smaller.  That may be an important point to note for some people.

I don’t want to keep rattling on about the difference quality shoes can make to your feet, and to your every day life, but the bottom line is that they do.

Mephisto Rush Walking Shoe

Mephisto Rush Walking Shoe

This one is super expensive, but we wanted to include it here as it is a very good shoe of excellent quality.  As you can see it looks very similar to the ones that we have already reviewed.  

These are very well designed, and the bottom line is that they just last for a very long time.  

These shoes suit one of two women; those who walk more than most, or anyone with foot problems such as low arches.

The ladies who buy these, are generally speaking, people who have problems with their walking.  

Those injuries have been caused by a variety of problems.  If you need a pair of shoes that can help support you, then these are the ones for you.

If you have ever wanted to put your foot into a shoe, feel secure and comfortable with great support, then I would recommend checking these out. 

You will not be disappointed as many buyers over at Amazon will testify.

Mephisto Yael Oxford

Mephisto Yael Oxford

Now, these are at the cheaper end of the Mephisto range.  These are also very different from the other shoes in this range, but personally I really like the look of these.

These are lace up sneakers that are very light, and the insoles are fabulous.  Buyers say frequently that these are like walking on air.

Younger women seem to prefer these, as they are more trendy than those I have shown above.

I have already mentioned how supportive Mehisto shoes are, and this particular model is certainly no exception.  

They are very good at keeping your feet cool.  In many ways these have been designed in the style of running shoes.

Buyers stated time after time that these have superb arch support, and that the classic ‘Oxford’ style looks great.  

The general theme that you get from all the reviews, is simply ‘COMFORT’ .

So that is our review of the 5 best shoes for women from Mephisto. There are, of course, many other styles, and they also do a whole range of sandals as well.  

When you purchase these, you are purchasing extremely high quality.  They also last for an eternity.