KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandals Review

As a person who likes to spend time in the wild, exploring mountains, going rafting, camping, or simply hiking the forests, I realized that KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandals were the best possible choice for me.

Because I had a small Achilles tendon injury, and spent last summer laid up at home, my boyfriend and I decided to have an adventurous vacation this year .

That meant at least one rock climbing adventure, camping with friends, and a lot of hiking.  

Of course I needed appropriate footwear that is lightweight, tough, and suitable for those hot summer days.

Keen Women’s Newport H2 Sandal, Poseidon/Capri, 9 M Us

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Keen Women’s Cypress Sandal,Neutral Gray/Green Glow,7 M Us

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Keen Women’s Venice H2 Sandal,Midnight Navy/Hot Coral,7 M Us

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Keen Women’s Whisper Sandal,Dark Shadow/Ceramic,8 M Us

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KEEN designed these sandals especially for women; they are not heavy at all, and they appear slimmer than regular sport sandals, water friendly and very easy to dry.  

The stylish part is pretty cool too; there is a dozen colors to choose from.

After thorough research, I finally found the pair I was looking for.  

I picked my Caribbean Sea/Neutral Grey KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandals and I am more than happy with them.

They endured more than a month of extreme action; some days I wore them  most of the day ,and never once did they hurt my feet, toes or ankles.  

More importantly, I never once had pain in my Achilles tendon!

rock climbingOh, and I’d like to mention that the footbed and the polyester mesh linings are antimicrobial, so the chances of getting smelly feet, or infected blisters are down to minimal.  

Can I have a hallelujah for that; thanks KEEN for being awesome!

The midsole EVA foot cushioning feature is ideal for the constant steps, jumps and rock climbing activities.  

My feet were protected as well as my toes, thanks to the toe cap protection that is firmly glued to the strips, so I had a double win here – my toes were safe, and yet there was enough space for air flow between them.

KEEN Women's Whisper Sandal

My advice to everyone who is going hiking or rock climbing is.. “mind your toes with great care”.  

I know that it is very important to have quality footwear with a comfortable footbed, just like these KEEN Whisper Sandals, but keep in mind, that if the shoes or the sandals do not have toe protection, then you are risking a great deal, and I’m speaking of serious injury here…one that could disable you.  

KEEN didn’t forget about that little, but, super important part of the shoes.  Even sandals with toe caps are much more secure than regular sneakers.

The easiest thing for me, and the most practical, is the front metatomical strap design.  Who has the time to adjust laces, or worry whether the sandals are going to stay on your feet in any situation?  

Velcro straps are simply not for me; I’ll ruin them in no time. I want something durable, and we all know that Velcro straps will not function forever.  

This way I just pull the strap, adjust it the way I want.  The elastic strap is easily adjustable for any foot.  I have narrow feet, so I had no problem pulling or loosening the strap.  

The quick-draw locking, elastic, cord lace system gives me the freedom to tighten them, or loosen them as much as I want to, until they fit  comfortably.

The top material is washable polyester, and I found out that they can be easily cleaned with wet wipes or water.  Good thing if you hate spending time cleaning your shoes.

My Whisper Sandals didn’t let me down at all. The non-marking rubber outsole turned out to be an excellent design, made for walking anywhere.  

As I said, I was able to rock climb, and still felt pretty safe and never once slipped.  

The heel is the ideal height, about 1.25 inches, more than enough for a stable step whereby you won’t feel annoying sharp rocks under your feet.  

The front of the sole is slightly lower, about 0.5 inches, which gives it a natural foot shape.

If these were some other make of shoe, I would have ruined the outsole within a few days. 

I mean, I walked miles over grass, rocks, water, sand, asphalt in extreme heat, and heavy rain, and the Whisper Sandals outsole remained untouched.  

Nothing can ruin it, and I mean it!

If I hadn’t hurt my Achilles tendon last year, I would have never even looked for something like KEEN Whisper Sandals.  

They price was cost-efficient, didn’t hurt my budget, and still, I got quality walking sandals.

 We plan to have a European vacation next summer, and I know for sure that I’ll pack my KEEN Whisper Sandal beauties.