New Balance Men’s MW877 Review

As an avid walker,  I feel that one of the best walking shoes on the market today is the New Balance MW877. 

If you’ve ever worn the New Balance 577 walking shoe, the 877’s are going to look mighty familiar, as they are practically the same shoe, only using suede and mesh, rather than leather.

Great Fit / Very Comfortable

For those with larger feet in the toe area, these 877’s provide a nice large box toe area, and generally accommodate those with wider feet. I wear  size 13E.   

Good luck finding a shoe that can comfortably fit someone with feet that size.  The fact that they fit me perfectly is pretty much a miracle.  

When wearing another brand, usually one or more of my toes are being crushed, but these walking shoes actually are super comfortable.  

Also, the arches are high with these shoes, which also helps with the fit.

New Balance Men’s Mw577 Black Walking Shoe – 105 4E Us

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New Balance Men’s Mw877 Walking Shoe, Grey, 11 D Us

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New Balance Men’s Mw577 White Walking Shoe – 13 4E Us

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New Balance Men’s 13501 Fresh Foam Walking Shoe, Grey, 105 2E Us

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Well Rated & Reviewed

This is simply one of the best reviewed men’s walking shoes online.  Other features we will address in this review are the 877’s super lightness, and breathability.  Overall, you can expect to go for long walks in supreme comfort with this great shoe.

Great for Bigger Feet

My wife bought these shoes for me as a birthday present, addressed to “Bigfoot”, which was quite humorous for the whole family. 

In the past, I’d had a lot of trouble with my walking shoes being comfortable, until I came across the New Balance 577’s, which are nice leather walking shoes.  

After a year or so, they’d had the biscuit.  I was, however, willing to wear them into the ground until my birthday rolled around, and along came these 877’s to save the day!

Name Brand Credibility

New Balance is a company I personally go to for all my running and walking shoe needs, partly due to the fact of having had great experience with them in the past, but also because I know that New Balance has been in the footwear business for 100 years. 

Any business that can last 100 years has got to have its act together, if you ask me. 

Once I tried to open a business, and it didn’t make it through the first year, so I really respect a company that can provide value to customers for a century.  Its unreal, really.

Breathability and Less Odor

Another great thing that I mentioned briefly at the beginning is the breathability of these shoes.  As compared to my 577’s, they’re a lot cooler, and air just circulates through them a lot better.

As a result, my feet don’t get as sweaty and smelly after a good walk.

New Balance Men's MW877 Walking Shoe

Resilient and Durable

Like I said, I have big feet and most of the time, my 182 lbs of weight coming down on my shoes often gives them a fairly brief lifespan.  

Usually, with my runners, some of them won’t even last a month, which is rather disappointing, and to be honest makes me feel a little bad. 

In those cases, I just blame the shoes for being poorly made. 

I decided at one point to simply stop buying cheaply made shoes.  These 877’s are quite the opposite. 

They’re extremely resilient and I don’t feel like I have to worry about them falling apart.

Looks And Style

Although some customers have accused these shoes of having a lack of style, I really don’t agree. 

However, when I ordered them on Amazon there was a lack of color choice, so I ended up by default, getting the grey ones. 

Luckily, I don’t mind grey, but I was just wondering where the other colors were.  Maybe I’m just bad using the internet.

New Balance Men's MW877 Walking Shoe


I realize that a lot of science has gone into these New Balance 877’s, but frankly, I just like the feel of these shoes, and that’s about as far as I want to look into it. 

I do wear them  pretty much everywhere, so I don’t even consider them “walking shoes”, I just consider them “my shoes”.