Clarks Women's Morse Tour Sandal 5
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Clarks Women’s Morse Tour Sandal Review

I wasn’t a big fan of sandals in general, let alone sport sandals, but when I finally bought the Clarks Women’s Morse Tour Sandals I realized that I was very much wrong. 

Avoiding open shoes, slip-ons, all types of sandals and flip flops was strictly because I was convinced that I simply wouldn’t be able to walk in them.

Years ago I had a little accident when I slipped in slip-on sandals, and twisted my ankle so badly that I wasn’t able to walk for weeks.

Ever since, I promised myself that I would never put on shoes that aren’t boots, sneakers, or any other sturdy footwear. Sandals certainly were not my choice, even on the hottest days.

Clarks Women's Clarks Morse Tour Sandal 8

However, I did let myself believe all the great recommendations about these sandals, and decided to buy them.

I have to admit that the first thing that convinced me to buy them was their flexible rubber sole. I had to be sure that when I walked in them, I would have the least possible chance to slip.

Now, some of you may think that I am unstable when I walk because of what I said, but I am just very cautious!

There are two options when it comes to the upper straps fabric. You can get either the leather ones, or ones made of pig suede.  

This was a big decision for me, but in the end I decided to get the leather ones, because I think that leather is much easier to clean, and keep in good shape.  

Also, because I am a bit sloppy, the suede ones would probably be a mess after a week. I purchased the black leather ones, and so far so good.

I really like the fact that they can be worn for any occasion – work, shopping, brunch, family gatherings and so on.

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Snug Fitting Women’s Walking Sandals by Clarks

Clarks Women's Clarks Morse Tour Sandal 4

The hook-and-loop Velcro straps close around the ankle for a snug fit, and my foot remains in position within the sandal, so that I can walk easily, and not feel any pain, or experience swelling.

The front strap though is not adjustable, it’s more like a decorative detail, but I don’t mind because the front part of my foot fits perfectly well inside the sandals.

Firmly sewn to the footbed, the straps are almost indestructible and even though I haven’t tried anything extreme in them, such as running (yeah, I’m such a dork, but I’m afraid to hurt my ankles again), I feel that my sandals could endure most anything.

Walking in them feels wonderful, mostly because of the contoured footbed; it is a pleasure to walk with these on, and physically it feels like a nice foot massage.

Firm Grip On Any Terrain With EVA Sole

Clarks Women's Morse Tour Sandal 1

The Clarks Women’s Morse Tour Sandals are enhanced with an EVA sole that makes the shoes grip firmly on any terrain.

I have only tested them on the streets, and in the park, and walking on the grass felt pretty good (last time I twisted my ankle was in my back yard lawn).

Another super important little thing is the steel shank, that is firmly placed in the middle sole; it gives my foot that, oh, so important arch support.

I honestly appreciate the whole package of a quality shoe, but if the shank is lacking quality, then you will definitely feel it in your entire body, especially in the arch and in the knees.

No Major Complaints – Great Walking Sandal!

Clarks Women's Morse Tour Sandal 5

In this case, the Clarks Women’s Morse Tour Sandals has got it all.

The heel is slightly lifted from the ground, about 1.75 inches. It is not too much, and as a matter of fact, I found it just right, combined with the front platform, that is placed one inch lower.

It gives the whole sole a very low fall, just enough for the arch to feel the support from below. This way the knees don’t get any pressure whatsoever.

Clarks Women’s Morse Tour Sandals literally changed my opinion of summer footwear, and although I’m still careful when I wear my pair of Clarks, I always enjoy a safe comfortable walk! 

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