crocs Women's Really Sexi Sandal
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Crocs Women’s Really Sexi Sandal Review

crocs womens really sexi sandal

In this review we take a look at the Crocs Women’s Really Sexi Sandal, in order to determine if this is the right women’s walking sandal for you, based on a number of factors from comfort, to price, to durability. 

Read on to see what we think of them!

Okay, so as an impulse shopper I bought a pair of Crocs Women’s Really Sexi Sandals.

As I have never ever worn anything made by Crocs in the past, I am rather content with this pair. First of all, I love the design. 

They’re really quite girly, and they can be worn with just about any outfit.  The translucent colors are really cool. 

I bought the Espresso ones, because I just love that color. These are perhaps the best casual sandals at a reasonable price, I have ever tried on.

Minimalist Design

crocs Women's Really Sexi Sandal

Maybe it’s the minimalist design, maybe it’s the colors, and the thin straps. I don’t know. I simply love how they look on my feet.

If you live in an area where it’s warm, at least part of the year, then these would be a really good choice for you.

My town has about six or seven warm months, so I need more sandals than sneakers or boots.

The Crocs Women’s Really Sexi Sandals work pretty well for me, at least when it comes to fashion and style.

And if you are seeking that thing only, then I can recommend them. But if you are seeking the ultimate comfort, I guess these aren’t going to work magic for you.

Feature Pick

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More For Style, Not So Much For Comfort

crocs Women's Really Sexi Sandal 2

First of all, the rubber straps may be a bit harsh on the skin, especially if you walk in them for long periods.

They can rub and cause blisters, so you just have to make sure that these are not your choice of footwear for hiking, or long walks. 

It didn’t happen when I wore them to work, but once or twice I wore them for errands around town, and it wasn’t really a pleasant experience for my feet.

The longer I walked, the more they rubbed the sides of my foot. The problem lies only with the front strap that goes over the toes, and the X – strap that goes on top of the foot.

I didn’t have problems with the back rubber strap, or with the toe separator. 

However, I did wear them at work for a month or so, and had no problems, since I sit at a desk most of the time.  

I discovered that a bit of baby powder helped reduce the friction, but I ended up applying a couple of bandaids anyway. 

Better to avoid the problem altogether though, if you can.

Beach-y Sandals For Fun In The Sun

crocs Women's Really Sexi Sandal

If you are buying them for your beach vacation, these sandals are great! I wore them on the beach for lounging and swimming (they are actually perfect for swimming). 

The footbed on the other hand, is really good. I give Crocs high marks for the croslite material that they use to make the footbed. It gives a lovely tickling massage to the foot.

If you turn them upside down, you will notice that the manmade sole has a unique way to attach the straps.

The straps aren’t just poked through the sole, or sewn onto it; they are literally wrapped ‘through’ the soles for the best possible grip.

This prevents the straps from ever getting loose or coming unglued!

Lightest Shoes Ever Made?

The Crocs Women’s Really Sexi Sandals are literally the lightest shoes I have ever owned. They are the slimmest of the Croc sandals, although they aren’t exactly ‘paper thin’.

The footbed is thick enough so that you won’t feel the ground. 

Anyway, they look perfect on the feet, as they are, after all, a summer/beach sandal that can be worn with just about anything. 

I do wear them still, although I have to put some band aids on the places where the straps rub my skin. Do I recommend them?

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