Nike Revolution 2 Running Shoe Review

Nike Revolution 2 Running Shoe

  • WEIGHT:  8.9 OUNCES (SIZE 10)
  • SHAFT TO ARCH:  3”
  • COLORS:  Lots!
  • PRICE GUIDE:    $40-$200


Nike Revolution 2 blue side view

With full-length foam midsole to provide a lightweight cushioning and  deep flex grooves promote natural motion, the Nike Revolution 2 seem like a running shoe that will not drag you down to the ground.

Instead, the lightweight synthetic mesh construction should help you as you bop airily along, on either your daily run or workout schedule.

Although now discontinued and replaced by the Revolution 3, the Revolution 2 running shoe is still readily available to buy from other places on the internet and sizing spans from a size 5 to a 15, depending on where you look.

So what does it look like, upon a first inspection?  Well, running in these shoes is never going to be dull! Available in more shades of the rainbow than you can shake a stick at, these would be best described as colorful.

revolution 2 nike bottom view pink

Even the black ones, feature strikingly colored laces and the trademark Nike logo, in a variety of different bright shades.

As for the shoes themselves, they come in black, white, grays but then also some more funky colors too; pink ‘pow’ and hyper blue, to name but two.

And just in case you don’t like boring soles, well, it seems that Nike don’t either, because these come in an astonishingly array of eyeball zapping colors.

But what do they feel like to have on?

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front view blue

Spanning almost ten sizes and actually more than double that if you class the half sizes and different widths, we feel confident that you will be able to get something that pleases you.

In terms of fit, is seems that these fit as expected in the vast majority of cases (80%) with only a small number thinking that they may run a little too small.

Despite looking hard, we can’t seem to find one conclusive criticism of the fit – apart from some people not getting the right size the first time they ordered.

There don’t seem to be any specific toe pinching or heel snagging problems with the Revolution 2, that we can see, so we are satisfied that these are a decently constructed pair of running shoes, in terms of getting them to fit properly.


back view pink

Because we know that, actually getting your feet inside the sneakers is only half the battle, the next feat we need these to accomplish is actually being wearable.

Unlike some other shoes, which we only really want for minimal use, running shoes really are one thing that we demand they fit and then they fit good.

So what are these like to have on, not only all day long, but also for miles and miles?

Well, here, the evidence is encouraging. The reviews and feedback for this running shoe are full of people saying things like “this is the most comfy running shoe ever!”

We are therefore quite optimistic that if you should purchase the Revolution 2, not only will they be perfectly comfortable for a brief amble down to the local emporium, but you can also train for a 9K run in them. If that’s what you want to.

side view white revolution 2 running shoe for men

And it might well be what you want to do, because as a ‘serious’ running shoe, these Nike Revolution 2s cost between $40 and $200 (depending on which size and style you pick). So for that price, it may be assumed that you do want train in these and run a marathon.

The good news is that, if you do, these will not hold you back in the slightest and you might even forget you are wearing them.

The lightweight mesh design keeps your feet aired and stops them ever feeling ‘bogged down’ like some heavier models may do.

If you suffer from any podiatric conditions – as long as they are not too severe – the manufacturer’s think that these will give you a reasonable amount of support.

There is ample cushioning for your arches and the leather overlays will help to steady the support for you foot, as you run.


pair of nike revolution 2

Overall, the performance given by these Nike Revolutions is good. We feel they will last you a reasonable amount of time, in most cases.

 In a small number of examples, there have been some which may have developed holes or splits in the seams. This, however, is not the majority opinion. It may be that in a few cases, a defective pair has been sent out or that they have been put through unduly harsh treatment.

As you can see, from looking at the overall running shoe, these are not exactly hammered together and the lightweight mesh material will, in all likelihood one day give up the ghost.

This is not a reason not to buy them, though. Ultimately, every pair of sneakers is going to give at some point.

In fact, our advice here would be, if you like them, buy a couple of pairs or maybe even three, because they no longer manufacture this model and by all accounts, they just might be the best thing you put your feet into all year!