Camper Men’s 17665 Peu Cami Sneaker Review

The Camper Peu men’s shoe is modelled after the shape of your foot, and it is a classic looking shoe that is extremely comfortable but also very distinctive looking.

Once you put these babies on, you’ll be sporting some very serious style that even the “hipsters” around you will pay attention to.

One of the main attractions that buyer’s of this sneaker rave about, is that it simulates the benefits of barefoot walking.  Your foot will literally melt into these shoes, as many people have said.

Maybe you’ve tried on the Nike Minimus runner and you now are ready for the ideal walking shoe.  Well, in this reviewer’s opinion, here it is!

Camper Men’s Peu Cami 17665 Sneaker

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Quick stats on the Camper Peu men’s sneaker

  • Shoe Type:  Sneaker / Everyday walking shoe
  • Sizes: 6 to 13
  • Half Sizes: not in U.S.A.
  • Material: leather/suede
  • Laces: cinched and purple
  • Sole: synthetic and ergonomic
  • Shipping: only in the U.S.A @ 3 pounds
  • Waterproof: use a leather protection spray
  • Fit As Expected: 83%
  • Colors: lots of choices i.e. lime to black
  • Brand: Camper … peu cami
  • Model No: Peu Cami 17665_W
  • Our Rating: high
  • Price Guide: $56+
  • Customer Reviews: 4.7/5

Camper Men's 17665 Peu Cami Sneaker 2

More on the Camper Peu 17665 Men’s Cami Sneaker

Imagination, functionality, originality, and adaptability are just a few powerful words that describe the Camper shoe. 

The company’s slogan is “Walk, Don’t Run.”  Your way of “being” and “feeling” will change once you put these shoes on.  A Majorcan family from Spain, has been producing the Camper shoe since 1877. 

Today, their diverse range of footwear has international fame.  You might even describe your Camper sneakers as an architectural phenomenon. 

Be prepared to walk at a slower pace and smell the roses. The passerbys will stop and stare at your unmatched comfort.  

You might even decide to relocate to the Mediterranean, to completely immerse yourself in the flavours of this new lifestyle, all because of your Camper shoes.

Customer Comment:

Muhammad El-Nawawi, on October 19, 2013, said, “This is one perfect pair of shoes.”

Watch this video featuring the head honcho at Camper, Miguel Fluxa, who talks about the history of the brand and gives some insight into the inspiration behind these great casual but durable sneakers.