A Quick History Of Mephisto Shoes

Martin Michaeli’s Mephisto Shoe Company was born in France in 1965.

Martin Michaeli

The moccasin was first off the assembly line and was distributed in Germany, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland, before spreading throughout Europe. 

Today, Mephisto is an internationally respected name in the footwear industry.  It was always a shoe that an older person might buy in order to become safer when moving about.

Here are some of the top selling Mephisto shoe selections you will find on the market today that are some of our favorites!

Mephisto Women’s Helen Thong Sandal

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Mephisto Women’s Helen Twist Slide Sandal

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Mephisto Women’s Helen Plus Thong Sandal

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Mephisto Women’s Helen Perf N Slide Sandal

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Today, Mephisto shoes appeal to all ages. It still assists with stability, mobility, durability, comfort and style. 

80% of the Mephisto production is exported from France. 

Martin Michaeli received the “Oscar de l’Exportation” award for outstanding dynamism in his exporting business, and many other awards along his shoe journey.  

Canada and the USA both love Mephisto footwear. 

The Mephisto brand continues to set the highest standards in specialized shoe, and orthopaedic retail, with over 600 models available. 

Awards and merits keep coming the Mephisto way. 

“The World’s Finest Footwear”

In 2010, with China on board, the world is lucky to have 800 Mephisto stores available to them.

In 1965, Martin Michaeli founded Mephisto with a singular goal… “To make the world’s finest footwear.”

Today, Mr. Michaeli still owns and operates Mephisto from the world headquarters and original factory in Sarrebourg, France.

His shoes are now sold in over 80 countries, with the U.S. headquarters located in Franklin, Tennessee.

Mephisto represents a world-class product with loyal customers and a brand driven by one man’s unshakable belief that excellence can and will be achieved every day, with every pair.



Mephisto shoes are an investment in the health and comfort of your feet, back and legs.

The materials, construction techniques, and quality components used to make every pair, are never compromised.  It is not uncommon to get years of wear from a pair of Mephistos.

Furthermore, when refurbishment is needed, most of their styles are completely recraftable, and can be restored to their original specifications.


While maintaining their high standards of handcrafted excellence, Mephisto is also a leader in innovative technology.  

Their designers and engineers are never satisfied, and continue to search for ways to improve the comfort features of this world class footwear, and make the “finest” even “finer”.

Mephisto styles


The selection that awaits you is unprecedented. 

If you need walking shoes, hiking shoes, sandals, a boat shoe, a sport shoe, or an oxford, maybe a flat, a slip-on, or a lace-up, a boot, a loafer, a rubber, for rain, snow, or just dancing the night away, Mephisto has them all! 

Discover the best quality and comfort, and reliability in footwear on the planet Earth in MEPHISTO.

Since this company is so comprehensive and has so much availability in footwear styles, we would like to review one ladies sandal and one men’s sandal for you today.

Mephisto Women's Heln Thong Sandal

Mephisto Women’s Helen Thong Sandals

  • comfortable
  • cute
  • trendy
  • supportive arch
  • all occasions
  • reasonably priced
  • great reviews
  • award winner
  • fits as expected
  • leather
  • imported
  • synthetic sole
  • 3/4” platform
  • asymmetrical
  • adjustable buckled strap
  • cork midsole
  • contoured footbed
  • soft-air technology
  • all day casual

Mephisto Men's Zonder Sandal

Mephisto Men’s Zonder Sandal

  • high quality leather
  • synthetic sole
  • 1” heel
  • leather upper
  • padded air-relax footbed for metatarsal support
  • leather lining wicks away moisture
  • polyurethane outsole
  • affordable
  • ready to slip on
  • adventurous
  • European style
  • super incredible summer comfort
  • superior traction
  • two adjustable leather straps
  • light weight
  • latex midsoles that snuggle your feet
  • supports your back
  • long lasting
  • ready to wear
  • better than “Birks”
  • eliminates foot pain

Health Benefits

Mephisto tries to prevent all foot problems by working diligently to understand how the human foot works. 

If you need relief from hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, diabetes, bunions and more, Mephisto is the shoe for you. 

The Mephisto people believe that your feet need to bend and flex in their shoes, as if you weren’t wearing shoes at all. 

They believe in cradling your feet, not binding them up.  Your feet need to be held in the best position that will continue to provide you with all the energy you need to move in a healthy way, all day long.