We Review 5 Of The Best Women’s Winter Boots For 2018!

We gathered together some of the absolute best women’s winter boots of 2018 in the following short and to-the-point reviews. They’re warm, stylish, and will keep your feet warm and protected.  We think you’ll love them! read more


We Review The Best Women Trekking Boots of 2016

Hiking involves a lot of movement, a lot of travel.  In other words, a lot of trekking – hence the name, “trekking boots”!  The best women’s trekking boots for 2016 are ones that have great traction, superior durability and ankle stability as well as a comfort level that means you can hike for hours without stopping.  Women’s trekking boots have their own specific design which lends itself to the shape of a women’s feet.  They’re also so comfortable that there shouldn’t be any worry about blisters or sore feet when you pull the boots off at the end of the day. read more