We Review 9 Stylish Men’s Winter Boots For 2018

Setting my sights on style, I spent time researching the best men’s winter boots that weren’t tossing style for full functionality. While I do need boots that will keep my feet warm when I’m out enjoying winter activities, there are times when a stylish pair of boots are more important than whether my toes stay toasty. read more


Sorel Men’s Conquest Winter Boot Review

There are areas of North America that don’t see the bare ground for almost 9 months of the year. For those cold, snowy areas, boots are a necessity, but not just any old boots. They have to be able to handle temperatures that hover below the freezing mark, without allowing a person’s feet to get cold. The winter boots have to be rugged, comfortable, and waterproof to stand up to the intense cold, as well as snow and ice. It didn’t take me long to find SOREL Men’s Conquest boots, and I’m happy to say that I’ll likely never wear another pair of boots for the entire rest of the winter. read more


Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot Review

The Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot was meant to keep my feet warm and dry while outside shovelling, as well as taking the kids out into the snow for sledding, snow fights, and building snowmen. They did exactly what I expected. They’re one of the most used pair of boots by the back door. They’re easy to slip on and tighten quickly, too. read more


Baffin Men’s Snow Monster Insulated All-Weather Boot Review

For my brother’s 40th birthday party, I decided to take him and some of our friends to a cabin in the woods for a hunting trip. This would be our first hunting trip in the winter, so we needed the right gear to keep warm. His wife would be angry if I brought him to the woods to freeze to death, so I bought him some boots as well.  I ended up selecting these Baffin Men’s Snow Monster Insulated All-Weather Boots as part of his birthday present. read more


Kamik Men’s Nationplus Boot Review

This Kamik Men’s Nationplus Boot is a great value for the price. It’s a terrific choice for people who need a good boot on their next winter snowboarding vacation. They’re equally good for shovelling during that next snow storm. I’ve used it for both, but find more use for this boot after a snow storm. While normally I dread watching the flakes fall from the sky, with these boots, I don’t have to worry about my feet becoming cold or wet. read more


Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot Review

I’m an avid outdoorsman, so when the cold weather hits, there’s no way I’ll be stuck inside. Whether I’m hunting in the woods where there’s a foot of new snow, or ice fishing on a frozen lake, I need a pair of boots that will keep my feet warm and dry. I found that pair of boots with the Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot. read more

Columbia Men's Mudhawk Waterproof Hiking Boot

Columbia Men’s Mudhawk Waterproof Hiking Boot Review

I have had it with spending money on cheap boots that don’t last the entire season!  Being the mother of two growing teenage boys, it can be financially draining to keep them in appropriate footwear. So, this year, I decided to buy my boys  something that would last the winter, and keep their feet warm and dry. I googled a couple of boot brands, and in the end both boys decided that ‘Columbia’ boots seemed to suit their style. We stopped the search at Columbia Men’s Mudhawk Waterproof Hiking Boots as this was the design that they both preferred.  Color wise, John liked  Charcoal/Black, Ryan preferred Mud/ Maple Sugar. read more