What is Zumba All About? Q&A With Certified Instructor Kaitlin Carmoega

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We all strive to be healthier.  Well, most of us.  In today’s fitness world, there are many options we can explore in order to improve our health.  Zumba is one of those options!

what is zumba about

Although the concept has been used for about 20 years now, there are still people who aren’t really aware of zumba as a form of fitness, not to mention the benefits of zumba, or really anything about zumba at all!

Maybe it’s because “zumba” is just a funny word.  Is it a martial art?  Is it a musical instrument, like a zither crossed with a tuba?  Is it a state of mind?  Is it… Ummm…Ok, what is it?

Luckily, today we are going to hopefully remove some of that confusion for you, if you’ve ever wondered: “What is zumba all about?”

Today we speak with Kaitlin Carmoega, a certified zumba instructor from New Jersey.

Kaitlin Carmoega


Just a quick word about Kaitlin’s background, which can also be found on her web page (above):

“Kaitlin Carmoega is a North Jersey based instructor. She is very involved with her students and wants them to accomplish their goal.

Taking her class is worth the sweat. Be prepared to wake up sore the next day.

Her variety in music goes from old school to mainstream. When you’re burning those calories, you won’t even realize you’re working out because she makes her class feel like a party.

Kaitlin has been dancing since her early childhood and continues to take open classes in NYC. She also has a toddler who enjoys her dance routines so being licensed to teach 

Zumba, Zumba® Kids & Kids Jr. was a MUST for Kaitlin.

In addition, Kaitlin makes her schedule flexible for any special events, private groups, parties and fundraisers.

Contact her through email kcarmoega@gmail.com or text/call 201.247.2970″

And now, on to the Q&A!

Q&A with Kaitlin Carmoega

Q: What exactly is Zumba?

Zumba was accidentally created by Colombian dancer, Alberto”Beto” Perez when he was going to teach an aerobics class and forgot his music.

It’s an exercise fitness program that involves Latin music and exotic dance rhythms.

Here’s a music video featuring Beto and Zumba that everyone knows and loves.  This should acquaint you with the man and provide a clear idea of what Zumba is.


Q: What are the health benefits of Zumba?

The health benefits for Zumba are keeping healthy, improving coordination, being happy and toning your body.

Q: Can you lose belly fat / get a flatter stomach by doing Zumba?

In Zumba, you can incorporate different dance movements that can help lose belly fat or get a flatter stomach.

Q: What are the disadvantages of Zumba?

The disadvantages of Zumba is when the class is over.

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Q: How often should you do Zumba to see results?

Not so much of how often you should do Zumba, because you can do Zumba all day every day and see results but you also have to keep a healthy diet and stay hydrated.

Q: Yes, but is it really actually, honestly a good idea to do Zumba every day?

It is good to do Zumba every day. You increase your stamina and ability to learn more dance moves.

Q: Will Zumba get me in shape?

Zumba will get you in shape if you are committed.

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Q: What should I eat before Zumba?

Personally, I eat a banana because it keeps me energized.


Q: What should I eat after Zumba?

After Zumba calls for a good salad and apple as a treat to give you sweet but healthy snack. It also makes you feel good about yourself after a good Zumba class.

Q: Can Zumba be done at home?

Zumba can most def. be done at home- Youtube, if you know dance moves yourself, with friends with a Zumba instructor.

Thanks again Kaitlin Carmoega for your insights!

If you have any questions about Zumba, or comments about a particularly favourite Zumba class you’ve been to that may have gotten you shredded beyond believe, feel free to leave them below in the comments section.

In the meantime, here are some great Zumba videos for you to check out…

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