Walking Cradles Women’s Claudia Loafer Review

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  • Manufacturer: Walking Cradles
  • Model Name: Claudia
  • Style: Loafer
  • Sizes Available: 6.5 – 9.5 U.S.
  • Half Sizes: Yes
  • Colors: Black leather, taupe leather, tobacco leather, black waxy soft leather, and tobacco waxy soft leather
  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Additional Features and Details: Elastic goring for a snug fit
  • Fit as Expected: 66%
  • Price Range Guide: $19.49 – $74.88
  • Our Rating: Solid 4 out of 5

The First Peak

As a walking loafer, the Claudia from Walking Cradles has some great details. There’s lovely stitching around the entire shoe, which is made of quality leather. The design on the top resembles pleating. Across the front of the shoe is a small buckle detail with elastic goring to ensure that the shoe fits snugly, but loosens wide enough for the foot to slip inside.

These are loafers that can be worn to work all day in a casual environment. For example, teachers on their feet all day or office workers with a busy office will be able to wear these comfortably throughout the entire work day without pain or foot fatigue.

They’re stylish enough to be worn with nice pants when going out to a restaurant with your significant other. When wearing them to work, you could even take clients out to a casual restaurant wearing these loafers.

walking cradles claudia

The Materials

There’s quality leather used in these loafers. The sole of the shoe is made of synthetic materials. The polyurethane sole is flexible while providing great traction for walking on any surface with confidence. There are internal pillows to cushion and massage the feet while walking.

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The Brand

The Walking Cradle Company has been creating shoes that women love to wear for years. They have more than just loafers for their customers. They have casual shoes, comfortable flats, and sophisticated heels.

The Fit

With the stretch elastic goring around the top of the foot, it’s easy to slip these shoes onto your feet. While they’re a loafer, there’s no sense that the shoe is going to slip off the feet. You could take a quick sprint around the parking lot at work, and these shoes will remain firmly in place.

Finding the right size can be a slight challenge, which is why we took a few points off the top of our star recommendation. There are many sizes and 5 widths available for every shoe, but unfortunately, the shoe seems to run a bit small.

Comfort Level

This is where the Claudia loafer from The Walking Cradle Company really shines. The sole of the shoe is flexible and cushioning while the interior has tiny cushioned pads to massage the foot. With all the cushioning in the bottom of the loafer, it provides positive energy return.

If you’re looking for a loafer that you can stand or walk in all day, the comfort level of this shoe is exactly what you need. There’s no place where the loafer will chafe the foot. The elastic at the top ensures that the shoe stays snug while walking.

claudia walking loafer

The Terrain

Whether it’s walking on uneven city streets or taking a stroll through the park, this walking loafer is up to the challenge. We don’t recommend that you take a trip up a mountain in these loafers, but for a day on the job, they’re perfect.

You can take them with you when traveling for business. It’s a shoe that fits into your suitcase quite easily, and can be used in a variety of situations. You might attend a meeting before heading out to explore the city then return for more meetings in the afternoon. This loafer will transition easily into any of those scenarios.

Bottom Line

As a walking loafer, the Claudia is a classic looking shoe that has a premium leather with flexible, cushioning foot bed. It’ll keep your feet comfortable while providing a light massage to the feet. At the end of the day, you’ll end up with a massaged foot instead of one that is pained and aching.

These stylish shoes can be dressed up or down depending on the situation. While we wouldn’t recommend that you wear them with an evening gown, you could certainly wear them with a nicely tailored suit dress. We feel more inspired by these loafers for situations involving business or work events. There’s a classic elegance to them that makes them a great loafer.

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