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Spotlight On Vivobarefoot Shoes

The footwear you use has always been important to the experts.  It use to be popular that the shoes you wore for exercise had to provide you with maximum support.  That might be true if you have weak core muscles.

What are core muscles you ask?  Just the muscles close to your spine that prevent you from falling over.  But let’s say you want to work those core muscles, and improve your balance.  Let’s say you don’t always want your footwear to do the work.


Keep in mind that your feet are your foundation.  If your foundation is weak, be ready for injury.

Thousands of nerve endings, major muscles,  bones, ligaments and fascia, are important to the health of the human foot.

The buzz in the fitness world today is CORE!  Many people mistake the “core” for “abs”, as in your abdominal muscles, but, in reality, your core is more than that and continually referring to your abs as your core is misleading in terms of the purpose of working core muslces.

As the above diagram indicates, core refers to a group of muscles, not just one.  But what is the point of the core and what does it have to do with shoes?  Give me a minute, and I’ll tell you.

First and foremost, you should know that your back is one thing that is kept safer by keeping your core muscles strong, as your back is what keeps you upright all day long.  Keep your core muscles strong, and you will be that much healthier and injury free, the experts say.

Here’s a video by Bizzibox Films showing the importance of core strength.

In this case, you can see that core strength is needed for stability, and what this video shows is upper body stability.

But lower body stability is just as important, if not more so, due to the fact that unstable lower body strength can lead to falling and twisting of muscles – things we want to avoid.

Have you ever slipped on some ice and not fallen to the ground?  This is core strength at work.  Footwear is a big part of maintaining and even improving core strength, and overall stability.

Introducing Vivobarefoot Footwear

Vivobarefoot is a minimalist running shoe company out of Britain that started their business in 2003, but really started back in 1976 with some researchers in Tanzania flinging elephant poop, apparently.

Vivobarefoot uses an optimum biomechanics and posture technology aimed at offering footwear that allows you, and all family and friends, to be as close to going barefoot as you can get.

They have footwear for men, women, and children – all specially designed.

Your foot is a very important part of the sensitive masterpiece that is the human body, and Vivobarefoot knows it!

Vivobarefoot shoes let your feet remain foot-shaped, rather than shoe-shaped.

Vibram Men's Furoshiki Sneaker

One customer said that this was the first time he had a pair of shoes that elicited so many discussions and positive comments.

The Vibram Men’s Furoshiki Sneaker by Vivobarefoot is one example that will definitely make you feel that you aren’t wearing anything on your feet.  

This ties back in with what we were saying about your core, because, essentially, if you have enough feeling in your foot to experience the full range of motion, you can actually optimize your core-strengthening workouts, particularly if you’re outdoors and doing things like running or hiking.

Word is spreading that Vivobarefoot makes the best barefoot shoes in the world.

This company is committed to reconnecting you to nature and humanity.  Their footwear is created without compromise, which you might think about, when you check out the prices of Vivobarefoot footwear.

Vivobarefoot has a patented puncture free product, which is an added feature that will further protect your feet from obstacles on the walkways of the world.

Vivo snow boot

Think ancient wisdom and modern technology and you will be thinking Vivobarefoot for your feet.  You deserve the best!

Why do you think the yoga teacher tells you to take off your shoes and hopefully you socks as well, so you can do the best Warrior possible.

Warrior 1

There is a movement centre in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa called Human 2.0 which I have personal knowledge of.

Vivobarefoot would like this group of people, I feel.  This relatively new concept of a gym, stresses the importance of movement.

The owner of Human 2.0 is an orthopaedic surgeon by the name of Doctor Chris Raynor.  This modern bone doctor stresses the importance of the health of your feet on his new youtube channel.

Check this out …

Ok …. Let’s cut through all these words and just give you the:

Top 10 Vivobarefoot Footwear Facts

  1. Something remarkable happened back in 1976.
  2. Humans walk a very diverse terrain.
  3. Your foot was once a masterpiece until we crammed it into a package called the shoe.
  4. Your feet are built for walking, running, jumping, kicking, dancing and more.
  5. Vivo’s footwear has the thinnest soles possible.
  6. Vivobarefoot provides maximum sensory feedback.
  7. The soles are ultra thin allowing for the most flexibility.
  8. Take time every day to walk and start using your toes again.
  9. Vivobarefoot believes in being natural in all walks of life.
  10. Your feet will look even prettier than before.
foot X-ray
X-ray normal foot lateral

Vivobarefoot is driven by a passion for healthy movement in all its forms.  They will not stop until the world comes back to its senses and starts moving again.

Vivo Runner

There is a growing army of healthcare brains worldwide, pointing to the importance of barefoot footwear.

Vivo showboat

VIVOBAREFOOT’s mission is to become the most influential shoe brand in the world! Footwear for everyone!!!

Visit their website for more info:

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