Try To Walk Every Day For 30 Minutes

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Are you ever driving along and notice how many people are out running? Do you ever drive past a gym and watch the number of people going in and out of there?

Do you ever get a single pang of guilt when you see any of that happening? Well, we believe that walking each day is a lot better than doing nothing at all.

walking in the rain

We all know that there is a real fitness craze going on, and we also know that more than ever people are getting obese.

It is quite a strange mix of two completely different lifestyles. For those of us who truly don’t want the whole fitness workout, then walking is truly a great alternative.

I do classify myself as a more “leisurely” type of person. I enjoy many of the good things in life. It took me ages to convince myself that I should be doing some form of exercise, be it ever so meagre.

The thought of Lycra clad gyms was just a step too far for me.

I also knew that some basic exercise, along with a sensible diet, was a good thing to do for my overall health and well being. I was however very good at saying, “I’m going to start walking …tomorrow..maybe next week, or maybe the week after.”

In all honesty, I could give you quite an extensive list of excuses and delaying tactics. “It’s not that hard to walk a couple of miles….I can do that, if I just had a bit more time.”

Reality Check for Potential Walkers

Walking, like any other thing, is nothing more than a choice. It is like painting a door. So the way I look at it is, that you either don’t want to do it, or you just don’t have to. Allow me to give you a few reasons why people really never bother walking:

  • Is there anything more boring?
  • It is totally pointless
  • I only walk when I want to go somewhere
  • It is easier to jump into the car

So you see, if you don’t want to do something, it is pretty easy to convince yourself of that thought process….. you know…. the door looks ok… it can keep for another few months…. I don’t have the paint right now…. the kids are running about…. and on and on it goes. The guilt is relieved for a short time.

It is inevitable though, that many people will find any type of exercise a waste of time, and from the many types of exercise available, walking is, to their way of thinking, one of the most boring things they could ever do.

I would like to try and persuade them that, that is not the case, but for some I am certain it would simply fall on deaf ears.

It Is Your Body & Your Health

So, I am never going to lecture anyone on how they should treat their body. This one simple fact is true though, and that is a well balanced diet, and a bit of exercise is good for us.

If you have ever seen anyone puffed out by climbing a few stairs, barely able to get out of a chair because of their weight, or so unfit that walking a few steps is torture, then it is time to make a change.

picture of glass half full or half empty

That actually means making a decision. Walking is the easiest form of exercise, and it doesn’t cost a cent. It is only a matter of saying, “Yes, I will walk every single day for a few miles.”

Sure, life is busy, and yes, you could be doing other things, but 30 minutes to an hour each day to keep yourself healthy should be a top priority for anyone.

Almost right away you will have more energy, you will sleep better, and you will be more fit. You will also be less stressed, and you will be happier. That is worth 30 minutes of my time any day!!!

Can You Skip A Day?

Sure you can skip a day, but skip two days and the inevitable slump will happen. Good habits like daily walking are hard to develop and super simple to break.

Ask a smoker who is trying to give up about breaking a habit. They start off super motivated, and if they keep going and fight the desire, then they feel better and are so much healthier.

However, taking just one cigarette can lead to two, and then the smoker just gives in. Walking is all about a simple daily commitment, and the benefits are many.

If there really is a day that you can’t get out for a walk, then try something like walking a little faster when you are doing other activities.

You could also do a simple task like walk to where you worship, go for a walk with your child or grandchild instead of play time etc.

Just Walking In The Rain

You all know the song “Just walking in the rain, getting soaking wet.”

Without doubt the biggest excuse for not walking, is getting wet. This is going to sound cheeky, so apologies to anyone I may offend. As my Dad always said to me, “You will not melt son, it’s only rain.”

We can all find blocks, if we are looking for them. We can also find ways to make things happen if we truly want them.

Mind over matter is is often referred to as positive thinking. For me it is about saying, my body deserves a little exercise, and I never know what I will see when I am out and about.

If it rains, I wear a rain jacket with a hood. By the way, a shower after a walk in the rain is a real pleasure.

Walking is like so many things in life. It is a habit, and just happens to be a very good habit. If you can crack this, and we know that takes perseverance, then the rewards are rich. Our advice is to make walking part of your daily routine.

Even a few extra steps a day will make a huge difference. It is about having the will and the mental commitment to make it happen!