Tingley Economy Kneed Boot For Agriculture Review

  • MODEL NO:                     31151
  • SIZES:                               4-14 (US)
  • HEIGHT:                          15”
  • DIMENSIONS:               21 X 14 X 5 INCHES
  • COLORS:                        BLACK
  • SOLE:                                PVC
  • PRICE GUIDE:               $16.24-$26.20
  • OUR RATING:                4.3 STARS OUT OF FIVE 


Tingley 31151 Economy SZ12 Kneed Boot

Economy doesn’t have to mean a bad fit or second rate comfort, say manufacturers Tingley of their all-purpose black boots.

We certainly hope this is the case too. Because, in terms of looks, there isn’t anything particularly special to set these apart from any other common or garden black rubber rainboots.

The same manufacturer make a similar boot with a steel toe cap and several other slight variations – so this is the ‘basic’ boot.

With a cleated sole, which promises to “spit out dirt” as you walk, these are a multi-purpose rubber boot, but basic, like the makers say, does not mean bad.

These boots are made of PVC and have the tough, cleated sole, which they promise will stay the distance. The upper is similarly hard wearing and can withstand the extremes of temperatures.

Although there is no real mention in the literature about how hot these can get, they promise that they won’t become uncomfortably rigid in the cold.

The outer shell is also injection molded to be 100% waterproof.

In terms of style, these aren’t going to win any awards and we don’t think we will see Heidi Klum modeling these in Paris Fashion Week. (Although, frankly, weirder things have happened in the world of high fashion).

As well as being tough and hard wearing in their construction, these Tingley boots are also made from 30% recycled material.

Only available in one color – black – these are clearly not designed as eye candy. So, what can they do then?


mens rain boot bottom view

These work boots are fifteen inches tall and available in a size four to fourteen and would appear to run large, according to most customers. This leaves ample room for two pairs of socks, which you might be needing for both comfort and warmth.

Although we can’t find for certain the exact calf width, it seems fairly accommodating and isn’t just for the slender. Which is probably just as well given that this is predominantly a work boot, rather than a fashion or even a rainy-day item.


tingley boots size chart

Well, as we said, they seem to run about one size large, but as long as you plan for that eventuality, the news is good.

These are as comfortable as you can expect a fairly heavy weight PVC boot can feel.

Are they supportive? They are adequate for a ‘normal’ type of foot.

If you have got any major sort of podiatry issue, then they won’t be especially supportive, but they are good for walking in normally.

Supple enough to allow you to bend comfortably, even in the coldest of weather, these should be fine all through winter, even for all day wearing.

Warmth wise, they aren’t going to be brilliantly snug unless you layer up and line them well. After all, these are a basic model and not fur lined snow boots. But if you do this, they should be warm enough.

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tingley boots pair

Although this particular model is not the one with the steel toe caps, it is resilient to pretty much everything else that you can throw at them, literally.

They are rainproof and beyond. Yes, you can stomp in puddles to your hearts content in these. You may even get away with a small degree of wading in them as well. They aren’t actually designated waders, but we reckon they might be alright for occasional use.

As for snow? Well, as we mentioned, they aren’t fur lined, but these are excellent in all other respects. With a sole like this, these aren’t going to slip or trip easily and that also goes for slipping in mud or ice or anything else for that matter.

It’s not just the weather that these will make short work of. They also are chemical and grease resilient. The manufacturers also say that these will withstand *some” acids and corrosive substances, but erm, take care there!

The best work setting for these boots is probably agricultural or chemical. Work sites have been cited as another likely destination although you’d want to check you didn’t need to upgrade to the steel toe capped version first.

On balance, we would definitely don a pair of these for the garden or even a farm and they should make a first-rate choice.


rubber boots for men agriculture

This is not a problem as such, but we don’t feel like these would be our first choice for walking the Great Wall of China or any other sort of epic trek.

In fairness, this only puts them on a par with pretty much every single other pair of PVC work or rain boots we have ever reviewed.

Nothing in this style is ever going to be comfortable for long distance marching in! But no one has complained unduly about them being uncomfortable or rubbing when being worn all day at work, so that is good enough for us!

Oh, and this really is an unfair gripe, but some sensitive souls have complained that these have a ‘chemical’ smell. Like pretty much all types of PVC boots in this ilk!

If you are going to be wearing these outdoors (surely the entire point of them) let alone muck spreading or doing some other smelly industrial job, we’d be rather surprised that anyone could even notice the smell of the boots!


tingley boots

In short, at a starting price of around $16, we don’t see how we can fail to recommend these Tingley Economy Kneed Boots!

They are comfortable, protective and durable. Better still, they are weatherproofed and slip resistant and make a good all-rounder – wear them shoveling snow, in floods or just digging the garden.

The bottom line is these are a good buy for the price.


  • Waterproof
  • Warm with socks
  • Comfortable
  • Good for working in water and mud
  • Durable and heavy duty
  • Slip proof
  • Cheap 


  • Run large
  • Not for long distance walking
  • Slight chemical smell