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Timberland PRO Men’s Steel Trax 6″ Steel-Toe Boot Review

Timberland is a name we all know and trust. There’s a reason for that.

They make boots that can take a beating, and the Timberland PRO Men’s Steel Trax 6″ Steel-Toe Boot is no exception. In fact, if the regular boots are durable and tough, imagine how the work boot category fares.

About the Company

The “Original Yellow Boot” was the origins of the Timberland name, and it’s what we associate with Timberland, but they have so many more styles including the work boot. They consider themselves a responsible and green company. Over 1 million pounds of recycled pet products went into their manufacturing in 2015 alone, and 98 percent of their footwear was without PVC.

Overall Features We Love

Premium Leather – The leather of the boots are resistant to abrasions, which is a great feature in a work boot.

Steel Shank – The steel in the shank of the boot provides extra protection and stability.

Microbial Protection – To guard against wet feet that can cause serious foot infections, the boots have antimicrobial treatments on the interior of the boot.

Shaped Safety Toe – Meets all safety standards in the industry.

High Shaft – The 6 inch shaft with the padded collar means extra ankle protection.


Insulation to Keep Feet Protected

Along with being resistant to the cold, the Ever-Guard exterior leather is heat resistant to 346 degrees F. With the interior insulation, there’s also anti-microbial Cambrelle lining in the sides of the boot.

The footbed has a layer of open cell polyurethane, which has been treated with anti-microbials, too. This will help wick away moisture and keep your feet dry throughout the day.   

Fit and Comfort Level

Timberland has an exclusive and proprietary ISN system that means the lugs on the sole of the boot work independently to adapt to various working conditions.

This provides cushioning and stability for daily work. The padded collar gives the wearer an extra cushioning bit of support surrounding the ankle, so when you’re moving around, you don’t have to worry about twisting the ankle too far and becoming injured.


Traction While at Work

The PRO rubber flex outsole is resistant to slipping, oil and heat. It also features Ladder Lock. All of this means that your feet will be incredibly protected while you’re at work.

Any situation you might find yourself in from climbing ladders to walking across oil-soaked garage floors these boots will protect you from harm.

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Safety in the Workplace

The traction on the bottom of the boot provides slip and heat protection, but there are other safety concerns in the workplace like electrical hazards depending on your job.

The boots meet electrical hazard safety standards against circuits and energized equipment or parts. The steel toe meets industry compression and impact standards, too.

The boots weigh 2.19 pounds per boot, (at size 9) which means that you’ll have a substantial boot on your foot for protection. In most workplaces, you don’t want to rely on a thin, flimsy boot to protect your feet.

Considerations Before Purchase


When buying steel toe, ensure that the boots have a wide toe box, so the toes don’t get pinched. The Timberland boots have a wide toe box to keep from rubbing and pinching the toes.

Those who kneel for work will scrape the top of the boots, which is why the outer rubber toe guard is essential. They won’t get scuffed and worn through the toes.

The Timberland work boots are fairly true to size. You shouldn’t need to wear thick socks with these boots since they provide heat and cold protection while in the workplace.

The Timberland PRO Men’s Steel Trax Steel Toe Work Boots are a great choice for someone who works as a construction worker, as a mechanic, landscaper, brick paver, or tree climber.

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