The North Face Women’s Nuptse Purna Boot Review

Regardless of where you live, if you experience winter, you know it can be horribly long and cold.

In order to protect your feet and toes from cold and snow, you need a good pair of winter boots to protect your feet.

Of course, there are many different models of boots on the market today, and depending on what suits you the best, whether you like mid-tall or very tall boots, there are boots for everyone.

For some of us, our closets may have an army of boots standing by, but do you have a pair of winter boots that suit your needs?

Buying the right boots online can be very difficult, but we are here to make it easier for you with this North Face model for ladies called, Nuptse Purna Boot.

Nuptse Purna Boot – an overview


Nuptse Purna Boot is a model featured by the North Face company, with the explicit purpose to make winter much more endurable, and dare we say enjoyable for ladies.

During a deep freeze, nobody likes to be outside, but having an obligation such as college, work, or something else that requires wearing good-quality boots, you really have no choice.

If you have a nice toque, and a beautiful warm coat, mitts, and you look great, are you going to let your feet  freeze and lose points on style?  North Face won’t have it.

At first look, these boots appear to be extremely warm, enough to make every lady, who gets her hands on them, not regret her purchase, we assure you.

If you’re a fan of mid-height lovely boots such as these, then these cuties will, indeed, come in handy during the cold days.

They have lovely faux fur around the cuff, that is very soft and plushy to the touch, unlike some boots that just don’t have that cushy feel.

The synthetic sole and material offer warmth inside of the boot like you won’t believe.

The boot’s shaft is around 10” tall, which prevents the casual annoyance of having snow entering your boot and making your feet freeze.

The footbed features an abrasion-resistant scuff guard, while the upper side of the boot is covered in a mixture of waterproof velvet suede.  Baffled nylon  covers the back of the boot.

What a lot of great boot so far!

This model comes in many colors, so you’re sure to find a pair that will go together with your favorite clothes and make you look great.

The Feel


Comfort can be a deal breaker!

The lightweight design is one of the best features this model has, which will allow you to wear them in the long-term without your feet hurting once you take them off.

Feeling comfortable is one of the most important traits your boots can offer during the cold winter days.  Wearing boots like Nuptse, might even let you enjoy the winter wonderland season.

Nuptse Purna also has a decent insulation system, which traps the hot air inside, keeping your feet warmer longer.  You won’t have to worry about frost bite on your toes with these boots on your feet.

These boots are perfect for the fall to winter temperatures, but when it really gets cold outside, and if you plan on a very long hike, you might want something else.

However, walking through town, where you’re not up to your knees in snow drifts, these boots will do a fine job keeping you warm and cozy, and they will look great on your feet too.

The featherlight weight of this boots can carry you around for hours.

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No matter how beautiful they look, and how good you feel in them, once they’re confronted by rough weather, no boots can live long.

These boots possess 100% good quality waterproof features.  Just stay out of deep water and you should be fine.

North Side has provided you with a grip rubber sole, and IcePick lugs, to stop the slipping and sliding action that might cause you some grief.

The Fit

The lighter weight found with these boots allows you to put them on and take them off with much ease.  The laces are easy to pull, and the shaft is malleable.

This model is one of the easiest for sliding your foot in and out we’ve found.  Nice!

If you’re at all concerned about size, don’t be.  If you take a size 8, then buy a size 8.

Customers report that they fit to the stated size.  If you like a wider or longer fit, you might want a size larger.  It’s a thing of preference.


These boots are perfect if you like walking around town.  They are quite marvellous, and North Side has done well with these beauties.

Use them for casual winter wear, and enjoy the comfort and style.

We leave you with this Peter Glenn review of the Women’s North Face Nuptse …