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Teva Women’s Neota Athletic Sandal Review

Sports Enthusiasts Rejoice!

Made especially for active people and sport enthusiasts, the Teva Women’s Neota Athletic Sandals were the best birthday gift from my husband.  

We both enjoy hiking and recreational mountain climbing, so I can’t even describe how happy I was when I saw my brand new pair of athletic Teva Sandals.  

We’ve spent a lot time in nature and I’ve learned the importance of good shoes the hard way.

I can’t even remember the last time I spent money on sandals that were non-athletic.  

Maybe it’s because I wear the Teva Women’s Neota Atheltic Sandals the most, or maybe it’s because they are the brand new summer footwear in my closet, but I don’t think I own a more comfortable pair than these ones.

Feminine Yet Sporty Look

Teva Women's Neota Athletic Sandal 8I liked the design immediately – a nice classic feminine sport design.  Totally works for me and for my adventurous nature and tomboyish style.

My Teva Women’s Neota Athletic Sandals are actually my favorite pair of summer footwear for now.  Maybe they aren’t the most girly shoes I own, but they surely are the most comfortable ones.  

For sandals, the Teva Women’s Neota Atheltic Sandals are pretty much perfect.  First of all, they are 85% leather, and the rest goes to fabric that the straps are made of. 

The hook-and-loop straps wrap well around the whole foot in the front, connecting with a side strap that goes all over the ankle, keeping the foot on the footbed.

The inner fabric of the straps is super soft; Teva Sandals guarantees you a walk completely free of blisters or uncomfortable rubs.  My longest continuous walk was about five hours – not one blister!

All Terrain Sandal For Women

Teva Women's Neota Athletic Sandal 1

There is no way that the foot will slip even if you get the sandals wet, or if the feet get sweaty.  I tested them, so I know what I’m saying.  

Walking in them on every possible terrain from sand, rocks, water, streets, dirt… they can endure everything, and the straps won’t loosen.

The Velcro on every strap is pretty firm too.  I didn’t worry whether it would wear off.  My foot fit well in the front so I don’t even have to adjust the front strap.  

The back strap of course has to be used and re-used every time I put them on, but even after several months of active wear, they aren’t ruined.  

I really love the ankle Velcro strap, because sometimes it’s not only the front one that makes the difference.  

From time to time, when I need the sandals to stay firm on my feet, I pull the back Velcro strap to tighten it.

Teva Women's Neota Athletic Sandal 7

Nylon Shanks and ShocPad

Teva Women’s Neota Athletic Sandals have rubber soles, well designed to keep me (or anyone who wears them) safe wherever I walk with them.  

I especially value the soles’ nylon shank that literally gives my sandals torsional rigidity and stability.

These nylon shanks are a must when it comes to sneakers or boots, that’s how I know my Teva Sandals are a big deal.  

The perfect balance of the heel and the front platform of 1 inch and 0.75 inches respectively make them very suitable for people who need good arch support, or for people, like me, who have flat arches.  

Also the encapsulated ShocPad placed in the heel provides for better shock absorption.

Teva Women's Neota Athletic Sandal 5

Another thing that I have noticed in every pair of shoes Teva sells, is that they all have moisture-wicking microfiber topsole cover with odor-resistant treatment.

Nobody wants to have smelly feet, especially in the summer when we all wear sandals or slip-ons or flip flops, so this is a very smart thing to do.  

I respect their detailed oriented designs; they have proved many times to sell quality shoes, not only by making them safe, comfortable and made of good materials, but also sticking to what’s good for the customer, paying attention to the small, yet big problems, such as foot odor.


I am sure I will continue buying Teva shoes, and I’m glad to share my Neota Athletic Sandals experience with everyone.  

I can’t wait to see where my next adventure will take me and my Teva Women’s Neota Atheltic Sandals.

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