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Teva Women’s Hurricane XLT Sandal Review

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Great Investment For Your Feet

I have spent hundreds of dollars on sandals that are cheap and look good, and I honestly feel bad for the money I wasted, because all I got was tired feet, pain in my arches, and less space in my closet.  But, as I grow older, I realize that making a good investment in one quality pair of shoes is more valuable than spending all that money on fifty pairs of poor quality sandals.  Well, it’s good that I came to my senses, right?

While searching for quality, comfortable, feminine sandals, I literally  envisioned finding something that looked much like the Teva Women’s Hurricane XLT Sandals.  I am simply amazed by their design, and the comfort they provide.  Here’s why – I am a person who leads an active life, and by that, I mean that wearing supportive, comfortable shoes is a must.  The hottest summer days aren’t always a guaranteed vacation for me!  I’m a tour guide, always on the move, taking people places, so I really can’t wear uncomfortable shoes.

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Wear Them All Day?  No Problem

Wearing sandals for me is pretty much mandatory (not that my boss asks me to, but it’s my rule); wearing flip flops can be unflattering for me, since I’ve had a few little accidents when I tripped and fell.  I need a shoe, or a sandal that will stay on my foot, provide me with stability and comfort, and will look as appealing as possible (at least easy to combine with shorts, or summer clothes, which Teva Women’s Hurricane XLT Sandals totally do).

Slip-Free Walking Sandals

I purchased my pair of  Teva Women’s Hurricane XLT Sandals, and I have had nothing but compliments.  First of all, there are enough straps, but my toes have complete freedom,  These sandals have an open front, but my foot still feels comfy and secure at the same time.  The back strap is well padded, and rests on the spot of the Achilles tendon.  I really appreciate this, because I know the pain a synthetic strap can cause.  The straps are easy to adjust; both front and back are Velcro, so the chances of getting a pair that won’t fit your foot are minimized.  My feet are somewhat wide and I have no problems at all.  

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Softest Heel In The World

The footbed has the softest heel in the world.  The encapsulated shock-absorbing ShocPad in the heel gives you the freedom to walk or run in the Teva Women’s Hurricane XLT Sandals on any terrain.  Another reason why I recommend this pair, and perhaps one of the strongest reasons why I will buy another pair, is the EVA footbed that contains zinc-based Microban  that keeps odours away.  You can wear these sandals for hours.  I’ve  taken tourists for four hour sightseeing treks on the hottest days, and when I get back to the office, my feet never smell!!

Teva Women's Hurricane XLT Sandal 2

Padded And Comfy

The sole is synthetic, but is well padded and very comfortable, and as I mentioned above, they can be worn anywhere.  Since they’re made of materials that are easy to dry,I don’t have problems wearing them even during summer drizzles. (I have to check them at the beach too).

The second reason I will purchase another pair of the Teva Women’s Hurricane XLT Sandals is their heel measurement.  Not higher than one inch in the back, and about 0.75 inches in the front, the heel falls nicely, to form the perfect arch support, which alleviates any pain in my calves or knees. 

Color Choices Galore

The Teva Women’s Hurricane XLT Sandals are pretty easy on the eye.  I like the multiple color choice, and the small, discreet rubber Teva  tag on the front strap, and on the outer side of the sole.  I bought the Neon Green for me, and they really make a statement!   Just luv’em!!

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