Stacy Adams Men's Rycroft Cap Toe Monk Strap Review
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Stacy Adams Men’s Rycroft Cap Toe Monk Strap Review

  • SIZES:  7-15 M (D)
  • FIT AS EXPECTED:   62%
  • PRICE GUIDE:     $64.39-$90


Stacy Adams Men's Rycroft Cap Toe Double Monk Strap

Are you a man who knows style?

Because to wear a pair of Stacy Adams we reckon that you must be.

And it is not just Best Walking Shoe Reviews who think that. It is also the opinion of manufacturer Stacy Adams too.

In business since 1875 and founded in Massachusetts by the eponymous William H Stacy and Henry L Adams (it seems an initial in the middle of your name is important for shoemaker success) this is a company that knows style. And history.

Because depending on which era is your favorite, you could be looking at something straight out of the jazz age, or a more contemporary urban look.

Whether the roaring twenties are your thing and you yearn for the days of Al Capone, or you are in need of something rather more formal, Stacy Adams are the people who have it in hand.


Stacy Adams Men's Rycroft Cap Toe Double Monk Strap black

So here we have these Stacy Adam’s Men’s Rycroft Cap Toe Double Monk Strap Oxfords.

These rather fancily named slip on loafers do not disappoint when it comes to the looks department.

They are what you could describe as suave.

Style is something that this shoe definitely has, in spades.

A narrow looking, sleek sort of construction, these shoes are jointly described by various vendors as being both a loafer and an Oxford.

An Oxford shoe sits somewhere at the pinnacle of the shoe hierarchy, in terms of formality.

This means, we think, that these Stacy Adams Rycroft Cap Toe Double Monk Strap should be fine to wear to that interview, or formal black tie event.

These are a patent leather and rather shiny shoe. If we had to pick one word to describe these Rycroft Cap Toe Double Monk Straps it would be sharp.

They look sharp and smart, and by wearing these you could successfully add the finishing touch to any ensemble.

Highly polished and with lizard print detail on the leather upper, these are entirely a classy affair.

The sole is also made of leather and although we do not have the exact dimensions available, there is a small, but notable heel on these shoes.

There are two modern looking buckles, comprising this ‘Monk Strap’ design.

This makes them a tad more ostentatious than their single strapped brethren, whilst the addition of the toe cap, renders them more suited for the business and formal occasion. Apparently.

There is no denying that these are an extraordinarily smart pair of shoes.

With fine lizard print detail and both a burnished leather upper and sole, your feet will appreciate the quality.

Color wise, we are talking nice and simple choices here.

Basically, these Stacy Adams Rycroft Cap Toe Double Monk Strap only come in a plain and straightforward black or cognac (this is a sort of brown).

So, black or brown, the choice is yours. This may not sound terribly exciting, but the fancy design and cut of the shoe is anything but plain.

These are a pair of shoes which certainly have enough personality to be notable, but are not exactly announcing their presence in light up neon signs (thank God).

With plenty of detail, a toe cap and a decent chunk of a heel, these are city slicker shoes and that can be worn with aplomb.


Stacy Adams Men's Rycroft Cap Toe Double Monk Strap black side

Although when you have a pair of shoes as fancy as these Rycroft Cap Toe Double Monk Straps you are probably not expecting them to feel like your favorite pair of sneakers. But we have hope for the comfort levels in store.

This is because of the memory foam insoles that are packed inside these Stacy Adams Rycroft Cap Toe Double Monk Straps.

They are a lightweight construction, with a breathable structure and sole.

The shoes and their sole are top quality leather, whilst the linings are synthetic.

They feel cool and good to have on your feet and help maintain a comfy wearing experience.

Maybe we aren’t expecting to walk for miles whilst wearing something as dressy as these Monk Straps, but we won’t be left crippled either, if we do have to pound the pavement in them.


Fit as expected?

Yes, mostly. That is the good news for these Rycroft Cap Toe Double Monk Straps by manufacturer Stacy Adams.

Available in a wide selection of sizes, including half sizes, we think you will find something that fits you.

The general consensus of opinion is that these will probably fit.  But if they don’t or your feet are extra wide, then size up by a half.

These don’t come in any extra widths, so the only thing to do if you have a wider foot is go upwards with the sizing.

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Stacy Adams Men's Rycroft Cap Toe Double Monk Strap top of shoe

Well, as you probably already guessed, we are not suggesting that you take these Stacy Adams Rycroft Cap Toe Double Monk Straps up any mountains or on any cross-terrain camping expeditions.

In fact, we would be a bit cautious of taking them out in the rain, although we can’t imagine that in itself being a problem.

It is just more that you wouldn’t want to scuff them or, God forbid, allow them to get splashed on the sidewalk.

However, they are a properly constructed shoe, with a decent amount of cushion padding, a memory foam insole and some serious shock absorbency.

They should be fine outside, if you have to hoof it from appointment to appointment, as long as you polish them up later.


Stacy Adams Men's Rycroft Cap Toe Double Monk Strap front

Every man’s wardrobe needs at least one formal pair of shoes.

And if you want to combine your smart shoes, with a bit of style and flair, then these Stacy Adams Rycroft Cap Toe Double Monk Straps are certainly the way to do it.

For men that don’t do dull, we think these are a great trade off between formal and funky.

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