stacy adams naples loafer
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Stacy Adam’s Men’s Naples Slip-On Loafer Review

stacy adams loafer
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  • Manufacturer: Stacy Adams
  • Model Name: Naples
  • Style: Slip-on loafer
  • Sizes Available: 7 – 16 US
  • Half Sizes: Yes
  • Colors: Black, gray, natural, white, and navy
  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Additional Features and Details: Fully cushioned insole for comfortable walking.
  • Fit as Expected: 76%
  • Price Range Guide: $30.04 – $64.95
  • Our Rating: 4 out of 5

The First Peak

A good slip-on loafer can be the ultimate in casual style. When you think loafer, you don’t have to think “tassled penny loafers” anymore. There are some truly stunning styles for men who don’t want to be ordinary. This shoe is one of them. The loafer is in a moccasin toe style with visible stitching detail.

The top of the shoe is ventilated and allows the foot to truly breathe. The sole of the shoe is slim, but it’s a fully cushioned insole, so you won’t feel like you’re walking directly onto the pavement.

While they come in a total of five colors, we like the style of the brushed gray, which are incredibly unique looking. You might decide to buy more than one color for yourself or your spouse, but try the gray, you won’t be sorry.

stacy adams naples loafer

The Materials

The upper portion of the slip-on loafer is made of leather and man-made materials. It has beautiful stitching and small vents in the top of the shoe that give them incredible style.

The rubber sole makes this a comfortable, flexible shoe for walking. The cushioned insole is made from synthetic materials.

Overall, the materials are quality with leather and synthetics melded together to make a lightweight, casual slip-on that will take you for hours of walking.

The Brand

The Stacy Adams Shoe Company has been creating shoes since the 1800s when New England was the great capital of the shoe-making world. It was originally started in Brockton, Massachusetts in 1875. The U.S.-based company is currently located in Glendale, Wisconsin.

There have been mentions of the brand in songs throughout the 1980s and 1990s like Morris Day’s group The Time who mentioned them in The Walk. There have been numerous other mentions of the Stacy Adams brand in songs mentioning shoes.

The company has expanded their offerings to include clothing and accessories, too.

The Fit

The loafers are available in a common range of U.S. sizes with some half sizes available as well.

As far as the width and length of the loafer, the material has a bit of a stretch to it that will make them snug yet loosen when you’ve been wearing them for a bit.

Customers who said they were a bit snug when first slipped on found that they stretched comfortably within an hour or two. This is assuming that the correct size was ordered. There’s a size chart to ensure that you’re ordering the right size for your foot.

Comfort Level

This a shoe that you can wear for hours as you explore a new city on your vacation. It’s great for shopping with your honey for the day, too. While the loafer is great for walking, it’s stylish enough to go from a day of walking to a nice restaurant for dinner without feeling like you’re under-dressed.

The upper, breathable leather means you don’t have to wear socks with these shoes. It makes them a great sandal as well as a loafer. The interior of the loafer is soft, supple material that won’t rub the foot uncomfortably, either.

naples loafer

The Terrain

We would never tell you that you can hike in a shoe unless it’s built specifically for that kind of durability and endurance. Using the wrong shoe in certain terrains can lead to injury. This shoe isn’t one that should be worn for long walks on bumpy trails, either. It’s a great walking, slip-on loafer, though.

If you plan to spend the day near the wharf, visiting shops and sampling local cuisine before heading to dinner, we believe this is the perfect shoe for that.

Bottom Line

We love the casual style of this moc-toe slip-on loafer. It can be perfect for sightseeing excursions, vacations to tropical locales, or heading into the office in warm weather. One of the advantages of a vented loafer like this is that it’s absolutely made for summer and all the activities you want to do outdoors.

Should I Buy These Loafers?

If you are looking for a shoe that will be comfortable in a variety of locations, this should be the one. You can push them off with one toe at the airport, slip them back on, and be on your way quickly. They’ll easily transition from the beach to the boardwalk to local restaurants.

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