Stacy Adams Men's Macmillian-Cap Toe Monk Strap Review
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Stacy Adams Men’s Macmillian-Cap Toe Monk Strap Loafer Review

  • SIZES: 7-15
  • PRICE GUIDE: $54.68-$90


stacy adams monk strap black loafer shoe

Uh oh. Perhaps we are a little slow, but Best Walking Shoe Reviews has just woken up to the fact that there is a hierarchy of men’s shoes and that the monk strap is in fact somewhere near the top of it.

In fact, if it was in a pyramid diagram, it would be perched just below the grand-daddy of them all, the Oxford.

Apparently, this is the shoe that rules over all the others and is the go to pair for any deeply formal men’s wardrobe.

Our man, the monk strap, is the Oxford’s (known as Balmoral in the States) direct descendant. If, in the Mafioso ranking of footwear, the Oxford is El Capo, then the monk strap is his underboss.

This is the footwear you will choose when you need to balance out the formal with the slightly more casual, without ever looking out of place in either setting.

How far you take your monk straps and in particular, these fine looking Stacy Adams Men’s Macmillian-Cap Toe Monk Straps, is up to you and of course, the formality of the event or workplace that you wear them to.

To the purist; for a formal business event, anything less than a pair of Oxfords is simply not the done thing. And they will frown loftily upon you, for daring to don a pair of these elegant monk straps.

But, back on planet earth, increasingly, these days, no one really gives a damn anymore.

For some, this casualization is a sad fact of modern life. And the traditionalist is appalled at the lack of modern standards in men’s formal attire. Given the current state of men’s facial hair, we wonder how these fragile types get through the day at all.

But for the rest of us, the more relaxed attitudes to dress means that yes, you can safely wear a pair of smart monk strap shoes to the opera or the office and then equally safely take them out to meet friends in a bar, afterwards.

And this is a huge relief, not to have to keep umpteen pairs around the place, for lighting fast ‘quick changes’.


stacy adams macmillian cap loafer

So, what about these smart looking Stacy Adams Men’s Macmillian-Cap Toe Monk Straps then?

On a first inspection, these cut a sleek shape and are the picture of sophistication. Slender and cultured, they combine a leather upper with a synthetic sole and bags of understated style.

With enough of a heel to give them an edge, these are available in three simple colors; Scotch, which is brown, Black which is…um… black and Cinnamon, which make no mistake about it, is RED.

There has been some confusion about the exact shading of the Cinnamon style. In the photos it may not look quite the color that it exactly is in reality, but take it from us, if you choose Cinnamon you will get quite a bright red.

Our personal favorites are the black. They look the smartest, in our opinion and of course, can easily be worn with just about anything, more or less anytime.

Made of patent leather, there are laser etched accents on the tip and edges of the shoe, giving it a subtle decorative twist.

We like its suave style, that never draws too much attention to itself.

Better still, these are still a slip on shoe, with the opening being elasticized, making getting them on and off nice and easy.

The good thing about these monk straps is that they remain a loafer at heart and make for relaxed wearing.


stacy adams macmillian cap loafer sole

In terms of sizing, we are pretty impressed with the range of sizes on offer.

These Stacy Adams Men’s Macmillian-Cap Toe Monk Straps go straight from a diminutive size seven, all the way up to a giant fifteen – and all the half sizes in between.

Although width wise this only comes in one setting – standard, this is nevertheless a good range of sizes.

And with over three quarters of customers being happy with the sizing, the odds are in your favor of finding something that fits first time.

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stacy adams macmillian cap loafer heel

Sometimes, shoes that look as smart as this can hurt. It’s just one of those annoying trade offs in life. A bit like how your ear hair thickens up at exactly the same time as your hairline waves goodbye.

But fortunately, it is not the case with these Stacy Adams Men’s Macmillian-Cap Toe Monk Straps.

By all reports, these make for comfortable wearing and walking in.

Of course, you are not expecting to walk a thousand miles in them, but they shouldn’t cripple you either.

These are well cushioned and come with some decent shock absorption in the soles. They have memory foam, for better protection and comfort, and a flexible mid sole.

Easy on and easy off, these make even formal dressing a cinch.


stacy adams macmillian cap loafer scotch pair

Would it surprise you to learn that these Stacy Adams Men’s Macmillian-Cap Toe Monk Strap are not really going to cut it in a hostile environment?

Although these are fine for the odd splash of rain, we wouldn’t really want to risk anything more pressing than that in them.

These shoes are not designed for the rough and tough of the outdoor world and should have their elegantly crafted soles reserved for interiors and smart ones at that, we feel.

Once again, exactly which situations you choose them for and what degree of formality is required, is up to you.

And maybe, the color you pick here makes a difference too. Whilst we could see the black pair shaping up well in a hyper formal business meeting, we are not quite sure that we could say the same about the Cinnamon (remember, think red!)


stacy adams black macmillian cap loafers pair

Perhaps in the past, the monk strap was considered a bit of a difficult style to perfect.

Not formal enough for the workplace, but maybe a little over dressed for a chap’s social calendar.

Fortunately, the twenty first century dawned and has knocked all that on the head.

Nowadays, it is perfectly acceptable to wear a monk strap to a formal event and then a casual one as well.

So, take advantage of the freedom – especially when an elegant contender like the Stacy Adams Men’s Macmillian-Cap Toe Monk Strap comes along to tempt you.

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