Speedo Women’s Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoe Review

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  • SIZES:    5-11
  • WEIGHT:    6.8 OUNCES
  • FIT AS EXPECTED:    76%
  • PRICE GUIDE:     $17.01-$59.00


black front view 

Anything that is made by brand leader Speedo has our immediate attention.

Known for being the word in all things to do with swimwear, these Surfwalker 3.0 Women’s Water shoes look promising as a contender for our holiday packing this year.

Available in four bright and breezy colors, these are highly stylish and do stand out from the crowd, rather.

These come in black; which are edged with pink. Pink; which have a second shade in them that looks like a red. Cyan, and navy blue; with a lighter blue edging.

In terms of style, these do look as if they were designed to be seen and the colors that they come in, make it a bit hard for them not to be!

We think that you could safely wear these as regular sandals for casual use, without ever going near a beach or pool, and no one would ever know that they were water shoes.

surfwalker front view

And even if they did notice, so what?

The fact is though, that these look like regular sandals and

the holes are not as large as they are in some other water shoes.

The upper is, of course, a mesh construction and one thing that makes these different to some of the other water shoes that we have reviewed is the almost flat top, with a stretchy and secure fit.

These Speedo Surfwalkers also promise to give excellent traction with their S Trac outersole, which won’t make you think that you are wearing shoes with holes in them. 

They are made of quick drying material, with a handy hook on the heel to hang them from.

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powder blue top view

Unlike some of the other water shoes which we have reviewed, these are only available in a full size, without the option of a half size.

However, with a 76% approval rating, it seems that most people think that the sizing is pretty good on these.

Only a small minority of people have complained about the sizing not being right for them and those few that have done have tended to say that these maybe are a little tight.

We think that these are a little tight – but mainly because that is the way that they have been designed to be.

pink and orange

When you slip these on, you can be assured that you aren’t going to lose them at the bottom of the swimming pool – because they will not slip off easily.

They do fit pretty tight, especially around the ankle, but then this ensures that not only do you keep them on your feet but you also shouldn’t have lots of debris flying in through them.

We know that some water shoes have rather larger holes than these  pair do.

This does not mean that they will not drain properly – they will do!

Just that they do not look like typical water shoes.

Another word about the fit, these are slip on shoes, although, one or two customers have reported that they had to squeeze a bit hard to get them on.

The stretchy fit and “in one” design means that there are no pesky laces or tongues which might start flapping around on you.

Whether this is a good thing or not, might depend on how well you get on with slip on shoes compared to lace ups.

 At least you know these will never come undone or need tending to whilst your foot is under water, though!

And what about arch support?arch support

Well, we have got to say that anyone with additional needs in the support department probably might want to think twice about any water shoe.

As far as we can tell, they aren’t really designed to tick that box and  these in particular, are pretty flat.

This is probably exactly the right thing for something that is going to cling to either the ocean bed or the pool bottom. But if you need any additional support, then the best we can say is wear them sparingly.


surfwalker blue

According to the manufacturer, the Speedo Surfwalker 3.0 has S Trac grip soles, a  quick drying upper and a breathable mesh upper so that not only does the shoe respond well to the water, but it also will air your feet when you are not immersed.

If you look at the table of qualities these shoes have, you will notice the one thing that these Surfwalkers don’t have are drainage soles.

This means, unlike some other water shoes – including some of the other ones in the Speedo range, these have not been designed to act as a colander for your foot.

surfwalker soles

When you put your foot in the water, it doesn’t all instantly run out, but there are holes, cleverly concealed in the soles.

What these are is quick drying, so they will dry out fast after you take them off. Don’t worry, these will not get waterlogged or drag your feet down.

They do still drain and now we can see the reason why, for the very tight fit of these water shoes.

Although these might need to be emptied properly before they completely clear of water, we think that the one major advantage that these have over some of the shoes with bigger drainage holes is that these should also not let in as many sharp stones as those do.


Women's Surfwalker by speedo 

Whilst researching footwear, at Best Walking Shoe Reviews we generally like to nit-pick as much as possible.

So, when we went looking for holes in these shoes (not literally!) we came back with pleasingly little.

Maybe, for a tiny minority, these are a little tight – but we know that this is necessary to make them stay on in water.

One or two people have niggled that these might be better suited to the beach than the poolside – but this is not the consensus view.

And we had to look really hard to even find that!