Sorel Men’s Conquest Winter Boot Review

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There are areas of North America that don’t see the bare ground for almost 9 months of the year. For those cold, snowy areas, boots are a necessity, but not just any old boots.

They have to be able to handle temperatures that hover below the freezing mark, without allowing a person’s feet to get cold.

The winter boots have to be rugged, comfortable, and waterproof to stand up to the intense cold, as well as snow and ice.

It didn’t take me long to find SOREL Men’s Conquest boots, and I’m happy to say that I’ll likely never wear another pair of boots for the entire rest of the winter.

Information about SOREL as a Company

As a Canadian company, Sorel understands the brutal cold of winter. They were founded in 1962. Since the early ’60s, SOREL has opened its manufacturing to more than just boots, but they stick with flawless construction and premium materials.

SOREL has Standards of Manufacturing Practices or SMP that influences and defines their code of conduct. They don’t condone child labor, forced labor, abuse of employees or discrimination.

All their factories are open to unannounced audits from the main, corporate facilities.

This alleviates the risk of a factory violating the SMP of the company.

As customers, you can be sure that SOREL is using fair labor practices.


Overall Look at the Boot’s Features

Seam-Sealed Construction – This keeps the boot waterproof, so there are no seams that will allow water to seep through.

Traction-Enhancing Outsole – The sole has multi-directional rubber lugs to ensure traction on the slipperiest of surfaces.

Built-In Gaiter – There are drawstring collars that have barrel locks to ensure snow is kept at bay from the boot.

Steel Shanks – The boot is manufactured with steel shanks to enhance rigidity and support.

Insulation for SOREL Men’s Conquest Boots

The insulation in the SOREL Men’s Conquest boots provides warmth from Thinsulate polyester fibers. While some boots require two pairs of wool, winter socks, the SOREL boots only need one pair of warm socks.

They don’t even have to be wool. They’re comfortable for -40 degrees F. The Thinsulate ultra insulation is 400 grams of pure polyester warmth.

My Experience


As soon as I pulled these out of the box, I could feel the heft of them. These weren’t lightweight boots that wouldn’t support my feet or would be disappointing in their warmth.

Each pair weighed 2.3 pounds, which is substantial for stomping through the snow.

I’m happy with the warmth they provided from the first day I slipped them onto my feet. Those boots went snowmobiling with me that first day, and I haven’t looked back since.

While on my first ride with the boots, I’d forgotten all about my boots and my feet, and just enjoyed the ride. Anyone who has had cold feet knows that it can consume your thoughts and suck the enjoyment out of an adventure.

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Are SOREL Men’s Conquest Boots Waterproof?

The full-grain leather uppers as well as the EVA midsole and rubber outsole are waterproof to provide protection in a variety of snow and slush conditions.

The lining is polyester, and there’s a built-in gaiter to seal out the snow that might try to slip down the top of the boot. There are barrel-lock closures, too.

This keeps the snow collar tight against the calf, so snow won’t get dumped down the tops.

Fit and Comfort Level

With the steel shafts and weighted boot, there’s a heft and sturdiness to the boots that make them great for a certain activity level.

The ankles are supported incredibly well in the boot with its 9 inches of height that reaches to mid-calf.

The boots run true to size and don’t really require extra socks to stay warm. I was able to buy the right size and not worry about the fit at all.

Traction on Snow and Ice


These boots are great on snow and ice. They provide weighty stability and ankle support, so you’re able to keep your balance on slippery surfaces.

The multi-directional lugs on the bottom of the boots give enhanced traction, too.

Considerations for Purchase

While these were purchased for all kinds of outdoor activities, they are not light enough for hours and miles of walking.

These boots are more in line with activities that require warmth and support.

For example, they are great for hours of snowmobiling, walking through the woods to a nearby destination, and ice fishing on a frozen lake.

The liners inside the boots are not removable, but that’s never been an issue for me since the boots stay completely dry.

The SOREL Men’s Conquest boots have lasted for more than a year under some pretty extreme conditions.