Skora Women's Phase Running Shoe with colors
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Skora Women’s Phase Running Shoe Review

The Skora Women’s Phase Running Shoe is a popular shoe in the Skora family, and today was my day to take it for a test run!  

After wearing the shoe throughout the day, I crashed into our favorite chair, grabbed my laptop, and here’s my first thoughts on this shoe with not a whole lot of editing, so forgive my writing if it isn’t perfect.

My Skora Women’s Phase Running Shoe Review

It is light, with neutral cushioning.  It is fully rounded for natural motion, at only $100 – pretty good, I’d say.  The Skora company is looking for the sweet spot between a minimalist shoe and one with just the right amount of cushioning.  They blend performance, style, and comfort to bring natural movement to their customers.  Their shoes are an extension of your foot, with seamless comfort, foot contoured lacing, and a tongue that will speak to your perfect fit. 

Skora Women's Phase Running Shoe

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Spectacular Features

1.  Zero drop shoes: These shoes are the most minimalist of all running shoes. They have a level profile, and are designed without a built-up heel or a steep slope.  They allow a runner’s foot to sit relatively parallel to the ground.  The fall is in the 0-4mm range from the heel to the ground.  Science today believes that a heavier, higher heel, forces greater rotational pronation.  Keeping the movement as natural as possible is the key to a healthy achilles tendon, and hopefully no injuries.

2.  Spacious toe box:  Your toes will have a chance to move and spread apart in a Skora shoe.  If the toe box is curved inward like most shoes, the toes wedge together, which can cause excessive strain on the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and all connective tissues.  This is not good for your joints.  Your ankles, knees, and hips, will love you if you buy shoes with a spacious toe box, like these Women’s Phase Runners.

3.  Asymmetrical lacing:  The ligaments and tendons that criss-cross over the top of your feet, need shoe laces that are placed in strategic positions, not to cause extra tension on these connective tissues.

4.  Perfect aesthetics:  Skora wants you to look great, so they have manufactured a subdued design with classy colours, so your shoes can convey to others that you are smart, and a positive thinking person.

5.  Breathable uppers:  The upper part of the shoe is the area above the sole.  Because your feet are enclosed in a casing i.e. synthetic or leather, and because you probably are wearing socks i.e. cotton, there is always higher heat and humidity inside your shoes.  This heat and water moves to an area of lower pressure outside the foot.  If your upper isn’t breathable, the heat and humidity stay inside your shoe and your feet will be uncomfortably smelly.  These shoes are breathable, as well as cushioned enough to protect your feet from abrasions.

6.  Flexible Wrap Around Sole:  This sole wraps around the foot providing adequate protection for the toes and bottom of the foot.  The flexibility in the bottom supplies the person with the perfect “ground feel”.  You will almost think you aren’t wearing shoes.

Skora Phase Shoe Sole

Say It One More Time

This is an extremely well-designed, lightweight, zero-drop shoe.  This is a really good shoe, especially considering the price.  

What does “Gearist TV” say about our recommended shoe?

Now that you’re an expert on shoes, remember …

A minimalist shoe, like this Skora Phase Running Shoe, is almost skeletal in structure; has a “ground feel” toe drop; has a 7 oz. or less weight for best performance.

As you might have guessed by now, I’ve been converted.  Cozy as heck, lean and mean.  9 out of 10!

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