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Skechers Women’s Go Walk Aspire Slip-On Review

This Skechers Women’s Go Walk Aspire Slip-On walking shoe is available in several colors, which are black, white, chocolate or natural. True, this is not the most exciting range of colors, but the colors picked make these easy to match with almost any outfit.

It is also worth noting that should you decide to go for these shoes, that as they are so light, you will feel like you are not wearing any shoes at all.  The reason I mention this so early in the review, is that it is a strange feeling, and takes a few days just to get used to that.

Sizes Available

These shoes are available in the following sizes:

5-11 B (M) US) and half sizes from 6-8Skechers Performance Footwear Women's Go Walk Aspire Walking Shoe 4

The Aspire

These are probably one of the lightest pair of walking shoes on the market right now.  They have the classic memory form fit cushioning, along with a high quality man made sole.

Like many in the Skechers portfolio, these have also been designed to help improve and enhance the walking stride.

However, what people keep pointing out in all of the many reviews, is that these really are super light.  They are also really well cushioned, and this combination offers a lot in terms of absolute comfort.

It is also worth noting that women who had jobs where they were on their feet all day loved these.  I know that our website is mainly about walking shoes, but if people get relief from wearing these to work, it is worth mentioning.

They are well made as are all Skecher shoes, and according to the many reviews that we read, these also last a long time, and are easy to clean, by dropping them into the washing machine.

What People Love About the Go Walk Aspire Walking Shoes

SKECHERS GOWALK - ASPIRE in ChocolateWe have included a short bullet point summary of the most popular reviews we found mentioned by actual buyers and users of the product:

  • The Weight – this along with the comfort aspect are what people love about the Aspire model
  • As you can see from the image above, the sole is well designed for traction without sticking
  • Padding makes these very easy to walk or stand 
  • The uppers are made from a leather textured material, which people did like the look of
  • You could put these directly on your bare feet, though we would recommend thin socks
  • They can be washed in the machine
  • They have a fast pull on heel design

Overall people liked these, as they help relieve any aches in the legs, or even in the feet.  Another buyer review said this:

These shoes are very comfortable.  The memory foam feels great on my feet, and the front of the shoe has lots of room for my toes.  Very comfortable shoes.

And one other reviewer called Suzanne said this:

I tried on a pair of these at DKNY, and I was so impressed by the comfort of them!! I came home and ordered three pair from Amazon.

What People Did Not Like About the Go Walk Aspire Shoes

Those who left lower rated reviews, were mainly people who have owned other types of Skecher shoes.  The point they are making appears to be, that these have been designed with extra room in them.  That can make sizing a bit problematic.

Normally with walking shoes, you would buy a size up to allow for thicker socks.  Avoid doing that with these, and just go for your normal size shoe and you will be ok.

Summary & Verdict

It is hard to argue with ratings, and these are right up there with the best.  We have not bought these shoes, so we have simply summarized what other buyers have stated about them.  It would appear to us that those who buy them, and love them, go on to buy several pairs.

The Go Walk Aspire shoes have attracted plenty of buyers, and have maintained a high rating.  That is always a very strong sign of a great pair of walking shoes.

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