Skechers Performance Footwear Women's Go Walk 3 Renew Walking Shoe pink 2
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Skechers Women’s Go Walk 3 Renew Review

Skechers Performance Footwear Women's Go Walk 3 Renew Walking Shoe blue side

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The Renew walking shoe from the Skechers brand has been designed as an athletic shoe.

This product gets a solid and consistent rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars and as you can see, made it on to our list of Best Walking Shoes For Women.

This particular shoe is certainly quite different to many others that are out there in the market place.  For me they look like slippers on a strong sole.

Many people love this look, but I am not so sure.  The interesting thing is that ladies who like these really love them.  I get the sense that they are a bit like “Marmite,” as you will either love them or hate them.

Before you make up your mind, check out the review below.  It is clear though, that women who buy these, buy them again and again, and repeat buyers are what brands love to see.

Colors Available

Skechers Performance Footwear Women's Go Walk 3 Renew Walking Shoe Grey

They are available in six colors which are:

  • Gray
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Navy
  • Taupe

Sizes and Specs

These shoes are available in the following sizes 5-11 B (M) US) and most half sizes from 5-9.

  • These are very lightweight
  • Good grip rubber sole
  • A really good padded heel

They advertise this shoe as having a Goga mat energy insole and pillars – to make sense of that, it means they have added some spring and absorption into these shoes, which makes these feel quite airy.

Skechers Performance Footwear Women's Go Walk 3 Renew Walking Shoe

That helps with the actual walking stride as well.  You will find that different brands come up with particular names for the way they construct the shoe.  

The cushioning on this one is great, and it helps push and encourage the stride, and the stride pattern.

For this one, the main focus is on building a shoe that offers really strong support, and as they say, it helps to put a spring in your step.  That is what these manufacturers have tried to achieve.

What People Love

The feedback from buyers here is actually quite interesting, and also quite varied, and it does split opinion.  We have attempted to try and summarize that below:

  • Almost all the buyers stated that these were very comfortable and light on the feet
  • You can wear these without socks, and they are comfy on bare feet

One reviewer Hong Shi Jie said this:

Comfortable wearing for long periods, good for walking long distances.  Very nice colour and material… too bad only available to the ladies.

Now for all the buyers who really loved these, it was mainly about the genuine comfort and the support that they offered.

What People Did Not Like

Skechers Performance Footwear Women's Go Walk 3 Renew Walking Shoe pink 2

  • The grip on these is pretty powerful, but can be difficult to walk on linoleum, as they tend to grip so hard
  • Quite a few people said these are great for wearing around the house or for short trips, but not ideal for longer walks

Some people preferred the original Go Walk 3.  I would be one of those, but that is simply down to the style of this shoe, rather than anything to do with the actual design or comfort.

Summary & Verdict

As I mentioned at the start, some buyers love these and love the style. Personally I don’t like it, so it would be wrong for me to recommend them to you.  I also don’t want to argue with the number of buyers or the high ratings these get.

In terms of quality they are, of course, very good, but I just don’t like the style of them.  That is just my personal taste of course.  

So if you like the look, go for it, because they are good value for money, and they are high quality shoes.

We are all different and we will all like different things. There is no doubting the quality of these, so if you like the style, then these are the ones to go for.

These Go Walk 3 Renew model to continue to grow in popularity, which is interesting, so clearly they are the first choice for many ladies.

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