Skechers Men’s Go Walk 3-LT Review

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skechers 3 LT walking shoe

The number one choice for men’s walking shoes is the Skechers Men’s Go Walk 3-LT.  No surprise here – Skechers is well known around the world for its award-winning and high quality footwear.

Using the revolutionary Goga Mat technology, these shoes have a number of awesome features that make them the best athletic walking shoes available, according to actual buying customers. 

Skechers is the leading brand, and this shoe is right bang at the top of our list of best men’s walkers around.

What Buyers Say About the 3-LT

The first thing people say about the Go Walk 3-LT by Skecher is that they are by far the most comfortable shoe you’ll ever wear. 

In fact, there is the distinct possibility that after trying on these shoes, you will not want to wear any other shoe.  Yes, they’re that comfy – almost like wearing a slipper.

It is an especially good shoe for people who have chronic foot pain, as they are designed specifically for cushioning a man’s feet on long walks.

Some of the buyers of this men’s shoe have reported that these shoes were the perfect solution to their foot pain problems, stating that being on their feet for hours at a time while working, was no longer such a huge problem, or that these shoes made them feel like they were “walking on a cloud”.

That’s not a common thing to hear people say about your average footwear!  Could it be because the 3 LT’s are far from average? 

You simply have to try them on to believe it – it’s really quite ridiculous how soft these shoes feel.

Pure comfort is far and away the #1 feature that many fans of this shoe report, but it is definitely not the only feature the the Go Walk 3-LT offers.

Key Features of the Go Walk 3-LT

Skechers Men's Go Walk 3-LT Walking Shoe - grey top view

Some of the other outstanding features of this model of shoe includes:

  • Super lightweight (6.6 ounce shipping weight)
  • Real leather look (Leathertex upper)
  • Energy return insole / extra rebound and cushioning thanks to Goga Mat technology
  • Extra soft fabric lining (source of the “walking on a cloud” feeling)
  • Designed specifically with materials for athletic walking (resalyte, goga pillars)
  • From casual to business, it works for most situations

Size range includes: 7 – 14 (US)

Color selection includes: Black, Charcoal, White/navy, Chocolate

The Skechers Men’s Go Walk 3-LT Walking Shoe has a 79% rating as far as customers receiving a perfect-fitting shoe. 

This rating is actually quite high for a shoe sold online, although there is the odd complaint by a handful of customers.

Skechers Men's Go Walk 3-LT Walking Shoe - grey side 3/4 view

Some minor complaints about the shoe include:
– Shoe did not fit properly for one reason or another
– Not enough color selection for this type of walking shoe
– Design not exciting enough
– Not wide enough

In defence of the supposedly “understated” style of the shoe, we feel that each color variant of the shoe does have its own particular style, and while the shoes are not exactly the flashiest. 

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It is, in fact, their understated appearance that actually works out to be an advantage in most cases.

Hence, you can wear these shoes all the time, and in any given circumstance.  A lot of guys actually buy an extra pair just to have a backup, because they are so darn cosy.

We do understand that people would probably like to see these in different designs, but their neutral color makes it easier to match up with whichever outfit you may be wearing that day.  

These may not be top of the range in terms of color selection, but they win out on sheer comfort.  At the end of the day, that is what walking shoes are all about.

Below you can find a good video review of the Walk 3-LT which should help you decide if these are the ones for you.

The Final Verdict

Priced at around $60 or so, most buyers of this particular shoe felt they got great value for their money, as this shoe received an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. 

The majority of reviews have nothing but praise for this walking shoe, and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. 

It’s almost as if Skechers has come up with the perfect walking shoe, just by recognizing what people want in a walking shoe, and delivering the goods big time.

One reviewer said this, which we thought was quite apt;

Like walking on cotton balls that stick to the ground wonderful shoes.

And so, if you are someone who goes for numerous walks, whether it be for recreation or sport, we know you will love the Go Walk 3-LT.