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Skechers Men’s Go Walk 2 Flash Review

The Skechers Men’s Go Walk 2 Flash Walking Shoe sets an industry standard for comfortable and affordable footwear. 

This popular line of shoe has been designed specifically for walkers using not just one, but several different revolutionary footwear technologies, each of which we discuss in more detail in this review.

What you essentially need to know as a footwear consumer and walker is that these shoes have long been a popular benchmark with walking enthusiasts around the world, and it’s easy to see why, when you decide to lace these Go Walk 2 shoes up.

Skechers Men's Go Walk 2 flash

While some people seem to have their hang-ups with Skechers entering the running shoe arena a few years back, their Go Walk 2 series seems to have hit a home run with consumers, as the glowing customer reviews for these shoes continue to roll in on sites like Amazon.

What gives Skechers Go Walk 2 Flash walking shoes their “edge” over other walking shoes?  I mean, are they really that much better than the rest? 

This might surprise a few people, but yes,  Skechers has actually become the leader in this type of footwear, ahead of almost all other brands, and there are several solid reasons behind this.

Good Shoe VS Bad Shoe

But before we get into that, here’s a great video you can watch that will teach you the difference between a good shoe and a bad shoe. 

Feel free to watch it to gain some insight, or just skip it if you already know most of what he’s saying.  Either way, it’s a helpful video you can watch anytime!

Comfort First

skechers go walk mens

The reason I love the Go Walk 2 line of shoes is that they are built for comfort first.  Many shoes are notorious for leaving your feet sore, whether you are using them for athletic reasons or just as your go-to work or casual shoe. 

Over time this can lead to foot problems, which I’ve personally had to deal with, and it’s no fun.  It can be highly demotivating to go for a simple walk, and end up with foot pain for your efforts.

For me, I was tired of trying to get some exercise, or even going for a leisurely stroll and coming home with sore feet!  

One pair of expensive shoes I bought, I literally threw in the trash can because I realized they weren’t ultimately designed to cushion my feet. 

To me that’s like designing a coffee cup that spills hot coffee on your lap every time you drink it.  I might make the mistake of purchasing a product like that once, but not twice!

With the Go Walk 2, Skechers basically pulls out all the stops when it comes to pampering your feet.  

Once you try these shoes on, you will agree with us that Skechers has created shoes that are so comfortable you may never want to take them off !

Multiple Shoe Technologies Used

go walk skechers mens

In terms of the technical side of things, what makes Skechers Go Walk 2’s so comfortable?  As I mentioned, the technology Skechers employs for these shoes is outstanding, to the point of almost over-doing it with all the different lingo they use to describe their footwear.

At first some of the mumbo jumbo bothered me, because I thought “Really, Goga mat technology?  GOimpulse sensors? 

Come on, Skechers, just use plain English!”  But the more I walked around in the shoe, I realized that while they were using these terms as a selling feature, there was something to each of the terms.

I guess it’s just their way of highlighting the different things they managed to pull off in their shoe lab, and they had to call each achievement by some name, or else no one would be aware of them.  So I’m cutting them some slack. 

It reminds me of when my older siblings had Nike with their “pump” shoes, and their Air Jordans.  I always thought the names were kind of silly, but the shoes themselves were well-made.

Treadmill Friendly

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Not every day has perfect conditions for going out walking or running, which is when treadmills come in handy. 

Luckily, Skechers Men’s Go Walk 2 Flash walking shoes are just about perfect for using on treadmills.  They are light, airy, and best of all, they are not socks! 

Joking aside, you want a shoe that can keep you feeling limber when you hop on the treadmill for a walk indoors on a rainy day, and the soles of these Go Walk 2’s are very agreeable with the treadmill’s belt.  Definitely a great option to have if you have both a treadmill and a pair of Go Walk 2’s.  

Goga Mat = Yoga Mat Comfort

Let’s start with the resalyte mid-sole, which absorbs a good deal of the impact that other shoes do not. 

Resalyte is a material created by Skechers that is like foam, and designed specifically to cushion your foot when it hits the ground, providing your foot with maximum shock absorption.

You can definitely feel the cushioning at work when you go out for a long walk, but the Resalyte isn’t the only material working to keep your foot comfortable. 

It also gives your shoes a lot more bounce and rebound than your average walking shoe, hence some customers rave about the lightness of the shoes.

Skechers go ealk flash mens

Another pro in the comfort department is the Goga mat insole, which is made from the same material as yoga mats, and gives the shoe even more cushion. 

It’s this feature that I think is responsible for the Go Walk 2 feeling so comfortable.

You basically have an entire shoe made out of cushion-y material, so when you’re walking, you can almost forget about your feet and just walk, which of course is the point here.

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That’s not to say you won’t feel other things aching, if you’ve had problems in the past.  

Skechers, however, has definitely done a lot here to reduce any discomfort you might get from chronic pain, either due to injury or other factors.

In my case, it’s my knees that always get me later (I have a knee injury from a couple years back) but I must say that wearing these shoes does decrease the overall impact.

I’m left feeling pretty good after a long walk in my Skechers, whereas before, I really needed to sit down and just deal with the pain for a little while.

Here’s a quick video showing a man wearing a pair of Skechers GoWalk shoes. 

They aren’t exactly the same as the GoWalk 2 Flash walking shoes, but they do employ similar technology, so its worth having a look at them in real time. 

You can tell by the flexibility in the shoe that the GoWalk series is great for people with bad knees, and other injuries as well.

GOimpluse & Goga Pillars

yoga mat comfort

Now I want to mention something that Skechers refers to as GOimpulse outsole traction sensors. 

Again, Skechers is giving us some footwear lingo, that I want to translate into normal English.  If you look really closely at the outsoles, you can see these little lines on the bottom of the shoe.

As much as I like walking, and fancy myself a shoe expert, I can’t claim to be a scientist.   But as near as I can figure, these lines found on the bottoms of the “Goga pillars” are what gives the shoe both its bounce, and its traction.

When you’re walking in these shoes, you can definitely feel the traction as you push off the ground with different parts of your foot.  

You might think that these weird geometric lines are just for style, but you soon realize that they actually do something for the shoe.


Skechers Men's performance go walk 2Wide range of color selection available: charcoal/black, black, white/navy, navy/grey, black/blue, black/grey, blue/lime, white/grey, and black/grey. Call me boring, but I just go for the black ones every time.

Point of interest: One day a little while ago, my girlfriend opened up the newspaper and saw that Skechers had sponsored elite marathon champion Meb Keflezighi (Boston Marathon winner, 2014).  

We figure if Skechers are good enough for a professional runner like Meb, they are good enough for us (my girlfriend wears the women’s shoe equivalent of mine). 

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