Servus Comfort Technology 14" PVC Steel Toe Men's Work Boots
Men's Rain Boots, Rubber Sole, Slip On, Steel Toed, Superior Traction, Synthetic, Waterproof

Servus Comfort Technology PVC Steel Toe Men’s Boots Review

  • MODEL NO:  18821
  • SIZES:  3-15 (US)
  • WEIGHT:  13.3 OUNCES
  • HEIGHT:  14”
  • DIMENSIONS: 8 X 17.9 X 4.1 INCHES
  • PRICE GUIDE:  $21.11-$25.52

PVC Steel Toe Men's Work Boots

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The first thing to really know about these boots is, not only are they not a fashion item, but that they’re also not really a domestic product, meant for venturing out and about around town in a spot of light drizzle.

Don’t get us wrong, Best Walking Shoe Reviews can assure you that these Servus Comfort Technology PVC Steel boots are definitely waterproof and will see you powering through the rain.

It’s just that these are a hard core, heavy duty boots. They laugh in the face of rain and scoff in the face of floods.

During a dry spell, they probably rise up by themselves and start doing some sort of rain dance in your closet. If you live somewhere like Arizona, they’ll most likely migrate on you.

No, there is no issue with these boots not loving the rain. It is just that they are rather more than ‘just’ a rain boot.

These have a steel toe cap and are specially designed to be chemical resistant. Really, they are for heavy industrial or agricultural use.

So, in other words, if you live in a city and felt like poncing about town, sipping your tall skinny half caff latte in skinny jeans and there’s a spot of mild precipitation, these may not be the boots to do it in.

We are not ones to cast aspersions, but when manufacturers Honeywell created the Servus Comfort Technology PVC Steel Toe capped rain boots, they weren’t thinking about the needs of the effete, quinoa munching metrosexuals.

No, they were thinking about the needs of the red blooded alpha male partaking in traditional manly activities. These may be things like fishing, boating, walking through boggy, rugged terrain or chasing defenseless animals with pointy sticks.

Or maybe just robust jobs in construction or chemical industries.

So, having established that these are not a fashion item, what do these actually look like from a design point of view?

Well, unlike some of the more ‘functional’ models out there, the Servus Comfort Technology PVC boots do at least come in more colors than just black.

This is always an encouraging sign. These boots are available in a nice jaunty shade of yellow, a pleasing shade of green, the obligatory plain black and a rather scary looking white that gives it that “contamination suit” vibe.

servus comfort technology boot men's green


It’s all very well these being highly chemically resistant and strong enough to shovel shit in, but if they cripple your big toe and play havoc with your fallen arches, they won’t be much use.

Well, according to the manufacturers Honeywell, these have been especially designed to be able to be worn all day.

The removable foot form sole inside is credited with providing the comfort for your feet and the good news is that most wearers have found these reasonably good to have on.

So, we think we agree that you should be able to wear these all day, should you need to. After all, they are designed primarily as a work boot, be it for the farm or the factory.

However, a word of caution, being able to wear them all day does not translate in necessarily being able to clock up miles whilst wearing them. These are not primarily a walking boot. This means that while you can walk in them and comfortably, you shouldn’t attempt to climb the Himalayas.

Like most rain or work boots, these PVC beauties are only available in a full size and have plenty of space available in them for your thick socks.

The manufacturers claim that these are nice and supple, so you can bend easy in them and the grips are second to none.

All round, we are convinced that these are waterproof, comfortable and easy enough to walk in.

men's rain boots pvc


Well having established that you are not going to join the Sherpas in these or become a particularly successful hipster (not even ironically, we fear) the only thing left for it is to put these to the test in a full on nuclear accident.

But failing that, we could also just see what customers have to say about them.

Are these durable enough to be worn at work all day, in harsh chemical environment?

The news is encouraging. These are robust. Not everlasting, but for the price (which is fairly minimal for something as sturdy as this) we think you can’t really complain when they finally do give up the ghost.

The soles are a Trac10 outer sole pattern and lest we forget there is steel capping on the toes.

The PVC is not only waterproof and chemical proof, but also grease resistant and you shouldn’t slip whilst wearing these.

Are they particularly warm? Whilst these are not credited with being high performance boots in sub-zero temperatures, we think you can wear them reasonably in cold climes, as long as you double up your warm socks with them.

In other words, these are no different to any other type of PVC rain boots in the snow and ice in terms of warmth. In other ways, they are significantly better – the grips are first rate and the waterproofing is excellent too.


PVC polyblend injection molded construction

As long as you aren’t expecting to start any trends, we think these are a prime choice for the workplace.

Unlike some steel capped toe boots, these are flexible and the tops are scalloped to make them gentler on your calves.

They are durable and shouldn’t give way easily and, of course, you should be able to drop reasonably heavy objects on your toe without breaking all four hundred thousand bones in your foot – but don’t try this at home kids!

The Servus Comfort Technology PVC Steel Toe boots may not come in a million different cute designs, but they do do what it says on the tin – and protects your feet at work all day.

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