RYKA Women’s Joyful Walking Shoe Review

The RYKA Women’s Joyful Walking Shoe is a shoe that looks like a slip-on, but has the support of a walking shoe.

They’re laced shoes with fine details like breathable mesh and molded EVA midsoles.

We cover all the great things about these shoes as well as a few things you might want to consider before making your purchase.


  • Compression EVA
  • Molded footbed
  • Memory foam heel
  • Antimicrobial
  • Washable mesh
  • Lightweight
  • Nice details

RYKA Specializes in Women’s Athletics

RYKA knows that women’s feet are completely different from men’s feet.

While most companies will shrink a style in size and change the color to sell as women’s shoes, this company knows that the structure of the foot is more delicate and has vastly varied needs.

For example, they have a narrow heel in their shoes. They increase the volume around the instep as well as giving the shoes a bit of an extra arch in some cases.

Compression EVA

If you’ve ever wondered about EVA midsoles, why they’re used, and what makes them so great, you can read more in our Ed-Shoe-Cation section.

The basics are that the midsole is made of a flexible material that will cushion the foot and keep it from feeling all the hard things you step on during the day.

Imagine if you had a hard sole that lead directly to the bottom of your foot. It would be like walking directly on a rock.

With a compression EVA midsole, there’s extra cushioning to protect the foot while walking.

This is vital for those who want a comfy shoe that they can wear outdoors. If you’re walking at the mall, lack of cushioning might not be such a huge issue.

Stretch, Washable Mesh

This is one of our favorite features. Before we begin, let us say that we recommend that you wear socks with your walking shoes.

It can relieve the rubbing you might experience with some shoes as well as prevent blisters and hot spots on your feet.

There are times when you want to throw shoes onto your feet without socks, though. These shoes are terrific for quick walks like when you need to take the dog out for a quick jaunt around the block.

Slip them onto your feet without socks if you want. They have an antimicrobial Ortholite memory foam cushion. This will stop them from smelling funky when you wear them without socks.

They’re washable with stretch fabric that won’t get ruined in the washing machine, too. When you finally need to wash them, toss them into the machine without worrying that they’ll come apart in the wash.

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Molded Footbed

The footbed is molded for maximum comfort. When you have conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs, or neuropathy, you have to be careful about the types of shoes you wear.

RYKA customers have specifically mentioned how much the shoes have helped their foot pain and issues.

You don’t want to give up walking because you have foot pain, but walking can be painful and almost impossible with some conditions.

The footbed is also removable if you need to use your own orthotics. You might need a squishy insert or extra heel cushioning for all your shoes.

While the footbed is removable, the back of the heel is not very high. This might be something to take into consideration if you need heel inserts.

Flexible Outsole

Most of us do our walking when we’re running errands. To get 10,000 steps a day, you have to park further from your destination.

You’ll need to take the stairs instead of the elevator, and take the dogs on extra walks. All of these things require a shoe that can flex with you.

The outsole of the RYKA Joyful Women’s Shoes is made from a second density EVA that is abrasion grade. It won’t become shredded with wear on the hard ground, which is a possibility with some walking shoes if you don’t buy quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the shoes weigh?

They are incredibly lightweight at only 6 ounces.

What colors are available for the Joyful Walking Shoes?

They come in navy with pink accents, black with mint accents, pink with purple accents, and gray with pink accents.

Does this style have a big heel?

The narrow heel of the RYKA brand shoes are a feature that attracts many customers. These shoes have a higher heel with a smaller back. Take this into account when purchasing.

We adore RYKAs and their commitment to quality shoes especially made for women. The RYKA Women’s Joyful Walking Shoe is an example of a great shoe with a lot of thought behind it.