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We Review the Best Sandals for High Arches

I’m honored to write the best sandals for high arches article for those in search of a fitting sandal for their condition.

Why should you read this post? I’m a physiologist and a practicing physiotherapist, and I’ve garnered more experience particularly with this neurological disorder, and I’ll be so glad to share my experience with you.

Without much ado, what exactly is a high arch?

Your arch comprises your tarsal, metatarsal bones as well as the ligaments and tendons. Your arch runs from the toes to your heel on the bottom of the foot.

High arch is the opposite of flat feet, and it’s also known as cavus foot caused by a neurological condition or medical condition, and it can as well be inherited.

Cavus foot can occur at any age, and it tends to be painful compared to flat feet condition because of the excess amount of weight that is placed on the ball and heel of the foot when standing or walking.

The signs to know if you have a high arch

  • Difficult fitting sandals and shoes
  • Shortened foot length
  • Feeling the sensation of pain on the foot while standing, walking, and running.

The difference between normal arch and high arch

How to know if you have a normal arch or high arch

You can easily find out by using paint on your foot.

(1)    Get little quantity of paint and pour on a wood board

(2)    Step on the paint and then remove your feet while you place it on a white cardboard

This result shows you have a normal arch as you will only see an imprint of your foot while the inside curve is missing

It shows you have a high arch if you can’t see anything but your heel and the top of your foot near your toes.


I’ll suggest you visit your podiatrist if your condition warrants surgical operation but for the non-surgical treatment, the appropriate means is through the use of orthotic devices such as sandals and shoes that will offer support, stability and cushioning to the foot.

In place of this, we’ve been able to come up with the best sandals for high archers with our focus on the quality, and the comfort users derive from them.

Vionic with Orthaheel High Tide Women’s Sandal

The outcome of the survey made shows that the sandal is the perfect choice for those suffering from plantar fasciitis and in need of a lasting solution. It is made of synthetic materials with the high heel of 1.9 inches to support the foot.

The upper part of the sandal is made of leather, and it is well padded with neoprene, it has dual density midsole for maximum support to the foot while the outsole is of durable rubber. Fortunately, it isn’t ideal for those with plantar fasciitis alone but also for those with a high arch.

It is a beautiful sandal to give the support needed to your arch and reduce the pressure placed on your foot while standing, walking and running. The only setback about the sandal is that it doesn’t seem to be comfortable in the rain and it’s only perfect for women and not to be used by men.


  • It is well padded to enhance the support given to the arch
  • It is ideal for those battling with plantar fasciitis
  • It is lightweight and more comfortable to move


  • It is only suitable for women

Footminders BALTRA Unisex Orthotic Arch Support Sandals

The unisex Unisex Orthotic Arch Support Sandals from Footminders BALTRA is anatomically constructed to offer the maximum support needed for your foot arches to ease the pain on the feet and heel. It is specially designed for those who have issues with their arch.

Wearing a flat sandal will contribute to the abnormalities and to walk comfortably without having to feel any pain in your foot, it is the right choice for you. The midsole of the orthotic sandal is made of compression molded EVA material that offers optimal support to the arch.

You don’t have to look too far it is the search of sandals that is pliable for shock absorption with quality cushioning for maximum support,  the Footminders BALTRA Unisex Orthotic Arch Support Sandals is the best option for you. We choose the sandal in our list because it is recommended by podiatrists and chiropractors to reduce foot pain caused by a high arch.


  • It can be used by both men and women
  • It offers optimal support and can be used for different foot related issues
  • It is pliable for shock absorption
  • It is recommended by podiatrists to reduce foot pain caused by a high arch


  • It has no significant setback

Aerosoft Arch Supportive Deke, Kumo, Tuck & Zeus Style Sandals

The last on the list is a trendy and lightweight sandal designed for women to offer support to the arch. It is perfect wear for all kind of outing as it is comfortable to wear for an extended period with the help of the strappy style.

It comes with a dual style which makes it ideal for both casual and formal outings. It comes with a synthetic sole, and the midsole is made of polyurethane material which makes the sandal super light and more comfortable to move for every woman.

The good part of the sandal is that it can be used during different seasons such as the summer, spring, and fall; it is lightweight and water resistant. It has a heel cup to offer support to the hindfoot thereby enhancing proper alignment of posture. Lastly, the sandal is well designed to lessen back pain, knee pain, back pain and every other foot related issues.


  • It is a beautiful sandal, lightweight, durable and more comfortable to move
  • It is useful in reducing back pain, knee pain, back pain and every other foot related issues
  • It is water resistant


  • It has no major setback


With my knowledge and experience, I’ve been able to come up with this masterpiece on the BEST SANDALS FOR HIGH ARCHES for you. All that you need to know about high arches is discussed above I’ll be glad if you share your experience with me in the comment box below.

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