We thought it would be useful to pull together a page where we list some very useful resources that exist on the Internet for anyone who enjoys walking. There are a number of very useful websites that we have certainly found interesting and we thought we should share those with you.

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association is a website that is all about keeping your heart healthy. It is important to do that when you are young, and even more important as you start to age. They stress the importance of going for walks that help not only our general levels of health, but also how they can help a lot with relieving stress.

This website is always worth a visit now and then and makes very good reading.

Everyday Health

The Everyday Health website is also packed with information about the health benefits of walking on a regular basis. You can find some really useful information there about when to walk, what types of walk suit which age groups and some great general information on keeping fit and healthy.

Start Walking Now

This is a website from the American Heart Association  that is dedicated to walking and the many benefits you will get from this type of activity.