Reebok Women’s Daily Cushion Review

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Reebok Women's Daily Cushion RS Walking Shoe white

The design of these women’s walking shoes is all about comfort. They are also a very good choice as the shoe is termed “breathable,” which simply means they help prevent any build up of sweat.

There are three different models of these available which are:

  • Reebok Women’s Daily Cushion RS Walking Shoe (Rating 4.1/5 stars)
  • Reebok Women’s Daily Cushion 2.0 RS Walking Shoe (Rating 4.4/5 stars)
  • Reebok Women’s Daily Cushion 3.0 RS Walking Shoe (Rating 4.0/5 stars)

As you can see the RS was the original version, and as they have made small changes they have released these as version 2 and then version 3. You can also see from these ratings that the 2.0 model is the most popular. The general feeling from buyers is that the 2.0 version was a really good improvement from the original model.

Although Reebok then went on to make more minor alterations, it is clear based on buyer feedback, that they actually set the shoe back in terms of any improvements. It seems clear that the 2.0 model is the one buyers like the best.

Colors Available

Reebok Women's Daily Cushion RS Walking Shoe

They are all available in:

  • Black
  • White with a silver inlay
  • White with a teal inlay
  • White with a green inlay

Please note that there are some small changes in color tones across the 3 different models, but they are small changes.

Feature Pick

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Sizes Available

These shoes are available in the following sizes

5-11 B (M) US) and half sizes from 6-8

Quick Specification of the Daily Cushion

  • The dominant make-up of these is leather, but added to that is a breathable canvas
  • They also have a mesh lining which is good for letting the feet breathe
  • They have a bevelled heel which promotes proper walking, but takes a little getting used to initially
  • The sole is made from a grooved rubber which is perfect to prevent slipping

What People Love About the Daily Cushion 2.0 RS Walking Shoe

We have included a short bullet point summary of the most popular reviews we found mentioned by actual buyers and users of the product

  1. The first thing every buyer mentions is the absolute comfort of these shoes
  2. The arch support in these is very good
  3. Perfect if you have to be on your feet all day
  4. Those who work as waitresses, in factories or warehouses loved these
  5. Good quality leather shoes are hard to find,and these certainly tick that box
    Reebok Women's Daily Cushion RS Walking Shoe

One reviewer Suzanne said this:

I can always count on Reeboks to fit well and be comfortable.

I like the leather rather than mesh, and these now, are for some reason, hard to find, but I found them at Amazon, and at a good price too.

What People Did Not Like About the Reebok 2.0 RS Walking Shoe

There were not that many poor reviews. Of those we analysed them and found the following:

  • Buyers who wore these 12-13 hours a day said they wore out after 3-6 months
  • Some also said they did not offer the support that they thought they would.

Reebok Women's Daily Cushion RS Walking ShoeSummary & Verdict