Pooluly Men’s Water Shoe Review

Pooluly Men's Water Shoe Review

  • MODEL NO:  M306
  • SIZES:   7-13
  • PRICE GUIDE:   $17.99-$25.99


Well, the manufacturer’s name starts with the word ‘poo’ but it gets better from there onwards, we promise!

These are the ultra lightweight aqua shoes by elusive manufacturer Pooluly.

Pooluly appear not to have a website of their own, or at least this shoe reviewer can’t find it and we have deployed our very own cyber Sam Spade on their case.

They are a Chinese manufacturer, who  are associated with some other labels (also shoes). This water shoe maker may be a little shy, but they certainly seem to know what they are doing.

These are by no means an expensive pair of shoes, beginning at around $18 a pair.

Made of a very lightweight fabric, these may surprise you with their featherlight feel.

These aren’t available in anything remotely resembling ‘funky’ colors. They are steadfastly sensible looking shoes, you can have them in black, navy or gray.

It would seem, that the manufacturers haven’t attempted to jazz up the description of them by calling them “thermo-nuclear navy” or “scud missile gray” or any such flim-flam as experienced reviewers like ourselves are used to hearing.

In terms of construction, these are primarily a mesh design, with a solid panel around the opening.

If you flip these shoes over and look on the reverse, you will see a series of holes, with meshing covering them. These will help air the shoes when you wear them on land, but also aid drainage. They are also a prime advantage when you try and dry them.

Pooluly claim that their soles are extra adhesive and will not slip when used in wet conditions. We certainly hope so! Since this is the primary reason for water shoes.

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pooluly sports

These should be an excellent choice for anyone with a boat of any description. If you need some deck shoes, that won’t leave you floundering all over the place like a beached whale, these should be on your list.

Likewise, anyone engaged in any activity where there is water present would benefit from a pair of these.

Whether on the deck or at the dock, these make our first pick of shoes to take with us for boating, or maybe even fishing activities.

It doesn’t stop there. You might also wear them whilst beach combing, when you might want to dip in the water but also be able to carry on walking through the beach.

Because these offer a relatively good degree of protection for your feet, they should help prevent any nasty incidents with sharp stones and pebbles.

Yes, sand may get into them, but they should empty fairly easily too.

Just remember, because they do have holes in them (as they have to do) to pay attention of just what you step in whilst out and about on the beach.

Maybe we are not too sure about actually running in these water shoes – the jury is out on that score, although we think that for a short sprint you should be good to go.

We’re just not sure that we would undertake the Boston Marathon whilst wearing them. Then again, we’re not too sure we would undertake the Boston Marathon full stop!

In all seriousness, we doubt whether any lightweight pair of water shoes would be ideal for long distance running in. Having established that these are fine for strolling and sprinting in we can look to the terrain in greater depth.

Yes, walking in these water shoes is a breeze and the range of conditions is remarkably versatile.

These shouldn’t let you down whether on the tarmac, at the beach or standing on top of a kayak.

And this is not all. One of the things many people say they purchase these for is wearing at the poolside.

Or, actually in the pool.

If you’re a fan of aqua aerobics and need something on your feet to help ensure that you don’t slide about everywhere, then these are a good call.

So whether it is the road ahead, or the bottom of the pool, you will have your feet firmly planted on the ground when wearing these Poolulys.


water shoes for men reviews

In terms of sizing, these sadly are only available in a full size. This means that without the option of a half size, you will have to go to the nearest you can get to fit.

Here we have a little hint. Size down. At least, if you are a half size anyway or have very narrow feet.

With a 59% approval rating for the sizing, we feel we must point out that a significant minority of customers think that these water shoes run a little large.

The main cases seem to be in folk with narrow feet.

So if that is you, take note!


water shoe bottom view

Now here we get to the major advantage of this water shoe by Pooluly.

Almost no one has any bad reports of these aqua shoes being anything other than A OK to wear.

In fact, this is probably the nearest thing that you could have to going barefoot in the water, without risking injury from sharp stones or rocks. And also you will have a far superior grip with these on.

Some people have purchased these more or less as slippers, to kick back with, after a heavy day on their feet.

They are so light that you literally will not realize that you are wearing them.

And should you want to, you can wear them with socks.

Why you would want to do this, if they are going to meet with wet conditions, we are not entirely sure. But if you want to be a big freak in that respect, well, you go ahead!



For around about $18 we think you literally cannot go wrong taking a punt on these Pooluly Water Shoes.

They are cheap, lightweight and feel like air on your feet.

They will also provide a pretty decent level of protection and prevent you from falling overboard on your slippery deck.