Orgrimmar Girls First Walkers Sunflower Open Toe Sandals Review

  • ITEM SIZES:  4.6” TO 7.28”
  • PRICE GUIDE: $17.99-$18.66


Orgrimmar Girls Genuine Leather Solid Flower Sandals white

We can’t deny it. When Best Walking Shoe Reviews saw these (incredibly delightful) Orgrimmar Girls Genuine Solid Flower Sandals we did a double take.

Call it de ja vue, but we just thought that we had seen them before somewhere. And so we have.

Because these Orgrimmar Girls Solid Flower Sandals have a doppelganger. Or two, or maybe even three. Perhaps it was a multiple birth, we’re not really sure. All we know is that there are others out there and they, literally, walk among us.

The attack of the clone shoes is probably not limited to this brand or even this style, and a bit like the chicken and the egg, we cannot say for sure which of the forty million brands got there first, with any certainty.

All we can say is that when we checked out some of Orgrimmar’s  competition, it did look as if they had been there first, but it’s hard to be absolutely certain.

Definitely, from the wording of their listing page, it seems as if someone at Orgrimmar has got the hump about the many imitators out there.

Anyway. Suffice to say that the world is not short of cute little sandals with flowers on the front of them for tiny girls, so what makes these the ones to stand out from the crowd?

Orgrimmar Girls Genuine Leather Solid Flower Sandals pink

The Orgrimmar Solid Flower Sandal is a sweet little shoe, made of butter soft leather and comes with an attractive flower design on the front.

The soles are rubber and look just thick enough to be comfortable, without becoming heavy or too difficult to wear. There appears to be a degree of flexibility in the soles and the straps fasten with no apparent difficulty, with a nice and easy Velcro strap.

These are available in four straightforward colors, which we are refreshed to discover don’t come in corporate fanny speak.

So no “spirit whisper” or “phantom mist” here. Just good old fashioned plain colors, which are; pink, white, black and red.

There is a comfy looking inner sole, which is white in color and the manufacturer promises us that these are a ‘breathable’ design. Which is good news.

The underside of the shoe, the rubber sole, features a double flower design as well. This is something that has also been copied by other manufacturers, so you need to check carefully that you have got a genuine pair of Orgrimmars and not something else!

Well, then, so far, so fairly standard kids’ shoe design.

Now it is time to put these shoes truly through their paces!


Orgrimmar Girls Genuine Leather Solid Flower Sandals red

These are a kids shoe, but intended for very small ones.

This particular design does not sadly come in a half or wide fitting, but since you are probably going to want some space available for growth, this shouldn’t matter too much.

We are not entirely certain which age groups this shoe specifically cater for, and clearly, it all depends on how big their feet are.

According to the manufacturer, they cater for age ranges of between naught years and four years old.

We think that they might stretch another year or two for smaller kids, but these are basically toddler and kindergarten age footwear.

Either way, the actual sizing ranges from a toddler five, up to a little kid size twelve. This, according to guidelines, is probably about one year up to nearly six years old, roughly speaking.

Bigger sisters might look on in envy at their little siblings’ cutie pie footwear, but they ain’t going to be able to get them on, unfortunately!

Which is a pity, because these are so cute that Best Walking Shoe Reviews would be happy to get their mitts, or should that be their tootsies, on a pair of these!


Orgrimmar Girls Genuine Leather Solid Flower Sandals black

With the soft leather straps and the genuine rubber sole, these certainly look like they are going to be a dream to have on the feet.

Having seen what some customers have to say, we are pleased to conclude that they are indeed as comfortable as they first look.

The soles are flexible, which aids walking and running. After all, your little girl needs to do more than simply look adorable. There is some serious business falling over, running and jumping to be done as well.
And she will be able to do all this, quite easily, in these shoes.

The sandal has a nice sturdiness to it and parents like the fact it is wide enough for even the most “square” of foot shapes.

With plenty of space in them for growth, we think these measure up well, in the comfy and practicality stakes.

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Orgrimmar Girls Genuine Leather Solid Flower Sandals white

The Orgrimmar Girls Solid Flower Sandal is clearly designed for the summertime.

Naturally, you would not really be expecting her to wear them in a blizzard – or even in substantial rain.

The manufacturer actually states that these are not waterproof, as if you had not already guessed!

As far as a sandal goes, we think these are reasonably durable. However, with a decorative flower on the front of the shoe, your kid is going to have to be a tiny bit careful all the same.

These could get scuffed eventually, but we don’t think they will completely fall apart – at least, not before they have to do, anyway.


Orgrimmar Girls Sandal Heel

We think these Solid Flower Sandals by Orgrimmar are the real deal.

Not only do they look as cute in real life as the pictures suggest, but they are also a quality construction.

Maybe these won’t last forever, but as long as there is some degree of care taken by the parent, to steer your little princess away from overland adventure in these shoes, we think they should outlast her foot growth, at least for this year.