Oboz – Hiking Shoes And Boots Custom Made For The Trail

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Raison D’etre

Oboz is a relatively new (2007) shoe company from Bozeman, Montana – hence the name Oboz. 

Montana, if you’ve ever been there, is a scenic state in the U.S.A. with some of the most breathtaking vistas on the planet, and some of the most rugged trails any hiker will encounter. 


New Footwear For the Adventurer In You

With shoe companies, it’s always a little bit surprising to see new ones (like, for instance, Oboz) spring up in this day and age, because, well, why? 

Hasn’t it all been said and done when it comes to walking, running, and hiking shoes?  There are already so many different kinds of shoes, what else is there to offer the public in terms of new and exciting footwear?

As it turns out, there’s always some improvement that can be made, or some problem that can be solved when you are an expert in a particular field, and with Oboz, they focus specifically on trail-worthy hiking shoes and boots. 

They’ve created some amazing footwear technology which make their hiking footwear perfect for heading off on an adventure by foot, with security and comfort you won’t get from most other brands.  



They are extremely grassroots, and eco-friendly.  Every shoe sold means a tree planted, and that’s just the beginning when it comes to helping the environment with Oboz. 

Helping people, and helping the world through community efforts, is part of how they have operated from the beginning.

Many shoe companies who shall remain nameless, and which have grown into multi-national corporations, have a tough time being truly pro- environment, despite their best efforts. 

Oboz intentionally keeps their shoe company at a manageable size in terms of personnel, in order to affect grassroots change. 

Their team is relatively small, which means they’re one of those companies who really manage to answer the specific needs of their target audience.


At the same time, the people who work for Oboz, including the president of the company John Connelly, have a lot of experience in the footwear business, with some of them working for some of the biggest shoe brands around, and what they were seeing wasn’t entirely satisfying them. 

Looking at hiking shoes, they knew they could offer something new and better, and this we think is why Oboz needed to be born.


On their website, Oboz has a wide variety of hiking boots for every type of excursion you might embark upon. 

Indeed, if you aren’t a huge hiking enthusiast, you might actually get a bit overwhelmed at first by the selection that Oboz carries in terms of both women’s and men’s hiking shoes. 

They come in many stylish designs and colors.  With each new design, you get something a little different, which is why you should take a closer look at their selection to see which shoe or boot suits you the best. 


There is a bevy of shoes to choose from, and you can sort through them according to their features, whether it be wide sizing, all leather, or some of their in house creations, such as BFit lacing, or BDry waterproofing. 

Some of their intriguing shoe names include the “Scapegoat Mid”, the “Firebrand II” for men, and the “Pheonix” and the “Emerald Peak” for women.

Oboz Hiking Shoe Technology

The reason you need to check out Oboz’s hiking shoe selection is due to the technology they have developed.  Shoe technology, while not of interest to some, is actually the reason to buy Oboz footwear. 

Their team has specially designed several different technologies to make your hiking experience that much better.


Some of these technologies include:

BFit Insoles

This is a biomechanically designed insole which stabilizes your foot, and prevents it from sliding around as it does with an improperly made shoe. 

These BFit insole prevent blisters as well as other abrasions, and cuts back on pronation when your foot moves inside the shoe. 

This provides wearers with the best possible fit, and makes it so your shoe hugs your foot gently, which actually does wonders for your feet while navigating tricky terrain.


TPU Chassis

The word chassis refers to the frame of something, and that’s just what this TPU chassis is – a central part of the shoe, offering the lion’s share of protection for your foot against things like rocks and other things that might bruise your foot. 

Because the chassis is so substantial in an Oboz shoe, and the TPU is so lightweight, heavy rubber is shed from the design to give you a lighter, more free experience while still giving you the heavy duty protection you need on a trail.


BDry Waterproofing

One of the best things about Oboz hiking footwear is the waterproofing.  Oboz has designed these shoes to handle just about any stomping around in bogs you might be doing, and it does so very scientifically, by using three different things:

The Crux – What we have here is Oboz’s very own in-house designed bootie made from polyurethane, which allows sweat to escape, but lets no water in.

Secondly, you’ll experience no water infiltrating your Oboz shoes whatsoever, because of their shrewdly designed hydrophobic (eg. “scared of water”) upper materials.  This is the second line of defence against water, and it does a great job.

Last, but not least, we have Oboz’s wick-away textile lining which is found inside the boots, so that sweat isn’t going to get your feet wet from the inside.  Everything stays as dry as a bone.

The list of Oboz footwear innovations does not stop there, but you’ll have to look on their website to get the full listing of features they offer with their footwear.

User Reviews

Have a look at this review by Outdoor Gear TV, talking about the Oboz Bridger.

This is but one of the many selections Oboz has to offer, and in this video they show some of the patented shoe technology from Oboz that we’ve been talking about here.

Wrapping Up

If you are fond of the outdoors, and don’t mind getting a little dirty, the comfort and style offered by Oboz footwear is really unmatched.

They are experts in that field of walking trails, camping and otherwise heading out on foot to do some exploration.

We have tried their trail-ready shoes and boots, and we recommend that you do too.  You won’t be disappointed!

Visit the Oboz website here.