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Northside Women’s Kathmandu Waterproof Snow Boot Review

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Winter is coming, and you still haven’t decided which footwear will compliment your feet in the upcoming season? Do you really need to buy new ones? Are your current boots worn out?  Or are you just tired of  them? Maybe you’re just too tired to go shopping…too many choices, too many styles, too many pairs to try on!  

In this article, we’ll help make your decision a little easier by introducing the Northside Women’s Kathmandu Waterproof Snow Boots, which are bound to appeal to your practical side, as well as your fashion sense!

If you’ve recently taken a look at these beauties, and still can’t decide, read this review, and you’ll know whether are they worth the shot or not.


We’ve tested these boots to see how they respond to slushy, snowy, winter weather, and the results are quite satisfying. Wearing these boots, you will look pretty ‘doggone’ fashionable, and still keep your feet toasty warm.

tall-snow-boot women

Whether you’re taking your dogs out for a walk, using them for shovelling snow off your sidewalk, or you just like to walk a lot for your health, these boots are perfect. If you’re up to purchasing affordable, comfortable boots which you can wear, instead of stylish and expensive, but not-so-comfortable boots, you will like the Northside Women’s Kathmandu.

The shaft is around 11-inches tall, and the heel measures approximately 0.5“ high. They are good looking, comfortable and have a faux fur collar. This is definitely a tall snow boot, offering duck-shoe vamp.

What also makes these boots nearly perfect is the fact that they resist extremely cold conditions, and protect your feet down to -40 degrees F.  The thermolite insulation assures the wearer of an efficient heating material.

The Feel


Northside really made sure that ladies enjoy the comfort and warmth of this boot. You can spend nearly the whole day in them, and still not feel the cold. Like we said, they are comfortable, and are perfect whether are you wearing them with thin or thick socks.


These boots offer amazing quality, and are quite durable. They can last years if cherished well.

Many people are generally satisfied with how these boots work. It’s hard to find boots that will endure many cold winters, especially if you live in areas that are constantly under snow. 


These  boots  are  waterproof out of the box, and the rather thin soles have shallow horizontal groves to provide enough traction  to help prevent slipping and falling on cold icy surfaces.

If you’re looking for a perfect pair of boots, these are high quality, but we can’t say they’re 100% flawless. On occasion the stitching is not perfect, however buyers agree that the efficiency and durability of the boots are not affected by this.

The Fit


Like most deep snow winter boots, Northside has made it easy for customers to pull on and take off these boots. A D-ring lacing system allows for a snug fit to keep out the snow and the bitter cold. Sizing is pretty well on target.

Initially, they may feel snug feel, but that’s because of the fluffy synthetic material inside the boot.  The fluffy interior flattens out quickly to give your feet enough space. If you like to wear thick socks, you perhaps need to think about a larger size.


These boots do have a few minor drawbacks, but they will provide everything a woman needs during freezing winter temperatures. They are cozy and comfortable, and you can feel very relaxed wearing them. Not to mention how affordable they are. We can’t rate them five stars, but we guarantee that you’ll enjoy wearing them!  Not even the coldest winter weather will ruin your day when  your toes are toasty warm inside these boots!

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