New Balance Men's MW928S Leather Mesh Walking Shoe
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New Balance Men’s MW928S Leather/Mesh Review

New Balance Men's MW928S Leather Mesh Walking Shoe

Hello walking enthusiasts!  It’s me Jerry, and I’m back again with another walking shoe review.

This time I’m going to review the New Balance Men’s 928s, which are of the leather/mesh variety, and quite a bit pricier than the other shoe I reviewed on this website recently; that being the MW577 also by New Balance.

To be quite honest, I really had no interest in reviewing this shoe.  Why?  If you read my other review about the MW577’s, you’ll know that I was perfectly content with those shoes. 

I picked them up because I had an issue with virtually every other walking shoe I’d tried, and finally I came across a shoe that would allow me to walk comfortably, and was built to last. 

So then, why would I want to switch over to this more expensive shoe by the same brand?  That’s when I said “I’m fine, thanks very much!  I don’t want to write another review right now.  Kindly leave me alone, you shoe hounds!”

New Balance Men's MW928S Leather Mesh Walking ShoeAt that point, I went back to whatever I was doing at the time and simply continued using my New Balance 577’s. 

Sure enough, a week later they emailed me and tried to bribe me with a free pair of shoes.  And that’s when I said…”Sure!”

So here I am again, ready to talk about these trumped up New Balance shoes. 

I’m nothing if not fair, so when the shoes arrived in the mail I said to myself that I would really try to give these shoes a chance. 

With my 577’s, it took about a week or two to really get used to the shoes, so I figured I would give the same amount of time to the 928’s. 

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t really want to stop wearing my 577’s, as I’m used to them, and I really dislike change.  But they had given me free shoes.  Free shoes, people! 

So I put my 577’s back in the closet, and started lacing up the 928’s on a daily basis.

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What happened next?  Well, I’m not going to sit here and say that I was immediately floored by some miraculous change in comfort, or the flashy new design. 

To me, it was like wearing the same shoes as before.  No big deal, nothing to write home about.

New Balance Men's MW928S Leather Mesh Walking Shoe

The first apparent difference was pointed out by my wife, actually.  We were going for a walk together one night and she casually posed the question, “When did you get new shoes?” 

I didn’t think my wife would notice, since these shoes essentially look the same as the other shoes.  In fact, I was a little bit curious to see if she’d somehow take notice.  And she did.  So I said, “Why yes I did, thanks for noticing.  What gave it away?” 

And she replied, “Well, they don’t stink, for starters.”  Of course, I was not aware that my other shoes smelled bad.  I thought they smelled fine, and if they did have a bit of an odor to them, I didn’t think it was too pronounced.  “Oh, it was bad!” she said.  Now I was beginning to get slightly insulted.  “You never told me they smelled bad.” 

Long story short, I had to come to terms with the fact that my shoes were kind of smelly, and that’s when I realized that these new 928’s were significantly better in terms of controlling odors. 

My wife confirmed it as well.  That’s when I went onto Amazon and noticed that these 928’s have some sort of fancy odor liner, which apparently was doing its job.

After the first week of walking several miles in the shoes daily, I still wasn’t sure if there was a difference between these and the 577’s. 

To be honest, the 928’s felt pretty good, had the same wide toe area, and did a good job of keeping my big fat feet comfortable. 

Hence my resistance to changing up my footwear.  I simply felt like I had no reason to.
New Balance Men's MW928S Leather Mesh Walking Shoe 1

Anyway, I gave the 928’s a really fair shake – a whole extra month of daily use. 

When I was looking at these shoes on Amazon, I noticed that the price of these shoes was substantially higher, and then a bunch of other shoe mumbo jumbo that I honestly don’t really bother reading.

Maybe some people like to read about “Abzorb midfoot cushioning” and “Stabilizing Rollbar Technology”, but I just think that’s all fairly silly.  I’m not a shoe scientist, I just want to go walking in them and that’s it.  

If they were waterproof, that might be nice too, because I like to fish.  But these shoes aren’t meant to be water shoes, which is why I just went ahead and bought some shoes specifically for that purpose (which this site also reviews), and I take them with me fishing.

Ok, so the bottom line here is that I wore these New Balance 928’s for a total of 5 weeks, and my overall thoughts about them are as follows. 

Considering the price difference between these and the 577’s, I would have thought the difference between these two models of walking shoe would have been more immediate and startling. 

For the first couple weeks of wearing the 928’s, I really missed my 577’s and was tempted to get them out of the closet and wear them every other walk, just because they always felt right, and these new shoes were needing to be worn in. 

By the third week I was starting to feel a lot more comfortable in these shoes, and by the end of the 5th week I found them just as comfortable as my old shoes, and really didn’t feel the need to switch back.

Do I think the 928’s are better than the 577.  This is a tough call, but ultimately when I really wrack my brain for the answer, I guess the answer is yes, but it wasn’t really night and day for me. 

I guess the real question is” Which shoes do I go out walking in right now?”  As it turns out, it’s the 928’s.  I suppose that says it all right there, but I just want to clarify that I wasn’t as blown away as I thought I might be when I first put them on.

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