New Balance Men’s MW759 country walking shoe
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New Balance Men’s MW759 Review

First of all, I have always been very picky when buying shoes, and sport shoes were an especially difficult thing for me.  I guess I have ‘problematic’ feet that need the ultimate comfort.

What most guys look for when buying sport shoes is to get the most comfort from them.  I would love to share my excellent experience with New Balance Men’s MW759 with everyone.

I am very satisfied with these easy-on-the-feet walking shoes.  So much so, that I would actually recommend them to my friends and my brothers, all of whom are athletes.

New Balance Men's MW759 Country Walking Shoe

Great Value, Great Comfort

The New Balance Men’s MW759  shoes are not too pricey, (which worked perfectly for me) yet they offer an incredible comfort, and exude sport elegance.  I am glad to see that even younger people are also wearing them.

I ordered the shoes from Amazon, and even though I was a bit sceptical whether the size would fit, I realized they fit better than any other shoes I have bought the regular way.

Their width was perfect; the extra-extra wide size (4E) fit my feet as if  they were made especially for me.  

That was the first thing that amazed me.  My compliments to the designers who created these men’s sport shoes that aren’t as narrow as the women’s sport shoe.  

I ordered the brown ones, and they were exactly as shown in the picture.

Same Online As In Real Life

I had already read about these shoes online and had basic info, but I was not completely sure what to expect.  Let me tell you that these are perhaps the most comfortable shoes I have ever had.


The New Balance Men’s MW759 are especially designed for men who are one with nature, and who seek adventure out there in the wilderness. Is that me?  Yes sir!

I use most of my free time to go hiking with friends; it keeps me sane and alive, and my doctor says it’s a great way to get rid of stress and stay in good shape.

I had absolutely no problems wearing them for more than four hours of constant walking.  The main reason is that these shoes are really light in weight as they are only 3.9 ounces.  

There was no discomfort or swollen feet afterwards. That for me is a really good test of quality shoes.

Free Of Knee Pain

New Balance Men's MW759 Country Walking Shoe

I want to thank New Balance for creating shoes that not only keep my feet comfy, but they also designed a mid-sole that keep my knees free of pain.

The famous New Balance MW759 C-CAP is a compression molded mid-sole enriched with ENCAP EVA core and polyurethane.  That all sounds rather technical, but suffice to say this is a key design feature.

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As I expected, the result is the airy feeling you get when you make several steps in these shoes.  It’s indescribable; you have the feeling that you could walk for miles.  

The Ndurance rubber man-made sole gives the ultimate protection of the shoe, so I guess that my New Balance MW759 and I will be together for a long time.

New Balance Men's MW759 Country Walking ShoeThe outer part of the shoe is another story.  I admit I was mainly attracted by their looks (hey, I am just a human being).  

Even though I did not rush into buying them, I really wanted to have them, solely because I liked the earthy color combination.

That means I can wear them with whatever I want, and most of my sportswear is dark colors (brown, gray, black), so obviously I did not want anything flashy.

You can check out this short video review below.

Compliments Keep Comin’ In

I must mention that I got a few compliments from my wife and my in-laws. They said that these shoes look classy.

The small ‘N logo’ that stands for the name brand is nicely added on the sides of the shoes, and on the padded tongue.  

That is ideal for me, because I dislike visible and easily noticeable brand names.

The suede and the mesh uppers are ideal for keeping my feet sweat free, and let them breathe; the full-length ABZORB cushioning is excellent even when my feet are tired at the end of the week.

New Balance Men's MW759 Country Walking Shoe

I sometimes wear them when I drive home from work, and it feels like a massage compared to my office shoes.  

As I said, I have no problems whatsoever, after wearing the shoes for several hours, no matter what type of ground I was walking on.

My feet feel relieved, and my arch has never bothered me since I started wearing them.  The insole is removable, therefore easily cleanable.  I take them out after every hiking, and let them ventilate.

I can’t complain  about damaged toes because of the toe cap.  The pull-on loop at the back of the shoe is another pretty smart thing that makes the shoe easier to pull on. 

I feel comfortable just pulling the shoes on with one finger. When it comes to the laces, they are quite firm and easy for criss crossing.  

They too have a nice discrete earthy color combination that fits well with the whole shoe design.

You can see from all of these different features that New Balance has placed a lot of thought into the making and construction of these shoes.

Durable As Heck

The rim is made of polyurethane, and in my opinion that thing can endure just about anything.  Just the other week one of my friends asked me if the shoes were suitable for wearing at the golf court.  I decided that they were…. why wouldn’t they be?

Their tread sole kept me stable on the grass, and they had a great design to fit me, even as a golfer.  

I guess these shoes were made for athletes specifically, but it did not stop me buying them, even though I am just a sport enthusiast.

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