New Balance Men's MR00 Minimus Road Running Shoe
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New Balance Men’s MR00 Minimus Review

New Balance Men's MR00 Minimus Road Running Shoe
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I am a 70 year old fitness instructor at my local YMCA in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  When I retired from my life long work as a teacher at a local public school, I decided to become a fitness instructor at my local YMCA because I was always interested in sports and fitness, plus I had no intention of being an unfit retiree.  The fitness instructors’ course lasted several months, and finally I was certified to teach aerobics, especially “step class”.

Not only did I have to learn many different step routines, but I needed the best footwear for the job.  I researched many sources, and many professionals and health care experts told me to buy a cross trainer running shoe.  I thought they would suggest a walking shoe for the job, but their selection ended up being a runner – the MR00 Minimus Road Running Shoe by New Balance.  It would support my feet from the up and down and side to side movements that I would encounter in a step class. I went to my local running shoe store and tried on all the different brands of cross trainer runners, and decided to shop around a little bit.  After a good hour of humming and hawing, I agreed with the professionals, in that these New Balance felt the best.  They fit my feet like an expensive glove and they were very light weight which sold me on them 100%.

Best Walking Shoe Is A Runner?

New Balance Men's MR00 Minimus Road Running Shoe 4I only wore my new shoes when I taught fitness, and even though they were hardly worn, my mentor teacher told me to discard them every 6 months on average, and buy new ones.  I did that for years and my feet felt great!

One Christmas, my daughter, who owns a very unique and innovative mobility center in Ottawa called Human Two Point Zero, decided to buy me new runners.  There was only one pair I’d accept, and luckily she was onboard with these shoes, so she gave me exactly what I was asking for.  As I suggested, she bought them for me online at Amazon, and they’d just show up on my doorstep.

Great Value All-Purpose Fitness Shoe

The New Balance Men’s MR00 Minimus Road running shoes were less than $100, which I consider a deal.  Whenever I put them on, I can’t believe what I am feeling.  They are super comfortable, light, and they almost make me think that I wasn’t wearing any shoes.  It is like being barefoot walking, seriously.  Maybe it is because there doesn’t seem to be a built-in arch.

New Balance Men's MR00 Minimus Road Running ShoeThe first time I ever got them, many moons ago, I wasn’t sure why, but I just knew that they sure felt great!  I wondered if my feet would ache after teaching an hour long “step class” of jumping and moving in every direction, sometimes quickly too.  I was reluctant to wear them to class but I went for it anyway.  Wow!  My feet never felt so wonderful.  I continued to wear them in the gym twice a week for an hour each time. My feet loved these shoes!

6 Months Later…

After 6 months, I decided to buy another pair, as per the experts’ opinion to change them every 6 months.  I didn’t think I necessarily had to, but I had put a lot into those shoes, so I figured I’d just go with what the pros said to do.  This time, I wanted black ones.  Instead of discarding my flashy green yellow and blue Minimus shoes, I decided to use them for walking.  My wife and I walk every day for at least an hour, in all weather conditions.  We live in a town with lots of hills, so my body gets a good workout, and my footwear for these walks is so important.  Well, it has been almost a year now, and I am still wearing my black New Balance Minimus for the gym classes, and my well worn flashy coloured Minimus for our daily walks.  My feet have never been happier!  I highly recommend Minimus “runners”, or call them “walkers”, to anyone who values exercise and their feet.

New Balance Men's MR00 Minimus Road Running Shoe

Well today, a few years have gone by and I now teach a Functional Fitness class at the YMCA.  We do very little aerobics in the class, but we move in many different ways, and our shoes are now more important than ever.  For example, try lying on your back on a large Swiss Ball, and holding your hips high, use a bar bell to press weights over your head.  Not only do you need strong core muscles for this exercise, but you need great traction in you shoes and Minimus walkers are the best!

Have Fun and enjoy those Minimus shoes!

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