Mohem Men's Poseidon Mesh Walking Shoes 4
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Mohem Men’s Poseidon Mesh Water Shoe Review

Mohem Men's Poseidon Mesh Walking Shoes

What I love about these shoes is that they’re truly meant for the great outdoors. 

If you’re into boating, fishing, hiking, and generally getting out there in the muck, these mesh water shoes by Mohem will be your foot’s best friend.

These are not slip on shoes, so expect to have to tie and untie them when you want to use them. 

These shoes are a great combo of breathable lycra, leather, and cloth, and they can withstand a lot of activity, especially when it comes to water.

They definitely have their own style, and if it’s a look you like, as I do, you will definitely want to keep a pair or two of these Poseidon mesh walking shoes handy for when it’s time to hit the road!


Like all of the other walking shoes we review on this website, these Mohem Poseidons offer several essential perks that we couldn’t do without.


Mohem Men's Poseidon Mesh Walking Shoes

First off, they’re very durable.  How do we know?  Well, we laced them up and went kayaking for a start! 

Like we said, these shoes are designed to go out and slog around in.  Going to the beach?  These are the shoes.  Jumping in a boat?  These are, again, the shoes you’ll want to be wearing.

While many of the other walking shoes, such as those by New Balance and Skechers offer a great walking shoe, what they don’t offer is the ability to abuse them by wading into the water, or mud, or portaging your kayak at Algonquin Provincial Park (where I like to go). 

And while I do find these shoes stylish, I also don’t mind if they get so dirty you can’t see what they actually look like!

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For a water shoe, they are still quite comfortable, even when you put them on in bare feet, and go splashing around in the lake. 

Not all water shoes are quite so comfy under these circumstances. I personally wear them without socks all the time, and I find them very comfortable. 

The other good thing is that when they dry off, you can walk around on dry land, getting your ice cream and french fries, and still be wearing the same shoe.

Water Resistant (Obviously)

Because they are made from materials which are mostly water resistant, these shoes are a snap to clean, if you do get them wet or muddy. 

I love that they’re designed for this purpose, and are basically just asking to be dragged through the mud.  I haven’t had any trouble cleaning them whenever they get dirty.

Super Light

Mohem Men's Poseidon Mesh Walking Shoes 4Another great thing about these Mohem Poseidon shoes is that they are really light. 

As with other walking shoes, these shoes barely weigh anything, and when the box arrives, you might think that the package itself is empty.

But instead, you get these cool super-light water shoes, that you just lace up and go!

These shoes definitely have inspired me to go outside more, and actually try new things, since they are designed to be worn in almost any outdoor situation.

Variety of Colors

Mohem Men's Poseidon Mesh Walking Shoes 5

I should talk about the color scheme for these shoes, just for a moment, as they really are an interesting shoe design with several really funky options. 

The color selection isn’t huge on Amazon, but what they do have looks pretty cool!  The colors include: brown, dark blue, grey, green, light brown, and yellow.

I picked up two pairs of these shoes last year – yellow and green, and then took a trip to Hawaii to go on a coffee tour. 

Had a great time, and people actually kept commenting on my shoes the entire time, and so, I had to show off a bit by wearing the yellow ones any chance I got, like when we went hiking through the mountains. 

Our guide even said that my shoes were attracting some weird kinds of birds!  The best part was when we went to a luau, and I wore my green ones, and I came in second in some pageant. 

They were calling me the “prince of the island” or something or other, and that’s when someone threw up all over my shoes.  Luckily, like I said they’re easy to clean, so I simply washed them off and kept partying in them.

Good Airflow

Mohem Men's Poseidon Mesh Walking Shoes

The last thing I’ll mention about these shoes is that the airflow is really good.  Some shoes sort of suffocate your feet, but every time I’ve worn these shoes, my feet have kept cool, which is nice when you’re on a longer trek.

The bottom line: I would recommend these water shoes for anyone who is a big outdoors guy like I am, because they are comfortable, durable, and lightweight. 

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