merrell women's agave 2 lavish sandal
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Merrell Women’s Agave 2 Lavish Sandal Review

I purchased these sandals a month or so ago, at a time when I really needed them.  

As someone who wears only ‘anatomical shoes’ due to the shape of my foot, these sandals were a welcome change.  

I also run a health blog where I write about things like these (healthy food, fashion, etc.) and some of my readers asked for my recommendation of quality made, comfortable summer sandals.

Merrell Women's Agave 2 Lavish Sandal side view

Once I got my Merrell Women’s Agave 2 Lavish Sandals, I decided to write a detailed and honest review about them. 

I shared my experience with my readers, and I hoped that I helped them get to know more about this pair of sandals.

First of all, don’t get me wrong, I like these shoes and I believe they are an excellent choice for walking, as they do give good support, it’s just that there were a few little things that I didn’t like, and I believe the designers should make some changes.

merrell women's agave 2 lavish sandal

Firstly, I really like to have lots of colors to choose from, so when you are designing these shoes, especially for women, sell more colors. That’s just my opinion.

Merrell Women’s Agave 2 Lavish Sandals come in only four colors, and I felt like I had to pick from the ‘lesser evil’, so I picked ‘Aluminum’, even though I would have preferred bright pink or yellow, because I love bright colors for the summer. 

What I love about Merrell Women’s Agave 2 Lavish Sandals is that they are made of leather, otherwise I wouldn’t even think of putting them on my feet.  

The seller informed me that these were a combination of grain leather and neoprene, lined with synthetic material that gives the feet breathing room.  

I had a chance to prove that true. I didn’t feel my feet being trapped between the straps, nor did they get sticky or sweaty. 

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Next, the footbed: it is wrapped in microfiber, and guarantees you comfort if you walk in them, or even run (I hardly ever run, but it is good to know that you can do this activity even in sandals).

The microfiber footbed reduces friction (bye, bye blisters and sore feet) and does give a stable stride. 

The molded nylon arch shank is enriched with compressed molded EVA midsole, giving the Merrell Women’s Agave 2 Lavish Sandals needed and wanted support.  

I have no complaints here. The footbed is incredibly comfortable; it feels like walking on a cloud, as I wrote in my blog.

Merrell Women's Agave 2 Lavish SandalThe sole is rubber, perfectly made to have a light fall from the heel towards the arch; the heel is only one inch tall, while the small platform below the toes is slightly lower than the heel.

Also, these are well designed for summer hikes or  walking on the beach.  I wore them to work too and had good support for eight hours. I had no swollen feet at all.

The outsole is powered up with M-Select GRIP technology for a firm traction on any terrain.  For me it was enough to have stable sandals to keep me safe and firm (mostly) on asphalt, so I got what I was looking for.  

The beach test will wait for a month or so, when I get my vacation, and see if these babies pass that test, although I strongly believe they will.

The straps on the top are cute, with stitching details that are very discreet, almost invisible M-s on each side.  

There aren’t too many straps, although I believe the designer could have put a bit more effort to make the front straps adjustable too.

merrell women's agave 2 lavish sandal bracken

There are no buckles on the top straps, and no way to loosen them or tighten them when you need it.  

For women like me who have a narrow foot, this would have meant a lot. For instance, they do fit my feet, and it’s not like I’m going to lose them while I walk.  

It’s just, when I wear sandals, I want to have the freedom to adjust my straps.

The back strap does have a buckle, which I guess gives them a slightly more urban, than sporty look.  

I prefer either buckle straps, or simply laces, because velour straps are not for me; they are too loud, would wear off in a short time, and remind me of children’s footwear.

Merrell Women’s Agave 2 Lavish Sandals do need a few more holes on the back strap.

Don’t get me wrong though, these are perfectly good sandals, and I would definitely buy again from Merrell.  

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